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When selecting the right guinea pig for you, you consider different things. It’s essential to look into the kind of breed you want to go for. Understand that guinea pigs are not like dogs and cats. There is not much difference in innate instinct or temperament between the guinea breeds available. This article offers you a few tips. These things must be thought through before getting yourself a guinea pig. Keep reading.

Tips for Picking the Right Guinea Pig

Below are a few things to pay attention to when buying a guinea pig.

Examine the guinea pig thoroughly.

Proper inspection is necessary. Take your time and examine your guinea carefully. It may try to run away from you, but don’t worry; it’s the nature of any animal that sees a human for the first time. Just do your job.

Place a hand under the guinea pig’s tummy to examine it. Then support its back. Simply cut it with your other hand to do this.

Next, pick it up, then gently hold it close to your chest with a hand. You don’t need to support its back with your other hand at this time.

Now have a good look at your potential new pet. Examine its eyes. Ensure they are shiny and bright. Check the cost, too; they should be full and glossy. Next to the feet, are they in good condition? When you are satisfied with your examination, it confirms that the guinea pig breed is healthy.

Ask questions

You have carefully examined the health condition of your potential guinea pig. You still have to ask some vital questions. Also, you must ask questions whenever you intend to purchase any kind of pet. Yes, ask loads of questions. For instance, you may have kids. Ask everyone you need to know about your new pet.

Check the condition of its cage

You must also pay attention to the conditions in which your potential guinea is kept. Its living environment is critical! Observe easy access to lots of good foods as well as water. More so, guinea pig cages shouldn’t be overcrowded.

There should be space for it to roam about and exercise. Keeping this pet in good condition will make it less stressed and calmer. It would also look very healthy. The environment in which a pet is raised tells a lot about its overall health.

Pet’s behavior

The behavior of your guinea pig is also vital. Check how it behaves in the surrounding area. Because you are new, the pet may be a bit skittish at first. Regardless, the perfect behavior you should observe is calmness. It should also be comfortable when approached and in the company of others.


The age of your potential guinea pig is also important. Remember to ask for it. Only adopt a young guinea. The youngest age you should consider is about six weeks.


Guinea pigs are cute and interesting creatures to adopt. They also have low maintenance. Guinea is not a fussy pet. You must consider the above points whenever you plan to get a new charming guinea pig for your home.

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