Do you know about Ball Python Morphs? The ball python is a species of snake that do not look alike. This breed called “ball python” has different color patches on the scales and variations in the patterns. This breed has morphs, unlike the other snake species. They are famous in the snake industry and are kept as a pet by many people. This breed has a very different and beautiful appearance from every snake because of the mutation that occurs randomly. This idea of owning a ball python as a pet became prevalent in the 1990s. The rarest the breed is, the more expensive it gets. If you have a craze for keeping a snake as a pet then you really need to know about these exotic ball python morphs. Read the full article to know more about the most popular ball python morph breeds.

Ball Python Morphs: Blue-Eyed Leucistic

Ball Python Morphs

This ball python is pure white and has blue eyes as the name says. Obviously, you must be concerned about this. Blue-Eyed Leucistic ball python can cost you up to $10,000. This morph is not albino, although it looks like one. The scales, skin, and other features are white because of no pigmentation such as melanin. If you want your pet ball python snake to be white and you are willing to spend that much on a snake then you should go for it. The white color and blue striking eyes make ball python morph very appealing which is why they are owned by many people these days.

Albino Ball Python

Ball Python Morphs

Most of the time this snake has both yellow and white colors but sometimes these can have just yellow colors too because of the lack of dark pigments. This ball python has pink or red eyes because of their albinism. Albino ball pythons have become popular since the 1990s due to the variations in the color patches on them. This can range between $10,000 and $50,000 because of their high demand amongst snake lovers.

Bumblebee Ball Python

Ball Python Morphs

As the name mentions clearly, it has black and yellow patterns just like a bumblebee. You will also find variations in this ball python snake such as some will have greenish-yellow patches or prominently dark black lines. A bumblebee ball python size varies between male and female as female bumblebee is always longer than male. Bumblebee python is also considered to be one of the most popular ball pythons and it can cost you up to $10,000.

Candino Ball Python

This Candinolooks a bit like an albino python because of its yellowish color and lines on gray or silver skin. Candino is a mixed breed of albino python and candy python. Candino python has a coloration of bright yellow on the scales and usually has pink eyes. An average ball python size can be 4 feet, however, female pythons are longer than males. Candino ball python price can vary between $5000 and $7000 and can be expensive at times if the Candido has beautiful and unique patterns.

Striped Ball Python

It is one of the very popular yet rare snake pythons. Striped ball pythons can be handled easily because of their size as compared to other species. They have usually bright and dark lines on the lighter color background. The most dominant gene among the striped ball python morph is known as a single gene pinstripe. It has a brownish color with black stripes. Another popular breed, a variation of a striped ball python is called jigsaw or Mojave pinstripe. Mojave pinstripe ball python price can be $2000 to $4000 if the breed is unique and different.


Which breed of ball python morph is rare?

There are many rare ball python morphs, but the sunset ball python is rare. It is rare because of its late discovery, which occurred a few years ago.

What ball python is the smallest?

As we know, ball pythons are giant snake breeds. When it comes to the smallest of ball pythons, it’s the royal python. Its standard size is 4 to 5 feet.

What is a rainbow python?

There is a python snake in a zoo in California. Because of its beautiful scales, it shines like a rainbow in the sunlight. This is how it got its name. Its fame started on social media a few days ago.

How much does a blue-eyed Lucy python cost?

The blue-eyed Lucy python is a rare breed of python. The average price of this snake is 500–700 dollars.

Which ball python is the cutest?

The carpet python is beautiful and cuddly because of its massive head and diamond-patterned patterning. Carpet pythons are amiable and unique creatures that come in various captivity variants. The variety of colors and patterns these snakes come in don’t exist in the wild, but they make fantastic pets.

What is a purple ball python?

The purple passion ball python is one of the market’s most intriguing colored morphs. Despite its distinctive hue, this purple ball python needs the same care as other ball pythons. Some blue-eyed purple passion pythons have stunning eyes.

Are ball python bites painful?

A ball python can bite you, and their bites are unpleasant. The teeth on a ball python are about 150 and measure 1 centimeter long. Their teeth are shaped like hooks and grasp prey while contracting and killing.

Why a ball python is called a superb last?

Super Pastel, or a morph with two copies of the Pastel gene, and Pinstripe together to create a Super Blast Ball Python.


These morphs are known to be more expensive than regular pythons because their breeding takes time, effort, and a lot of money. Another reason for them being so expensive is their demand has been increasing with time. Every morph is unique in its own kind and the fact that Ball Python Morphs are rare makes them expensive. Many ball python lovers have started their own businesses by breeding the pythons and selling them. Although breeding these pythons needs a lot of care and money. The rarer the morph is, the higher the ball python price is. If you want to pet a ball python, it is important for you to do your research first. Although they seem little they are still living creatures that need care and time. So it is best to do your research and talk to people who already have a ball python morph as a pet.

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