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When we talk about the most common insects on earth, cockroaches constantly flash into our minds. However, according to studies, there is variation in the species of roaches. Some studies demonstrate that bugs have 5,000 species, while a few reports clarify that there are 3,500 species on earth. Only 30 have been recognized as human beings, while others are unknown. Pennsylvania is ubiquitous among the five species that are very common worldwide. In this article, we will intensely discuss the specifications of this roach. We will also try to solve people’s mysteries regarding Pennsylvania wood cockroaches.

Table of contents

  1. A little about Pennsylvania wood cockroach
  2. Physical appearance and traits
  3. Behavior and life cycle
  4. The habitation
  5. Diet and predators of wood roach
  6. How to get rid of them?
  7. Conclusion

A little about Pennsylvania wood cockroach

As its name indicates, the Pennsylvania wood roach is a prevalent pest in Pennsylvania. The eastern United States, from Florida in the south to southern Canada in the north, is home to wood roaches, which are not only confined to one state. They are not well known in the western United States, from the Rocky Mountains to the west coast. “Parcoblatta Pennsylvania” is the scientific name for the wood roach, after the state where they are most frequently seen. They are commonly referred to outside Pennsylvania as “wood roaches.” You can know it’s a Pennsylvania wood roach if you reside anywhere in the eastern United States and discover a cockroach lurking in your firewood.

Physical appearance and traits

Male and female wood roaches differ significantly in appearance due to significant levels of sexual dimorphism. Males and females share six long, segmented legs, two long antennae, and segmented bodies. Like many cockroaches, the wood roach has longer antennae than its body. It uses these antennae to detect tasty foods like decaying wood and leaves. The strong spikes on the wood roach’s legs let them grip even the smoothest surfaces when climbing. The front legs are the shortest, while the strongest and longest legs are the back legs.

The head, thorax, and abdomen make up the three parts of a cockroach’s body. When you look down at a wood cockroach, you see this in place of the head because the pronotum, a rigid shield, covers the head. The second and third pairs of legs are attached to the abdomen. At the same time, the wings and first pair of legs have a connection with the thorax. In search of food, male wood roaches can effortlessly fly through open windows and into homes thanks to their body-length, functional wings. In contrast, females only have wings that are roughly half as long as their bodies. Females cannot fly or even glide because of their thicker abdomens than males.

Behavior and life-cycle

The natural behavior of the Pennsylvania wood cockroach is according to its name. They are primarily found in Pennsylvania and like to live in wooded areas. They are very rarely seen indoors. Contrary to other species, wood roaches do not neglect the light but stay away from human beings. You can find them wandering in artificial light at night. Remember that they dislike natural light and move toward bright lights.

If we talk about the life cycle of Pennsylvania wood cockroaches, they can hardly live for two years. A female can lay 32 to 40 eggs simultaneously, hatching them in one month to 35 days. After hatching from an egg, a baby roach grows in three steps. First and foremost, it is a white larva that is soft and shallow. Its color changes with time. The next step is a nymph, and they stay in a nymph for 10–12 months. The final step of their growth is adulthood, but they cannot enjoy the majority and live for only one more year.

The habitation

The Pennsylvania wood cockroach’s habitat differs significantly from other well-known species. The rest of the bugs love to live inside human accommodations, but they are inhabitants of the outdoors. They prefer to live in forests and wooded areas and find a quiet place in the woods to stay. There is a minor possibility of seeing them in the buildings. These roaches are accessible in houses when people bring firewood inside. It is also very problematic for wood roaches.

Regarding the states where they live, as per its name, they have a firm attachment to Pennsylvania. But it does not mean that they cannot be found somewhere else. If you want to see them, you can easily find them worldwide, particularly in African countries and European states.

Diet and predators of wood roaches

As we know, cockroaches are omnivores, but their diet preferences differ. Some of them spend their time eating leaves, while others like to eat fruits. Even some roaches like to eat trash or garbage. Pennsylvania is not like them and does not eat junk at all, and their preference is to eat rotten vegetables. One can find them anywhere they can get food, like fallen trees, vegetable gardens, etc. The predators of white roaches are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and avians.

How to get rid of them

If you live in an urban area and have roaches all over your home, you’re dealing with a different species than the Pennsylvania wood roach. However, if you reside in or close to forested areas in the eastern part of the US, you could have a wood roach problem. Firewood, open windows, and open doors are common entry points for wood roaches. Therefore, if they are near your firewood or fireplace, it is the best indication that you have wood roaches. Then they are most likely wood roaches. However, as wood roaches find it challenging to thrive indoors and prefer to return to the outdoors, you shouldn’t be too concerned about an infestation.

It would be best if you were most concerned when wood roaches decided to nibble on your wood siding or shingles. They don’t have a very high standard for leaf litter and easily digested wood, but you want to prevent them from nibbling on your house. You should use roach traps or pesticide spray if you have a wood roach infestation. However, Pennsylvania wood roaches are generally not dangerous to people.


Pennsylvania wood cockroaches differ slightly from other species, not in shape but in characteristics. It lives in the forest or wooded areas, whereas the other species prefer to live indoors. Some eat rotten fruits or vegetables, while others can eat anything like trash, leaves, or anything. Like other roaches, the wood roach is not long and does not have that much lifespan. However, one should not worry about staying away from this roach because it lives outside the buildings.

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