Firstly, Do not get confused both lilac French bulldog and Isabella bulldog are two different names of the same dog breed.


The Appearance of Isabella or Lilac French Bulldog varies from one dog to another, even from litter to litter.

1. Popular Name to Breed:

  • Lilac French bulldog
  • Isabella Bulldog
  • Head Size:

The Lilac French Bulldog has a small head that is slightly longer than it is wide.

Black Lilac French Bulldog Head

  • Muzzle and nose:

The muzzle is generally small, but the nose can also be wide.

  • Eyes color:

They have dark eyes and may have one eye blue and one eye brown or vice versa; the coloring can also be different on each side of the body.

  • Ears:

They have rounded ears and hang close to the head.

  • Body:

The body is very muscular and compact.

  • Tail:

The tail is low and set wide, hanging down past the back end of the dog’s body. The size of the coat depends on how much grooming is required for the dog’s coloring.

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  • Body Color:

Isabella or Lilac Frenchie has a very distinct color pattern. It has a white body and head, with a black mask and a darker shade of the same shade of white on its muzzle and tongue. The rest of its body is black with some patches of pure white, but it also has some brown and tan shading on its legs, feet, and tail.

  • Life Span:

The life expectancy of Isabella or Lilac Frenchie is usually between 8 and 10 years.

  • Popularity:

The Isabella or Lilac French Bulldog is an incredibly popular breed, but it also comes with a stigma, specifically the color of its coat. This is a relatively new breed of Frenchie, only recognized in 2003 by the French Kennel Club.

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  • Personality:

Isabella or Lilac Frenchie is a very loving dog, it can be quite dominant with other dogs and cats. It has a surprisingly high tolerance for cold weather, but can be easily chilled when it is too hot.

  • Appearance:

The appearance of The Isabella or Lilac Frenchie differs from one dog to another. It may have one eye blue and one eye brown or vice versa; the coloring can also be different on each side of the body.

2. Pricing of Isabella vs Lilac French bulldog:

It’s hard to estimate the cost of an Isabella or Lilac Frenchie in advance as they are all different. However, they are to be a relatively expensive breed of Frenchie.

  •  Worldwide:

The Isabella or Lilac Frenchie can cost anywhere between $500 and $1500, while a fully grown Lilac Frenchie may cost up to $3000.

  • America:

 In America Isabella or Lilac French Bulldog costs about $750.

3. Why is Isabella or Lilac Frenchie Expensive?

Isabella or Lilac Frenchie is a very rare and expensive dog. it has a long lifespan an active dog that needs lots of exercises. It requires regular grooming, so it needs everything more than the average dog. It also needs to be taken to the vet for regular check-ups, so it’s more expensive than other breeds.

Isabella or Lilac Frenchie

  • Lavender-colored French Bulldog is hard to find

A lavender-colored French bulldog is not an uncommon sight in France and other parts of Europe, but it can be very hard to find one in the states. Because of this, many people may not realize that they have the option to own a lavender-colored French bulldog.

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4. Lilac (Isabella) French bulldog VS a blue fawn French bulldog:

Lilac vs Isabella French Bulldogs

  • Breeding Difference:

The Lilac Frenchie should not be confused with the Blue Fawn Frenchie. The Blue Fawn Frenchie is a different breed of Frenchie that is also known as the Blue French Bulldog. The Blue Fawn Frenchie looks similar to a Lilac Frenchie, but some major differences between the two should be noted.

  • Body Difference:

Isabella or Lilac Frenchie has a small black mask, whereas the Blue Fawn Frenchie does not have any black mask at all. Also, its head should always be smaller than its body; on average, it should measure around 12 inches from head to tail when fully grown. On the other hand, the Blue Fawn Frenchie’s head is usually around 14 inches in length.

5. Lilac (Isabella) French bulldog VS a French bulldog:

The Isabella or Lilac French bulldogs are often confused with the French Bulldog, but they are different breeds. The French Bulldog is a purebred dog, while The Isabella or Lilac French bulldog is a cross between a purebred dog and another breed of dog.

  • Health Care of Isabella or Lilac French Bulldog:

The Isabella or Lilac Frenchie has a short, smooth coat that requires little maintenance. They shed some hair, so it is important to brush them regularly to prevent hair from getting stuck in the carpet and furniture. The Isabella or Lilac French bulldogs need regular exercise to stay happy, healthy, and energetic.  these dogs are also very active dogs that need a lot of daily exercises so they can burn off energy before going to sleep at night.

6. AKC registration:

Although lavender French bulldogs are not common and may be rarer than other colors, The Isabella or Lilac Frenchie is still considered purebred dogs and can be registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club).

  • AKC registration process:

The AKC registration fee is $50 and the registration process is simple, it does require that the dog’s owner provide specific documentation. For example, a lavender French bulldog should have a copy of their vet records, their parents’ AKC registration papers, and their parents’ health records.


Isabella or Lilac Frenchie is a very friendly, affectionate, and playful dog. it is also very intelligent and energetic, making it wonderful with children. It is a companion that will make you really feel happy. It provides love and companionship. It may have your heart.

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