Why Would I Want Black Cat Breeds?

There’s a lot of weird stuff surrounding the Black Cat Breeds. I have heard stories from people saying that if a black cat should cross your path then it’s bad luck. Conversely, I have also heard stories saying that if you pet a black cat, it’s good luck. That’s just the tip of a very strange iceberg of stories about the dark felines. It also happens to be why a lot of people want to have one in their homes, if not for their cute appearance. That said, there is a variety of black cat breeds to choose from and there are some really interesting choices in there. Here are the Black Cat Breeds that are most adopted out there.

Black Cat Breeds: Ojos Azules

Black Cat Breeds

This breed of the black cat is native to America and its name literally translates to “blue eyes.” For some reason, black and blue just seem to go perfectly with each other and this feline, with its deep blue eyes, will win the hearts of whoever looks at it. This is an active, shorthair breed of cat and is very playful. However, it doesn’t require much attention so it makes the perfect companion to the average office worker who won’t be able to give it much time but even the little time they give will be enough.

Bombay Cat

Black Cat Breeds

Another American native breed of cat that is a cross between the Sable Burmese and the American Shorthair. It is also called “the panther.” The distinctive feature of the Bombay is that it has copper-colored eyes. It has short hair, a black coat and has a medium, stocky build. This breed of cat does not mind voicing its ideas and will vocally communicate with you if they need anything. Furthermore, this breed demands a lot of attention and is quite active.

York Chocolate Cat

beautiful cat breeds

Native to America, this breed can grow to be anywhere between a medium and large size. It has a stocky body type with a rounded head and long muzzle. Its appearance is similar to the Siamese breed of cats. The York Chocolate Cat has a longhair, chocolate-colored coat which only looks brown under the right lighting. From afar, it looks like a longhaired black cat. It requires a bit more attention than the average tabby cat and is quite active. Furthermore, this is not a very talkative breed of cat and will rely more on signals to get its message through than its voice.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

This breed of cat is very similar to the Persian in terms of appearance but that’s where the similarities end. The Exotic Shorthair is an adorable breed of the black cat with a short hair coat. It has a stocky, medium build and a chubby face that everyone adores about it. It is among the lazier breed of cats and doesn’t enjoy too much activity. Furthermore, this breed requires quite a high amount of attention so it can become troublesome to manage from time to time. Also check out The Most Expensive Cats Around The World