Pastels are an interesting morph of snake that has highlighted or intensified yellow pigments on their body. The yellow is often seen fading into shades of green which are more identifiable on certain morphs of pastel ball pythons. It truly is a beautiful and fascinating morph of snake, however, there are morphs beyond the simple pastel morph. Furthermore, Albino Ball Python is more pinkish with the same eye pattern. Therefore depending on the morph of Pastel Ball Python, they can cost anywhere between $50 to $1300. Here are the morphs that are sorted by price:

Pastel Ball Python ($50)

Pastel Ball Python

This is the standard and most common that you can find. It is yellower than the standard ball python.

Super Pastel Python ($100)

Pastel Ball Python

Unlike a normal ball python, this morph has 2 sets of the pastel morph gene. The effect this has is that it is much yellower than a normal pastel python.

Bumblebee Ball Python ($100)

Pastel Ball Python

This particular morph of ball pythons has the blotchy pattern of the spider with a yellow-white or yellow-brown background.

Lemon Pastel Yellow Belly ($120)

Pastel Ball Python

On the surface, this morph looks similar to a standard pastel python, the difference comes in the belly which is yellow instead of white.

Lemon Blast Ball Python ($125)

Pastel Ball Python

This morph is achieved when a pastel python is bred with a pinstripe. It is characterized by the pastel yellow color and the pinstripe’s thin pattern.

Axanthic Pastel Python ($300)

The term Axanthic is derived from Greek and means “without yellow.” It is the polar opposite of what a pastel python should be. As the name hints, this morph is formed when a pastel python is bred with a xanthic ball python. The result is a spectacular combination of silver and black. Furthermore, the pattern is a more prominent version of what is normally found on axanthic ball pythons.

Mandarin Pastel Python ($500)

To complement the yellow pattern, this morph of pastel python has an orange blush with adds a touch of flair. Apart from that, it’s just your standard pastel python.

Pastel Super Cinnamon ($500)

Pastel super cinnamons are similar to super cinnamons except they’re a little lighter in shade. They have a mid-brown or mid-silver tone across their bodies.

Enchi Pastel Yellow Belly ($750)

If you’re wondering why this particular morph is so much more expensive than the others, the answer is that it’s a combination of 3 separate morphs. The result can be described as similar to mandarin pastel python but “cleaner”. Cleaner in the sense that the pattern is better defined and the color is richer.

Lemon Pastel Pied Ball Python ($1200-$1300)

This is the most expensive morph on the list today and for good reason the morph looks like a dusky-colored pastel but with characteristics of a pied added in as well. The latter shows itself in the form of large pure white sections on the snake’s body.


Are pastel ball pythons good pets?

Pastel ball python snakes are good pets because they partner with their owners. Besides this, these snakes are adaptable, which means they can survive in any environment. Their only demand is the fulfillment of needs.

Do ball pythons bite a lot?

Pastel ball pythons are friendly snakes that do not bite their owners routinely. They only bite if they are not feeling well or held well. Their bites are not venomous but can cause bacterial infections only.

Do pythons cry?

Snakes do not cry or shed tears like human beings or other mammals. It is because their anatomy is different from other living things. They also have spectacles over their eyes, indicating that pythons cannot shed tears.

What is the suitable temperature for the pastel ball python?

Pastel ball pythons require a specific temperature to have a healthy life and a positive mood. Their preferred temperature ranges from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius. If they reach the required temperature, they will remain healthy and active. Owners should keep a close eye on the temperature.

Can a python crush a human?

Surprisingly, these snakes can get almost 32 feet long. Their bites are not dangerous, and these snakes kill their prey by wrapping themselves around them. They are mighty and can destroy human beings quickly.

Is a pastel ball python a cuddly snake?

They are among the world’s friendliest and most submissive reptile pets. Since they are all members of the same species, ball python variants have a standard temperament.

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