6 Pros and Cons of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Yellow Pomeranian dog long hairs

The Pomeranian dog breed is usually small in size and so popular because of its looks. It is a dog of Spitz type and is classed as a toy dog breed. This breed is descended from larger Spitz-type dogs. Sometimes they may create trouble but you could not be rude to them because of their cute face and lovely nature. Also popular as poms.

If you want to own a pom, you must know all the benefits and drawbacks of petting this breed. You should seriously consider all the pros and cons of this breed before ownership so you will be completely aware of all their good and bad behaviors in the future. Knowledge is power so learn about their pros and cons before going to adopt one.


1. Appealing looks


Poms Appealing Looks

The main reason for their popularity is their appealing look. Foxy face, adorable smiling, dark almond-shaped eyes, pricked ears, a thick coat, and a heavily pumped tail are the characteristics of this breed that make them so famous. We can say that their drastic beauty is the reason for their popularity. They descended from the large sled breeds but these poms are bred smaller in size so we can carry them in our laps. Queen Victoria owned this breed and bred them in a smaller size in 1888.

2. A suitable size

Poms Suitable Size

They have a very convenient size, weigh nearly 3 to 7 pounds, the perfect size for small dog lovers. The benefit of being small dogs is that they require less food and hence cost less to feed. They do not need a lot of food because of their small size. The other benefit of their small size is that you can carry them anywhere anytime. You can bring these cute poms even in planes, sometimes allowed to sit in a cabin. You can not enjoy this beautiful experience with large dog breed.

3. A happy soul

Pom Happy Face

They are described as happy-go-lucky dogs and know very well how to brighten your day. Cute poms lovers and you will have a good time while sitting and playing with them. This energetic breed is so lively and fun-loving but in a flexible way. Poms are so excited when some special events take place but are calm when no major is happening. You can cuddle with this lovely and happy soul but be a dog with them. Play games with poms or give them toys to wake up their hunting instincts. Happy poms want your attention and time, and love to be around you. They develop strong bonds with their owners. But some poms can be bossy or have dominant traits as well. They are bright and cheerful dogs.

4. Smart and trainable

Poms Smart and Trained

Almost all dogs are intelligent but pom is so brainy and can pick things easily. This is a smarter breed, you can teach them various tasks. When you have a smart dog it means they will do a lot of stuff that can be sometimes irritating for you. It is up to you in what way you want to train them, they will learn easily. Your pom loves and enjoys the training process, what you will teach them they will be in that way in a very short time. They are highly obedient to their owners. Just use gentle training tricks with these little poms.

5. A tough cookie

Pom Tough Cookie

They not only possess a cute look, convenient size, and smart brain but they are blessed with good health. Some vets have complaints to their owners for only visiting for vaccination. You have to maintain their good health by taking good care of them. Predisposition for luxating patellas is the biggest problem in them. If you got pom with tests positive for this condition, you have a lower chance to develop this problem. Tracheal collapse is another problem in them. Use a harness instead of a collar to prevent this condition. Poms require regular teeth brushing because they have a lot of teeth in their small mouths.

6. A long-living friend

Pom Long Living Friend

The biggest plus side of these cute poms is that they live longer than other small breeds. They can live up to 15 years-an an average lifespan. If you treat them well, take proper care, and provide all the necessities they can live up to 18 or even 20 years.


1. Watchdog Syndrome

Watch Dog Syndrome

Poms are fluffy and have a reputation for lap dogs but do not take them lightly. They perform their job seriously even in sleep you can notice their ears are twitching. Poms bark at every activity they think is suspicious. Sometimes this behavior of poms can irritate your neighbors and they will come to complain to you. We can not blame them for this behavior because their ancestors also used to make sound alarms when intruders were observed. You can train them to learn to less bark.

2. Lots of determination

Pom determination

Pomeranian is a smart and determined breed. If they think of something then they want that in all circumstances. One reason for this behavior can be the human’s flaw of not being able to say no to this adorable and lovely breed because of their cuteness. Poms have an independent streak and are always ready to jump in if they find any weakness in your ability to train them. If you are eating something, they will also want to eat and look at you. If you give them they will make this a habit and become your table partner for life. But if you do not give them, they will start barking, pawing at you, or want to get from other people sitting at the table.

3. Bathroom Training Problems

Bathroom Training

They need some extra effort in bathroom training and pose extra challenges in it. The problem is that they are so small and little, and can easily hide behind a table or couch to do the deed. If you do not pay proper attention to their bathroom training they may go unnoticed for hours or days. If you are unable to train them in bathroom training, the unclear areas of your home will smell like a dog bathroom. But do not worry there are ways you can teach them. First, put your pom’s nose in his poop, avoid scruff shakes or scold your puppy for having this behavior at the home. This will teach them to hide their mess. Also, supervise them and recognize signs early that your puppy requires to go to the bathroom. When you noticed those signs take your puppy to the dog bathroom and reward them for going there. You must know how to clean messed areas and use enzyme-based cleaners.

4. The Fragility of Toy Breed

Pom Fragility

This breed is indexed into toy breeds that contain other smaller breeds of the convenient size that make great pets. But poms have increased fragility it does not mean they need to live in a bubble but you should be very careful around these little poms. Your puppy will get injured if accidentally fall or sit on him. Be careful while taking them in your lap, if they fall they will get injured. Do not make them so close to your clumsy child, their loud barks and unpredictable movements can create a problem in a long run. But you can teach them to behave well with children to raise them as well-behaved adults. Always supervise them, when they are playing because they can get injured while jumping from high furniture. They are so small so when walking with you in a park be aware no large dog tries to attack your pom.

5. Not your Average Small Dog

Pom Small Dog

Most people think poms are average small dogs, perfect for warm laps for hours. Pom is a small dog breed and is descended from sled dogs. They have spitz heritage just like Akitas, Alaskas, Huskies, and Malamutes. This breed has an independent streak that loves to chase little critters. They love to dig instead of staying on the lap,  roll in disgusting stuff and eat gross things found on the ground. Poms are small in size but quite energetic because of their heritage. Love to run in a home at full speed, so you have to make them busy with other activities such as toys or food puzzles.

6. Coat Core

Pom Coat Core

Pomeranian requires a lot of grooming and coat care. You must take time from your busy to take extra care of their coat to avoid all the mats and to reduce shedding. Sometimes they shed heavily so you need to brush their coat daily and bathe them now and then, some times require trimming but only when the pet or groomer recommends doing. They like to play anywhere even if they can roll in cow poop and do not mind if their coat is getting dirty. But do not worry because cleaning their coat is quite easy. Black skin disease is most common in this breed in which their skin turned black and causes it to fall off.


Just a beautiful small dog breed that is difficult to ignore when deciding to own a puppy. After knowing all the pros and cons, it is still hard to be angry at their cons because of their cute face. Pomeranian is classified as a toy dog breed because of their lovely and cute nature. If you find this article helpful give us feedback.

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