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Compared to the short-haired Dalmatian, the long-haired is less common. But more people adore it. They seem to be a new breed of dog today. In actuality, it belongs to the ancient group of dog breeds. A few years ago, people began to appreciate the charm and beauty of this devoted breed of dog. When walking, they can draw observers’ attention. These Dalmatians are also highly intelligent, loving, and active. You will discover information about these particular Dalmatians in this article. You’ll learn about their routines, care practices, physical attributes, and more as you read.

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Table of Contents

  1. A few words about Long Haired Dalmatians
  2. The History of the Long-Haired Dalmatian Breed
  3. Appearances
  4. Characteristics
  5. The height and weight of Dalmatians
  6. Health Issues
  7. Are they trainable?
  8. Conclusion

A Few Words about Long-Haired Dalmatians

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Dalmatians are a dog breed that is well-known to everyone. Over time, they have gained the love, attention, and admiration of others. They are now recognized as firehouse dogs in hundreds of fire stations around the USA. They are known as the Plum Pudding Dog or Spotted Dick because their markings resemble the festive English dessert flecked with almonds and candied fruit peel. It also has other nicknames occupied by its historical uses, like English Coach Dog or English Carriage Dog. 

The History of the Long-Haired Dalmatian Breed

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The Dalmatian breed first appeared in Croatia’s Dalmatia region in the 1300s. They are recognized because their white fur has black spots on them. Also, this breed is tall and has an athletic build. This specific breed was famous for being a hunting dog. People also used to love this family because of its beauty in that area. Due to their protective nature, long-haired Dalmatians were sometimes employed as guard dogs.

Then, in the late 1800s, this breed started shipping from Croatia to England and other countries. It got instant fame due to its intelligence and unique fur color. The species arrived in the US in the 1800s, and ever since then, it has grown to be one of the most well-liked dog varieties there.


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The appearance of Dalmatians varies from one to another dog. A Dalmatian with a long coat has an attentive and alert expression. They have rounded, moderately set eyes that are dark or blue. Their muzzle is distinct and powerful, and the top portion is parallel and level with the upper part of their heads. The muscles on their forequarters and hindquarters are powerful and smooth, and they have relatively long upward-curving tails. Dalmatians have front and back feet that are thick, compact, and spherical.

  The hair will typically be white with black spots. Depending on the parents’ fur types, the fur will likely be straight or curly in consistency. They are built lean and muscular, with medium-sized bodies. Because of their long, slender legs and beautiful bodies, the walk of a Dalmatian might be one of its most distinguishing characteristics. They consequently served as such fantastic fire department poster dogs.


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Dalmatians are playful, sensitive, and highly energetic canines. However, some Dalmatian experts warn that the breed may be too restless for tiny children. They are loyal to their family and are good with kids. These dogs are intelligent, trainable, and reliable watchdogs. They can have more fur color than white and black, such as brown. A classic Lemon Dalmatian has white fur with light brown or even tanned patches that can resemble lemons.

If they are not properly socialized, some Dalmatians might be high-strung, while others can be suspicious of strangers and violent toward other dogs. These canines are reputed to have excellent “memories” and can remember any mistreatment for years.

Height and Weight of Long-Haired Dalmatians

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Male long-haired Dalmatians usually have a height of 21 to 23 inches. On the other hand, females are 19 to 21 inches tall. If we talk about weight, both usually weigh 45 to 71 pounds.

Health issues

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The Dalmatian’s lifespan is typically 12 to 14 years. They may experience minor health disorders, including hypothyroidism, allergies, iris sphincter abnormalities, seizures, and severe problems like hearing and kidney stones. According to different studies, deafness is the most common health issue in these specific canines, and 30% of them are born with hearing problems. Kidney stones mostly take place due to their diet.

Are they trainable?

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Due to the breed’s reputation for being extremely intelligent and energetic, training a long-haired Dalmatian is crucial. Therefore, when teaching your LC puppy, you must be devoted.

1. Start educating your Dalmatian right away.

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Your eight-week-old Dalmatian puppy has been learning ever since you brought him home. You must start setting ground rules immediately because he is taking in information about his surroundings. Since Dalmatians have a difficult history, get them trained as soon as possible.

2. Start house training

Start house training your Dalmatian as soon as you get him home, even if you think he could still be a puppy. This assists in preventing the development of any undesirable behavior in your puppy. Show your Dalmatian the location of the restroom and toilet.

3. Offer positive attention to promote good behavior.

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You instill trust in your dog at a young age as soon as you begin a thorough training program if you want Dalmatian to desire to please you. It calls for being kind to him and rewarding good behavior. Instead of hitting the dog, praise it for acting well.

4. Exercise and Games

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Especially when they are young, Dalmatians are very energetic. It is now essential for kids to be accustomed to exercise. You should establish a schedule that includes daily playtime for your puppy and, if you can, daily walks. It will prevent your puppy from acting out and disobeying by helping them become used to letting off steam during these times.


Now that you are well-informed about Long-Haired Dalmatians, you can decide whether or not this breed is ideal for you. These canines are incredibly bright and straightforward to train. Additionally, they have a kind attitude and make excellent companions. If you’ve decided to purchase one, choose a reliable seller to ensure that you obtain the healthiest canine that will be able to bring you years of happiness.

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