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Canines are known as the most loyal animals in the world. We see thousands of dog breeds around us daily, especially when jogging in parks, lakes, and other locations. People busy playing with their beautiful, unique, and attractive dogs are also seen often. Observing the variety of dogs increases the curiosity about petting any of them. Once you have decided to keep it, it’s time to select the breed of dog that suits you. There are many dog breeds that you can choose from, but in this article, we will discuss the Retro Pug. If you have to keep this specific dog as a pet, it will be easy for you to decide whether you have to keep it as a pet.

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What we will read:

  1. A little about Retro Pug
  2. The Appearances of Retro Pug
  3. Characteristics of Retro Pug
  4. Retro Pugs’ health problems
  5. Reason to own and not own
  6. Conclusion

A Little About Retro Pug

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Retro Pug is also known as Retro mops and jug dog. A hybrid pug breed was created by crossing a standard purebred pug with a Jack Russell Terrier. Many traits of the resulting mixed breed are similar to those of the pug. That includes a slight, stocky build, a round head, and a triceps skinfold. They typically acquire the longer terrier snout that eliminates most health problems like brachycephalic. This breed aims to reduce health issues in the well-liked pug breed while preserving most of its beautiful features to achieve the best of both species.

The Appearances of Retro Pug

Pugs in general and retro pugs are pretty similar. Compared to pugs, they are tall and thin, with longer snouts, fewer wrinkles on the face, and more prominent ears. Their color is typically fawn, although it is a little darker than Pugs, as they have more black on their fronts and backs.

Retro pugs are usually between 9 and 16 inches tall, while purebred pugs stand between 12 and 15 inches. According to this information, many vintage pugs can be shorter than purebred pugs when compared, but it all depends on the particular dog. Also, such canines are small and smooth-coated.

Characteristics of the Retro Pug

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Retro pugs have a lifespan of 13 to 16 years, compared to 12 to 14 years for purebred pugs. The specific dog and the care it receives ultimately determine everything. Pugs can live considerably longer than that; some have even reached 20 years of age. Many pugs, however, don’t live past the age of 15 due to their propensity for general respiratory problems.

If we talk about the behavior of this specific dog, it is loyal, loving, and very caring. These pugs are not significant in size, so they do not weigh too much. The weight of an average retro pug is 13 to 18 pounds. The new-old Pug type is ideal for families. It enjoys playing with kids, but try not to leave young kids unaccompanied by a pug. Retro Pugs make excellent excursion companions because they are also physically better than their heavy-breathing counterparts.

Retro Pugs’ health problems

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Pugs are sensitive to various health issues, such as skin, ear, and eye diseases, and breathing difficulties. They require regular, frequent bathing, ear cleaning, and frequent visits to the veterinarian. Pet owners who want a pug should purchase a policy of health insurance. The following health issues are commonly noted in such canines:

  • Overheating
  • The syndrome of a brachycephalic airway.
  • Breathing issues
  • Skin conditions
  • Eyes that stick out and have shallow eye sockets.
  • Infections and ulcers
  • Ocular Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Dental issues

Reasons for owning and not owning the Retro Pug

Some people around us are confused about whether to pet this special breed or not. We know that every animal on our planet has pros and cons. Likewise, the Retro Pug has many reasons to keep it as a pet and a few reasons to ask us to avoid petting these canines.

1. Small but Stable

Pugs are widely renowned for warming up laps. Pugs are small enough to fit easily in carriages and in your hands. They are typically a little under a foot tall. Pugs are small but also solid; a healthy dog weighs about 16 pounds. A pug can be the best choice if you want a pet who can sit comfortably on your lap and won’t be blown away by a strong wind.

2. Laughable Friends

Pugs are constantly entertaining due to their passion for being the center of attention. You are welcome to play and work with them. However, relaxed environments also tend to settle these excitable dogs down. If you become weary, they will be content to cuddle up with you and take a nap. Your pug is comfortable as long as you focus on them.

3. Low cost to buy

Any purebred dog purchased from a breeder will need a financial commitment, but pugs are affordable compared to other famous breeds. Usually, they cost $800.

4. Children Friendly

Pugs are excellent playmates for kids of all ages because of their small stature and friendly disposition. Because it takes a lot to get a pug hostile, they will put up with a toddler’s probing and prodding for much longer than most other breeds.

5. Magnificent background

For generations, nobles and royalty have favored the breed of Retro pug. The pug is a unique and noble breed. That is why it has endured for generations.

Reasons for not owning Retro as a pet are mentioned below:

1. Health Issues

The numerous health issues that Retro Pugs face are already covered. The cost of caring for them can be high. Despite how adorable they are, the careful breeding that gave the pug its distinctive appearance has a price: a myriad of health problems.

2. Housebreaking Slow

You can train canines to go potty solely outside, but it requires more time and effort than other dog breeds. Training a pug to go toilet on walks or in the yard, you should plan on it taking at least six months and possibly longer.

3. Stubborn

Most retro pugs don’t respond well to orders. Pugs take a while to master other skills as well, including toileting. Pugs, a breed known for its tenacity, reject obedience and skill training.

4. Rapidly Heats Up

Pugs struggle tremendously in hot weather. Even in moderate temperatures, these rapidly warmed puppies may experience issues. Those who live in hot, tropical climates should exercise caution while keeping canines cool and out of the sun.

5. Easily Get Fat

Retro Pugs cannot burn off the extra fat they consume due to their slow metabolism and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity is a problem for any dog who indulges in an unhealthy diet.


The Retro Pug is a small-sized beautiful breed of dog with an ancient history. They are also famous for their snouts, which help them escape from many health problems. They do not weigh too much and are smaller in size. There are multiple reasons to own and not own this specific canine. If they are compact-sized, they are also stubborn. Secondly, if they are inexpensive, they also have many health issues.

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