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Ngara Flametail Peacock

The Ngara Flametail Peacock Fish falls on the list of smaller Aulonocara staurtgranti. These cichlids are very stunning, and they develop beautiful, eye-catching colors too.
snow white peacock

Albino Peacock: All you want to know

Albino peacocks are very rare to find. They are not seen in captivity because finding them is no less challenging than finding any other animal. One would take the chance to buy if he is lucky enough to get this opportunity.
Blue Sea-Butterfly

Sea Butterfly | A Comprehensive guide

Sea butterflies are similar to snails. However, they swim in the water instead of creeping over surfaces with their powerful foot. Many species have delicate, calcium carbonate shells that are extremely sensitive to variations in ocean acidity.
Blue Dog

Blue Dog Breeds | Their Care Guide

When it comes to blue dog breeds, there are more than 20 varieties. A blue dog combines a blue-coated breed with any other species. This article will tell you about this specific breed and how to take care of their hair.
Brown and White Rabbits

Rabbits’ traits and FAQs | Pet Rabbits Care

Rabbits love to stay close to human beings. Almost 29 species of bunny exist in the world, with ten genres. You will find them on all the continents except Antarctica. When it comes to the characteristics of rabbits, they are incredibly gentle.
A white Dog Licking

Behavioral and Medical Reasons for Dog Licking

Most people in the world either own dogs or keep them as pets. Additionally, some breed them and are interested in finding new breeds. Because they are attached to and devoted to their owners, we'll talk about the behavioral and medicinal causes of dog licking in this post.
3 Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat: A Comprehensive Guide

Specifically in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Somalia, eastern Africa is where naked mole rats came into being. They were found in underground tunnels and caves in grassy, semi-arid environments.
A brown Curly Haired Cat

Curly-haired cats: Breeds, grooming, and FAQs

The cat may be missing at least one layer of its natural hair because curly-haired cats are pretty uncommon. Cats have an outer layer of stiff hair known as "guard hair" to ward off the rain.
2 Beautiful Black and White doodle

Goldendoodle: Black and White doodle | Other Specs

A Goldendoodle is an attractive and playful dog that quickly becomes attached to humans. It comes in different colors, but a 50/50 black and white doodle combination is rare.
Beautiful brown Long hair dog

Dog Hair | A Comprehensive Guide

As we know, having dog hair keeps the dog safe and healthy. It also adds to the beauty of our canines. So, taking care of it is our responsibility. Some canines are purebred; on the other hand, some are crossbred.



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