Dog Boarding Is something that most people consider when they have to leave their homes for a few days. They will board their dog at somebody else’s house so that the dog doesn’t feel lonely. It is because they do not want the dog to know that the owner has gone somewhere.

Dog boarding is much better than leaving dogs at a shelter for a few days. It is because there is no involvement of a cage when boarding a dog. There is a homelier feeling getting from home than there is from a shelter. Said, let’s discuss the benefits of dog boarding with some personal experiences. My reasons for leaving my dog at a Dog Boarding  when I’m not at home.

Why I Go for Dog Boarding?

Dog Boarding Near Me

Though it’s a little upsetting having to move my girl from her home to another. There are multiple things to consider regarding the dog’s needs over your own emotions. A dog needs walking, it needs attention, and it needs care to ensure that it doesn’t put anything bad in its mouth, kind of like watching over a toddler. Furthermore, indoor dogs can cause real destruction to property left to their own devices. Hence, it’s a safer bet to leave them with someone who knows to keep them in discipline, if they misbehave.

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Drawbacks to Dog boarding

However, there are some drawbacks to leaving your dog in someone else’s care. When I first left my dog at a dog boarding, she didn’t take well to it. She was quite aggressive with the person I was boarding her with out of fear for the person’s well-being. I decided not to board her that time. After a few visits to our house and accepting the ascent, my dog will finally come around and accepts the board at their house. The bottom line is, you can find it difficult to get your dog to accept that it is boarding so if you can plan ahead. Make sure the dog is accepting of the dog border before they have to actually go and live there.

Another big issue with dog boarding is that it isn’t out of the question that there would also be other dogs at the boarding house. For most dogs that are playful and social, this isn’t a huge issue. However, for dogs that do not take well to company, it can be a big problem. This would create the situation when your dog is going to board. The boarding house cannot accept any other dogs. It has yours and that isn’t something most boarding houses will be comfortable with.


Are dogs happy when they board?

It depends on the nature of the dog. Some dogs like to experience new people and things, while others like staying with their owners. So, all dogs are not happy in the boarding.

Do dogs remember you after boarding?

A dog is known for its loyalty and remembers its owners for life. No matter how long you take to revisit the dog, it will not forget you and will meet you with great love.

Where do I leave my dog when I go on vacation?

If you are going somewhere on an extended vacation, there are many options for leaving your dog for proper care.

  • Pet sitting
  • In-home pet boarding
  • Traditional boarding
  • Neighborhood
  • Any friend’s home

Can I leave my dog alone for a week?

No, leaving a dog alone at home for a week can create problems for the dog. It is preferable to leave the pet at a boarding facility or a friend’s home. So they can take care of the dog, and it might not become stubborn.

Does boarding a dog help with separation anxiety?

Sudden changes in the environment can be problematic for dogs. So, if you plan to leave them at boarding, take them out and let the dog play with other animals, and it will help the dog escape separation anxiety quickly.

Why do dogs act weird after being boarded?

If you’ve never boarded your dog before, you probably aren’t aware of that for a few days after you pick her up and bring her home. The dog may look a bit different.

How do I prepare my dog for his first board?

Familiar objects can comfortably surround even the most nervous dogs. Due to this, most boarding facilities will let your pet keep one or two items from homes, such as his bed, a favorite toy or blanket, or an item of clothing that has your scent.


The bottom line is that it depends on your situation whether or not you feel you can afford to leave a dog at home or whether you feel more comfortable boarding it. It’s a decision only you can make.

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