Super worms are the best natural food for your reptile pet’s diet as they are highly nutritious and interactive food sources that’ll kindle your pet’s prey drive. They contain a high amount of protein which is much needed for your growing reptile’s health. If you don’t include foods that contain a high amount of protein, your reptile pet might suffer from muscle atrophy and have abnormally working organs.

But to feed your reptile pet with super worms, first, you must know how to keep super worms healthy until your pet’s feeding time. If you were searching for a guide to keeping your pet’s food healthy and alive until your pet eats them, then you’ve come to the right place as I’ll give you some critical rules on how to keep super worms healthy until feeding time.

1. Store The Superworms In The Right Place:

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Various plastic containers like large Tupperware, under-the-bed storage bins, and washbasins are the best options for storing your pet’s food super worms. I’m suggesting plastic boxes because they’re easy to clean, and your Super Worms won’t be able to escape the container as it is too slippery for them.

But ensure that the container is 200 square inches and 6-9 inches tall. And also, you must store super worms in a space with good ventilation and bedding. You can keep the container lid open or pop some holes in the box so that they can breathe.

2. Food For Superworms:

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You might be surprised that super worms finish their meal with their bedding. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You need to make bedding for them with a 1-2 inches layer of bran, unflavoured oatmeal, or plain crushed cheerios. You can also add some fruits and vegetables that are thinly sliced to it, and your work is done here.

But you must avoid putting acidic fruits and vegetables in the bedding and ensure the fruits and veggies are thinly sliced. Change the fruits and veggies every two days with fresh ones.

3. Perfect Temperature:

The perfect temperature for super worms is around 78 F. You can set the temperature anywhere between 68-88 F, which will work fine for them. Make sure to keep the humidity below 50%.

Ensuring the perfect temperature for super worms can help keep them healthy until feeding. Many people tend to store super worms in the refrigerator. But they might face discomfort in such cold temperatures.

4. Be Aware Of What Might Kill Them:

In normal circumstances, super worms can live up to six months. Rarely do some super worms live for over a year. Make the best efforts to keep them alive until they die due to natural causes or get eaten by your reptile pet.

Excess moisture, extreme heat, and cold are three vital causes of super worms’ death. Make sure not to let any of these things happen until feeding time.


Keeping your reptile pet’s favorite food item healthy until feeding time is a crucial step while taking care of your reptile pet. Because reptiles need to get a high amount of protein after consuming super worms to get energized, but that won’t be possible if your pet’s food super worms are not healthy.

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