Hamsters are commonly kept as a pet in the United States households. The most popular one is Teddy Bear Hamster. People in the United States prefer to keep this breed as a pet because children love to play with it. Teddy bear hamster is a nickname given to the breed called Syrian hamster which is also popularly as the golden hamster. You will love having it as a pet as it is friendly in nature and found commonly in the United States. Like every other pet, you need to do your research before getting yourself a teddy bear hamster as it also requires proper care. If the hamsters are not given proper attention and care, they experience chronic stress that decreases their lifespan. It is relatively easy to take care of a golden hamster because of its docile nature.

Read this guide further to know more about the teddy bear hamster before getting it as a pet for your household

Teddy Bear Hamster Coat

Teddy Bear Hamster

There are different categories of a Syrian hamster and they all tend to clean their coat themselves. That does not mean you can skip brushing their fur! The fur of long-haired teddy hamster can grow up to 4 inches long. Due to their long fluffy fur, extra grooming should be given to them to prevent dust or tangled hair. You just need to have a toothbrush to brush their long hair.

The next one is satin hamster which has a glossy coat. Their fur is shiny and short that can be groomed very easily. Rex Hamster, a breed of the Syrian hamster, is relatively common in Europe and is making way to North American households as well. It has short, dense, and curly fur that can also be brushed by a flea comb or a toothbrush. If you have a hamster or you want to get one, just do not forget to brush the as they are prone to the infections.

Caging Requirements

Teddy Bear Hamster

A Syrian hamster or teddy bear hamster prefers living alone in a cage. Make sure you choose the cage that is spacious for your hamster to play easily as they do not like small cages. If you want to keep more than one hamster in your house. Make sure to keep them in different cages, far away from each other.

Making them live together is not a good idea as it can leave them chronically stressed. The cage should have at least 10-12 gallons capacity with all the items that they require such as chewable toys, freshwater containers, wheel, and food bowl. The water should be changed regularly and the bedding should be kept clean in order for the hamster to get any infection or disease. A treadmill is a must as the hamster requires constant exercise and entertainment. As the teddy bear hamster is active at night, avoid putting up the cage under direct sunlight!

Hamster’s diet and Feeding Care

Teddy Bear Hamster

To make your teddy bear hamster diet perfect, it is recommended to include a staple diet. A staple diet is comprised of hamster mix that you can get easily from the nearest grocery store, as well as a supplementary food. The commercial food mix that you can get from your pet will fulfill all the nutrition requirements. The commercial food mix consists of grains, seeds, and pellets. The pellets come in different shapes and ingredients. It is advised to choose the pellets that contain less sugar and artificial color.

Teddy bear hamster also enjoys chewing crunchy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce. These hamsters also enjoy nibbling on fruits like apple and grapes which are rich in vitamins and good for your hamster health. You can also treat them with unsweetened whole grains and nuts twice a week. Make sure you are not overfeeding your pet as it will cause health issues.


The most adorable Syrian hamster breed called Teddy Bear Hamster needs proper care and grooming. You will find different categories of a teddy bear hamster with a variety of colors and patterns. They have become very popular amongst the United States households. It is preferable to do your research before getting a hamster as a pet. In addition to that, you should be in contact with a small animal veterinarian for health care and treatment. You should clearly know what your hamster looks like as they are prone to getting sick or stressed.

Teddy bear hamster has a nocturnal nature and likes to play at night. They like to live in a large and spacious cage with exercise wheels and tunnels for entertainment. Make sure you take some time out to play with your pet hamster as it likes human affection. On the other hand, avoid keeping more than one hamster together in a cage or near one another as it will affect their health due to stress. For more about pets check out the Amusing Facts about Bumblebee Catfish