Animal testing began in the time of the ancient Greeks in the 3rd or 4th century BCE. Animal Testing Pros has been a way for doctors to perfect their surgical strategies and test cures for ailments and diseases without accosting human lives in the process. I do accept that it is cruel to risk the lives of innocent animals that neither had nor wanted anything to do with medicine. However, consider the following benefits of animal testing:

Animal Testing Pros Can Be Controlled

Animal Testing Pros
Beagle Dogs in Research for Animal Testing

Let’s face it, we’re not honest all the time. We aren’t even honest with ourselves sometimes. So how are doctors and physicians expected to trust us when they tell us that they want to test an experimental drug on us that may or may not kill us. Not to mention the fears and apprehensions that we would develop by just thinking about “experimental testing.” The truth is that there are too many variables that we simply cannot control within humans that we can in animals. Have you ever wondered how Dr. Jonas Salk developed the cure to polio? He tested his formulas on lab animals where he controlled all the variables and was able to monitor everything. One of the biggest Animal Testing Pros is that you have absolute and ultimate control over all the variables. You can make much more significant progress in development using this method than by using humans for testing.

It Is Easier to Get a Sample Space for Animal Testing

Animal Testing Pros

If you wouldn’t think about signing up for experimental testing. Imagine how doctors are going to get 20, 30, or even 500 people to sign up for such testing. another one of the major Animal Testing Pros is that it is much easier and inexpensive to get 100 lab rats as compared to getting 100 humans for experimental testing. Furthermore, animals don’t have commitment issues like humans and won’t leave in the middle of testing. Humans might just decide that they aren’t comfortable with the testing and may leave midway. Let’s not forget that it would take a significant amount of money convince any of us to even consider signing up for experimental testing. It would eat away at the budget for research and development.

Would You Rather A Mouse Died or A Human?

Animal Testing Pros

The sad reality of testing is that there is a good chance the test subject will not survive the testing in a lot of cases. Would you be OK with your friends dying because of an experimental testing that they signed up for? Or worse, your loved one? Where we don’t want animals to die for the sake of testing, we also don’t want to die ourselves. It may be cruel to say, but one of the animal testing pros is that the mental disturbance of human fatality is removed from the equation and the research can continue as a constant speed. A cure is found faster this way.


Though these points may not be the most agreeable. They should be sufficient enough to prove that animal testing pros are indeed significant. It is the only way for mankind to move further and evolve in the world of medicine, for now anyway.