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We Only Offer Premium Guest Posts and do not waste time on an Offer that is against our submission Guidelines. So, read it till the last Character to get us better and make things easy for You and us Both.

Content Guidelines:

We are accepting Detailed Pet-related posts, or you can say only posts that will Cover their particular Topics Completely.

Premium Guest Post:

Services, Stores, or Blogs want Promotion: In this case, we only allow you to include 1 Dofollow link but link naturally where it can be linked and seems natural to the human eye. We have the right to edit the anchor text of your website to make it look natural. Importantly this link will only be pointed toward your Blog (Article) or detailed page but not directly to Particular Product or Home Page.

Content Rules Guest Post:

  1. Plagiarism Free and Natural content will make the user read the article thoroughly.
  2. Communication is a powerful tool to Engage humans. So, Communicate directly to blog readers using words (I, Me, You, in an Engaging way).
  3. No maximum Content words limit. This means irrespective of content words; you have to cover the whole topic you are writing (800 words minimum).
  4. Provide Meta Title, Description, and Keywords along with the Article in the Articles Document.
  5. Include one focus keyword and keywords related to that specific Focus Keyword.
  6. Write in simple English so 12th-grade students can easily understand your content.
  7. Use more Active Voice sentences in content; passive voice quantity should not exceed 10% of total Content.
  8. Do not start Consecutive Sentences with the exact words.
  9. The average Paragraph should not exceed more than 160 words.
  10. Each para should start with a Special Subheading of 2 or 3 words that will describe the paragraph.
  11. Average sentences should have a maximum of 20 words per sentence but are natural.
  12. Start the Article by summarizing it in points and end with a 4-5 lines Conclusion.
  13. Add 1 natural internal link to our blog article related to your article. Make sure the link is not placed at the beginning of a sentence or headline.
  14. Attach 2 or 3 free Pictures or your made Graphics in between articles where needed.

Final Action Guest Post: Send us an E-mail at info@yourpetplanet.com Containing the Subject “📢Guest Post Submission Request” and the Article in MS Word format with Meta Title, Description, and Complete article with all links organically placed.

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