Snakes have always been depicted as dark and evil reptiles, especially in movies and cartoons but they can fascinating creatures. Although most snake species are venomous, some of their types are harmless and can be kept as pets.

According to many studies, there are more than 3000 species of snakes that are found all over the world. They usually have habitats where there is water or in the dense forest of India, Central Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and other territories in the US.

If you are a snake enthusiast or interested in knowing about different snake species, then this post is for you. In this article, we have brought the top 5 pretty snakes from all over the world as we believe every creature has its own beauty. So let’s get started:

1. Emerald Tree Boa:

Emerald Tree Boa snake

The famous Emerald Tree Boa is commonly found in the habitats of rainforests. It is up to 6 feet in length and is one of the most beautiful snake species in the world, which is why it has made it to our top list. This specie has outstanding green coloration with striking lightning bolt patterns.

The most important thing to know about Emerald Tree Boa is that it is non-venomous but has long front teeth. The change in coloration happens as this snake gets older. The red-orange color changes into green as the snake becomes an adult around the 12th month of its age.

2. Blood Python:

Blood Python snake

Another pretty snake on the list is the Blood Python, which also goes by the scientific name that is Python Brongersmai. This specie has a natural habitat in tropical swamps in Sumatra, Indonesia. It has a short red tail and striking patterns on the body including red, orange, and maroon lines, and also yellow or black spots.

A blood python can grow up to 6 feet just like many snake species. Although this snake has unpredictable moods such as they have the tendency to get aggressive at any moment. However, they are becoming popular in captive-breeding programs.

3. Rainbow Snake:

Rainbow Snake

Rainbow snake, also known as Eel Moccasin, is the perfect name for this species as it has all rainbow colors. The mesmerizing coloration and patterns are the reason why this specie made it to our top list of pretty snakes.

The rainbow snake has also many other names such as red-sided snake and striped wampum. It has a huge and muscular body and usually keeps itself in the water hidden behind the dense plants and swamps. This pretty snake specie is common around the Southeastern United States. Moreover, the exotic rainbow snake is non-venomous and feeds on frogs and toads.

4. Eyelash Viper:

Eyelash Viper Pretty snake

This very famous snake specie called Eyelash Viper is commonly found in Central and South America. They have a wide range of coloration with beautiful scales around the eyes that look like eyelashes. Moreover, they have needle-like sharp fangs in their upper jaw.

The lifespan of an eyelash viper is around 15 to 20 years. The eyelash viper’s habitat is dense vegetation and has nocturnal nature. The common myth about an eyelash viper specie is that they flash their eyelash-like scales at their victim, which is not true.

5. White-Lipped Python:

white-lipped Python snakes

The white-lipped python has also made it to our top list of pretty snakes because of its exotic features and coloration. This specie has either a black or brown head with a stunning gold-colored body and beautiful white scales around its lips.

As this specie has aggressive nature and poor temperament, they are not encouraged to be kept in captivity. They usually habitat in humid rainforests and can grow up to 7 feet in length.

Wrapping Up Our Top List of Pretty Snakes:

Every creature has its own unique features and characteristics whether it’s a reptile, bird, or amphibian. These were the top 5 pretty snakes found all over the world that are known for their unique features and coloration. We hope you liked it!

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