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The Beagle is one of the most well-balanced dog breeds. They are not overly shy, aggressive, giant, or tiny. However, you might want to think twice before bringing one home due to its shedding if you have dog allergies. Fortunately, beagles do not shed as much as other dog breeds do. Although they still need light cleaning and grooming, they are pretty simple to maintain. In this write-up, you will learn about the reasons for shedding in beagles, how much they shed, how to control shedding and many more.

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Table of Contents

  1. A little about Beagles
  2. Do beagles shed a lot?
  3. When beagles shed the most
  4. Reasons for Shedding
  5. How to control shedding?
  6. Conclusion

A little about beagles

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Beagles are small, compact, and durable. Although this type of dog is happy and fun-loving, hounds can also be stubborn, so teaching them requires persistence and ingenuity. They navigate the world with the aid of their noses, and nothing makes them happier than pursuing a captivating fragrance. Beagles were initially developed as scent hounds, primarily to chase rabbits and hares, which are tiny games. Several countries still breed them for this purpose today. But many of these puppies are now living as devoted family pets and companion dogs.

Do beagles shed a lot?

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They have a distinctive bark and a lot of endurance. They have a medium-length, smooth coat that sheds on average. Like any breed, beagles vary in their propensity for excessive shedding. All go through periods of increased shedding.

When beagles shed the most

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Spring and winter are the shedding seasons. They put away their summer coats at the start of winter and replace them with thick winter coats. They remove their winter coat in the spring and choose a lightweight jacket to keep them cool during the warmer months.

Reasons for Shedding

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Beagles are double-coated canines. Their extra layers of fur help them maintain their body temperature during the winter. They remove their winter jackets come spring because they do not require as much hair and stay calm. Moreover, we will now discuss the specific reasons for beagles’ shedding.

1. Weather Effect

According to studies, beagles originated in England. Inhabitants of the UK know well that this area has extreme weather conditions. The temperature there even reaches zero degrees Celsius in the winter season. Beagles need a coat to keep them warm as they were bred for hunting. So, they spend the majority of their time in the woods. They cannot survive in the hot weather when the summer season arrives due to their double coat. It is the usual and prevalent reason for the Beagle to shed.

2. Stressful Conditions

Apart from shedding seasons, there are many other reasons for beagles to change their coats or clear them. One of the specific reasons for shedding is stress. Stress can affect our pets just like it does people, and one of its signs is hair loss. Therefore, your Beagle might also suffer if you’re moving or under some stress from upcoming tests. Surprisingly, it results in hair loss.

3. Dog’s grooming medicines

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Everyone wants their beagles to be beautiful. They use high-quality products for the grooming of their canines. But they often make mistakes while making their dogs healthy, charming, and beautiful. The first mistake they make is using human shampoo on dogs. Secondly, they also use low-quality shampoo on their canines. They are using both of these products, resulting in the shedding of beagles.

4. Malnutrition

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Like humans, dogs can also suffer from health issues due to a lack of proper nutrition. Allergies, weight loss, and excessive hair loss are medical issues a dog can face because of improper diets. According to reports, poor diet and serving dog food without a proper schedule are two of the most common reasons for shedding in these canines.

5. Skin Infection

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Additionally, excessive shedding may be a sign of a skin illness. The specific breed is well known for having delicate skin prone to several skin problems. Another sign of parasites like fleas and lice is hair loss. Another cause of your Beagle’s excessive shedding is allergies. It’s a clue that something is off if you lose more weight than is healthy.

How to control shedding?

Considering the reason for shedding, we need to control the excessive hair loss of Beagles. We will now discuss how you can help prevent your Beagle’s shedding. Some of these strategies will be effective on some Beagles, while others won’t. It all depends on which one works best for you.

1. Proper Medication

It is often noted that people take their canines to veterinarians due to this particular disease. But they do not act upon the suggestions provided by a vet or stop the medication when they find dogs improving. They must finish the medicine properly so they may not face excessive hair loss.

2. Proper Diet

The food you give your pet shapes his entire body, including his coat. The appropriate diet can significantly reduce shedding issues. A requirement when the matter is about shedding or any other disease is always to serve them high-quality food and a proper diet.

3. Control Allergies

When you identify the source of your Beagle’s unwarranted scratching, you swear to get rid of it. Have your pet’s allergies checked at the vet’s office so you can help your furry buddy avoid the things that make him itch. Your Beagle might occasionally itch from fleas. To stop and get rid of the infestation, use bio products.

4. Brush beagles regularly

If you want your pet’s fur to be healthy, regular daily brushing is an excellent habit to form. Make sure you do it twice or thrice a week if you can’t do it every day. Brushing will protect your home from unneeded beagle hair and save you time from having to clean up after your Beagle. The fur on your pet becomes softer, cleaner, and more lustrous as you brush it.

5. Bath your Beagle

You might think about giving your frequent beagle baths for a healthy coat. In addition to routine brushing, you ought to wash your dog once a week using a dog shampoo that can maintain the health of the coat. The item should be gentle on the skin and aid in preventing dryness.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you have learned that beagles shed a lot, and suggestions are also provided to manage the enormous hair fall of beagles. The reasons for beagles’ shedding and the seasons when they shed most are also discussed. You will see a considerable difference by acting upon all the recommendations. So, we need to take proper care of our canines. So, they may improve their lives and live a more comfortable life.

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