Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Near Me Is something that most people consider when they have to leave their home for a few days. They will board their dog at somebody else’s house so that the dog doesn’t feel lonely or doesn’t feel a sense of its owner being gone. Dog boarding is much better than leaving dogs at a shelter for a few days because there is no cage involved when a dog is boarded and it’s probably obvious that there is a homelier feeling gotten from home than there is from a shelter. That said, let’s discuss the benefits of dog boarding with some personal experiences and my reasons for leaving my dog at a Dog Boarding Near Me when I’m not at home.

Why I Go for Dog Boarding Near Me

Dog Boarding Near Me

Though it’s a little upsetting having to move my girl from her home to another. There are multiple things to consider regarding the dog’s needs over your own emotions. A dog needs to be walked, it needs attention, and it needs to be watched to ensure that it doesn’t put anything bad in its mouth, kind of like watching over a toddler. Furthermore, indoor dogs can cause real destruction to property left to their own devices. Hence, it’s a safer bet to leave them with someone who won’t mind disciplining them if they start misbehaving.

Drawbacks to Dog boarding

However, there are some drawbacks to leaving your dog in someone else’s care. When I first left my dog at a dog boarding, she didn’t take well to it. She was quite aggressive with the person I was boarding her with and out of fear for the person’s well-being. I decided not to board her that time. After a few visits to our house and getting accustomed to her ascent, my dog finally came around and would accept being boarded at their house. Bottom line being, it can be difficult to get your dog to accept that it is being boarded so if you can plan ahead, make sure the dog is accustomed to the dog boarder before they have to actually go and live there.

Another big issue with dog boarding is that it isn’t out of the question that there would also be other dogs at the boarding house. For most dogs that are playful and social, this isn’t a huge issue. However, for dogs that do not take well to the company, it can be a big problem. This would create the situation that when your dog is being boarded. The boarding house cannot accept any other dogs. It has yours and that isn’t something most boarding houses will be comfortable with.

Is It ok to Leave My Dog at Home?

Dog Boarding Near Me

If the dog has access to a constant supply of clean drinking water and food, can leave when it needs to “do its business” in the yard, and won’t essentially run away from home, a dog can be left at home for a short span of days. However, if the trip becomes too long then it is suggested that the dog be boarded because dogs will normally go into depression after having spent a few days alone. Furthermore, leaving your dog at home is more secure as the house is somewhat protected from break-ins with a dog around.


The bottom line is that it depends on your situation whether or not you feel you can afford to leave a dog at home or whether you feel more comfortable boarding it. It’s a decision only you can make.