A Guide to 5 Stunning Yellow Birds With Black Wings

Yellow Birds with black wings

Can you imagine the sky without the birds? I bet not! These fascinating creatures are a part of our beautiful planet. It can be incredibly rewarding to see a variety of birds, especially while traveling to different regions.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the species of birds, it can be quite confusing to identify a specific bird. Moreover, the birds from the same specie group can also look different because of multiple factors such as region, age, and gender.

It might be possible that you have spotted a yellow bird with black wings while traveling or around the neighborhood. If yes, then you have come to the right place we are going to list some beautiful birds with yellow tones and black wings. So, let’s get start:

The Reason Behind the Yellow Tones & Black Wings:

People can commonly see birds with yellow tones, especially in North America. So the question here is that why do these birds have yellow shades? Well, the main reason is their carotenoid intake from their food. Carotenoids are a type of pigment that exist in plants. When these birds ingest these fat-soluble carotenoids, the crystallization in the follicles of their feathers produces different hues of color.

Similarly, when it comes to the black-colored wings, the tones of black, gray, and brown come from the pigmentation in the follicles of their feathers. The variations that have come in certain species are due to evolutionary reasons.

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5 Stunning Yellow Birds With Black Wings

Let us walk you through the list of 5 stunning yellow birds with black wings that will leave you fascinated.

1. American Goldfinch:

American Goldfinch

We will start our list with the most common yellow bird of all, which is the American Goldfinch, which is also known as Spinus Tristis. In males, the yellow color has more bright hues, while in the female American Goldfinch, the yellow tones are dull.

This species is commonly available in woodland areas, scrubby fields, and even floodplains. When it comes to their nature, these birds are acrobatic and love to cling to seed heads and branches.

2. Western Tanager:

Western Tanager

The next popular yellow bird with black wings that comes on the list is Piranga Ludoviciana, also called Western Tanager. The male birds of this specie have beautiful hues of orange on their heads, while the rest of the bodies are yellow. The feathers have shades of black and brown. This color combination makes them very beautiful in a distinctive way.

On the other hand, the female Western Tanagers have bright yellow bodies with green tones. The male of this species is more attractive than the female. You can see these birds commonly in North and Central America during both summer and winter.

3. Scott’s Oriole (Icterus Parisorum)

Scott’s Oriole

These yellow bird species are found in drier habitats such as deserts. Scott’s Oriole is also known as Icterus Parisorum. The males of this species have bright yellow bodies with black heads and wings. There is also white patches on their tail which makes them exotic looking. The females of this species have striking yellow bodies but their wings and heads have more olive-green color.

The Scott’s Oriole species is strongly associated with Yuccas, a perennial shrub that is found in deserts. These yellow birds use the Yucca shrubs for nectar intake and create nests on Yucca leaves.

4. Yellow-Headed Blackbird:

Yellow Headed Blackbird

As the name suggests, this exotic species has a yellow head with black bodies. With its vivid yellow-colored head and chest, the yellow-headed blackbird is the most unmistakably ravishing bird on the list.

The males of this species have striking yellow color whereas the females and immature male birds have more brownish tones. These beautiful yellow-headed blackbirds can be commonly found in North America. So if you are a resident of North America, you might have seen this exotic species.

5. Eurasian Golden Oriole

Yellow birds with black wings

The Eurasian Golden Oriole, also known as Oriolus Oriolus, is commonly found in Europe. They have striking lemon-yellow shades on their bodies. The males have brighter yellow bodies with contrasting black wings, whereas the females and the young male birds are quite duller with brown hues and gray wings.

These yellow birds with black wings are very eye-catchy but it can be quite difficult to spot them as they have a shy nature. They tend to hide by taking a quick flight. So, if you have seen them, you’re the lucky one!

Bottom Line:

In most of the yellow bird species, the males have brighter colors as compared to the females. The major reason is that the female selects the potential male for mating. The one with the brighter color wins! The brighter color is also an indication of a good diet and health.

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