Have you heard that good things come in small packages? Yeah, this is right, you see these cute little teacup dogs. But sometimes these cute cups suffer from many health issues because they were brought by inhumane breeding methods. There are many interesting things about these cute little puppies, you will be surprised to know some interesting facts about teacup dogs.


  • Teacup dogs weigh only 2 kg at most.
  • Most of them come from toy dog breeds.
  • They also sometimes come from miniature dog breeds.
  • They’re usually bred from the smallest puppies in a litter.
  • Common breeds for teacup dogs include beagles, pugs, and Yorkshire terriers.

1. Cute teacup dogs have a strange origin

There are some breeders who starve their dogs to stunt the body growth of their puppies. This way the animal remain smaller even in adulthood. Puppies can also be affected by long-term health issues because of this process. Moreover, these cute puppies also survive from genetic defects that are caused by inbreeding. These defects can be the cause of many dangerous diseases such as cancer, blindness or sometimes even epilepsy.

2. There are ethical breeders of cute teacup dogs.

Sometimes the teacup dog is naturally born with a stunted body. So they require neutering them, so they can not pass their defective genes to the next generation. And it is sad to know that inbreeding is both an ethical thing and a necessity to do.

Teacup dog

3. They can be very expensive.

If you are planning to get one, you must have about $750 for the cheapest teacup puppy in the market. They can also be costly at $3500 at most, and it is also expensive to retain them. If you are thinking to get in, you must be able to cover their medical expenses and all their necessities. Once you get this cute creature, you will find yourself spending more and more on this little puppy.

4. There is an alternative to buy the little teacup puppy.

Yes, you can simply adopt a teacup puppy from a dog shelter that is responsible to rescue the dogs on the daily basis. These dog sanctuaries save the dogs in streets or unethical breeding farms or from neglectful owners. They treat them with care and love and provide necessities to them. If you adopt your teacup puppy from a shelter, your puppy will find the atmosphere of your home as relaxed and peaceful.

5. Cute Teacup dogs can live longer.

15 years is the average lifespan of teacup dogs, but this time period involves health issues too. Another important thing teacup puppy owners should keep in mind is that does not make your teacup puppy your lapdog because this might be the reason for the short lifespan of the puppy. So keep your cute little teacup puppy active, provide the required 3xercise and keep them busy in different interesting activities. Because lack of physical activities, make them lazy and this may cause several harmful diseases which may lead to death sometimes.

6. Cute teacup puppies eat a lot.

These cute puppies have a very fast metabolism and that’s why they eat more than other dogs. They are energetic dogs, they burn all their nutrition and energy quickly. So teacup dogs require 5 means in a single day to maintain all their energy. If they miss even a single meal, it can cause low blood sugar levels in their bodies or some other health problems.

7. It is difficult for teacup dogs to socialize with others.

Yes, it is difficult for them because they are smaller and sometimes bigger dogs dismiss them. They may also get some serious injuries if they play with bigger dogs. So it is good if they play and socialize with other teacup dogs. It is safe for them

8. These puppies face many dangers.

As teacup dogs are energetic dogs, so there are more chances for them to face dangerous situations as compared to any other dog breed. When they play and run around, they may be hit by furniture or wall and as a result, they can hurt themselves. So always take care of them and provide greater space to play.

9. Raising a teacup dog may be more difficult than any other dog.

The reason for this again is that they are energetic and playful. Their small size is another reason. They build up waste more quickly than other dogs because they have a faster metabolism. Teacup dogs pee more than other breeds of dogs. Another difficulty is that they pee in smaller amounts, so it will be difficult to find the spots for an untrained teacup puppy.

10. You may have a safer alternative for a teacup puppy.

If you want a small puppy as a teacup dog, you can get a naturally smaller bred dog. So they are about the same size as teacup puppies have, such as toy dog breeds. You can go for chihuahua if you love small dogs.


Teacup dogs are smaller dogs in size. Some breeders do this by artificial methods and that may cause several long-term diseases in the dog. As these dogs are active and energetic dogs, so their metabolism works quickly. It is much more difficult to raise a teacup dog than any other dog. Because they go through many physical health problems in their life. They eat a lot, and it can be very expensive to have a teacup dog.

If you need some more information regarding teacup puppies let us know in the comments section. Also, if you have any queries, just ask we will be happy to answer them all!.

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