An owl, one of the most exotic birds is associated with wisdom and fortune. There are more than 200 owl species found all around the world. These owl species can vary in appearance, size, and body shape. Their stunning plumages and big eyes can be fascinating but have you ever thought about their legs? If not, then start typing “owl legs” on the internet and you will find some funny and viral images of their long legs.

Owls are usually found in regions with low temperatures, which is why their bodies are covered with heavy plumage and that makes their legs hidden. In this article, we will discuss why owls have long legs. So let’s get started:

What is the Reason behind Owls Having Long Legs?

owl legs

These nocturnal hunters have a keen vision and fly silently, especially when they capture their prey for hunting. Unlike most hunters, they do not stalk their prey although they have the ability to run and walk with their long legs. In fact, they grab the prey from their talons and raise them up off the ground.

Because of their long legs, they have the strength to make a strong grip while dragging their prey. After that, they tear them up into small pieces. Their long legs also help them to safeguard themselves against the victim, which might be struggling constantly to get free from the trap.

Which Owl Species has the Longest Legs?

As mentioned earlier, there are more than 200 owl species found all over the world. These species vary because of their size, color, and hunting skills, which makes it difficult to identify which breed has the longest legs of all.

According to many types of research, the burrowing owl breed is known to have the longest legs. Their strong and powerful legs help them make a sturdy grip while hunting their prey. This breed is the tallest of all owl species, which is why it is easier to assume that it has the longest legs.

Can Owls Stay Still With These Long Legs?

Now that we have discussed how beneficial the long legs can be for the owl species, it is time to know more about them. The next thought that comes to mind is whether they can stand still having these long longs. The answer is yes! As they spend so much time standing still. Their legs have the strength to run, hunt, or take a quick flight.

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Why do Owls have Feathered Feet?

The next question that comes to mind is why Owl’s feet are covered in feathers? As these species are found in cold climate regions. They have thick feathers on their bodies, as well as their feet.

In some species, the feathers covering their feet are thick, while in others, they have a slightly thinner coat. The thickness can vary in different owl breeds depending, on the climate in which they live.

Owls that are found in warm climates move to colder regions even at night. The species that are found in the colder climates of the US are Snowy owls, Great Gray Owls, and the Northern Hawks. They have their legs and feet covered with thick feathers.

Bottom Line:

The length of an owl’s legs can vary from breed to breed. They have unique hunting skills and they make a silent flight. Don’t get deceived by the appearance of an owl. They may look furry and exotic, but they have some wild hunting skills. They conceal their legs with their feathered bodies. While hunting, the length of their legs also helps them to keep their faces away. So they don’t get attacked by their prey.

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