20 Fascinating and Interesting Facts about Corgi

Corgi stand at the green grass

This is a small breed of dog. The meaning of their name is also a dwarf dog as they are in reality. They are mainly bred to herd cattle, sheep, and horses. The breed is kid-friendly and highly loyal to its owners. Corgi (Dwarf dogs) are easy to train because they are highly intelligent. They are descended from northern spitz-type dogs. As they are rare so this breed is highly expensive. A perfect family pet because of its smart, fun-loving, and playful nature. Your dwarf dog will be a great watchdog for you because they bark a lot.

1. Corgi means dwarf dogs

The word “corgi” means dwarf dogs in Welsh. This name was given to them because they are dwarf dogs. Mostly their height stands between 10 or 12 inches and weighs between 23 and 28 pounds. If you have ever spent your time around these Edward dogs you will know that their short feature makes them so endearing.

2. There are two variations in this breed

Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Yes, this breed is evolved into two separate breeds and those are Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These breeds were not recognized as separate breeds till the 1930s. Pembroke is a more popular breed than Cardigan. Queen Elizabeth owned 2 corgis of the Pembroke variety.

3. They have Fascinating History

Corgi Dog History

It is believed that 10 years ago Vikings and Flemish weavers brought Welsh corgi home from Whales to use them as herding dogs. According to Welsh legends, they were used by fairies for pulling their coaches or riding them into battles. Experts say that still if you look at Pembrokes closely you will find fairy markings on their backs. This is magical.

4. Both Corgi breeds possess tails.

Corgi dog tail

Pembroke corgi’s born with super cute short tails. If you do not find their tail that’s means the breeder docked them between 2 or 5 days old. Yes, this is a historical tradition but in many countries, this is unethical and illegal to dock their tails. On the other hand, Cardigan corgi’s have long tails which give them a foxy look. They are a little reserved. There is a famous joke about corgi owners that if there is a party, Cardigan will open the door while Pembroke will enjoy the pool party out in the back.

5. They have a long lifespan of 12 to 15 years

Corgi life span

They are non-life-threatening dogs and have a long life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Your puppy can live with you for a longer period if take proper care of them. They are healthy dogs but need proper care to maintain their health.

6. They are smart

Smart corgi dog

They are really smart and have great troubleshooting skills and also possess sheep herding skills. They always want some tasks to accomplish or something to work on. They do not want to get bored and engage themselves in something. There are a lot of dog puzzles you can give them. It is really fun to have a smart and intelligent dog

7. They are not hypoallergenic

corgi dog not hypoallergenic

This breed is not hypoallergenic and has double-coated fur. They shed a lot and when cats or dogs shed more they become hypoallergenic. But corgis are not hypoallergenic.

8. Do they shed?

Corgi dog shed

Yes, these dwarf dogs shed so much. Corgis have a double-layered coat, one inner soft shorter coat, and a larger outer coat. They shed their inner soft short coat once a year, usually in spring. Dwarf dogs are very fluffy and shed a lot. If you have a dog of this breed you will find dog hairs everywhere in your home.

9. Do they have a lot of health problems?

Corgi dog health

They are generally healthy dogs but sometimes predisposed to cataracts, myopathy, hip dysplasia, cancer, usability, and general disorder. Let them examine from a vet on regular basis.

10. How big do they get?

Corgi dog height

Adult corgis are generally about 10 to 12 inches in height and weigh about 24 to 28 pounds. They grew up to their full size at one year but sometimes they keep growing till 2 to 3 years of age.

11. Are they cuddly?

Corgi dog cuddle

A personality of a dog mainly depends on its owner. If you do not make a friendly bond with your puppy he will stay away from you. Corgi is a cuddle friend if you cuddle with them. In the morning when you start playing with your puppy and there is no space between your bodies it will give you a happy vibe all day.

12. Are they easy to train?

Corgi dog training

Yes, they are obedient and make their owners happy. They are smart and catch everything easily. Corgis enjoy the whole process of training. Your puppy can learn things very quickly. It is a good thing that these dogs make an awful family pet. If you provide proper training they can be police dogs.

13. Are they good with other pets?

Friendly corgi dog

Corgis are highly social and love to make interactions with other animals but especially they love other dogs. People arrange corgi meeting in the country where every dwarf puppy owner bring their puppies and they meet by gently bopping each other noses. This looks cute and funny when they meet and say “how do you do?”. Looks funny.

14. Are they good with kids?

Corgi dog with kids

Kids and corgi is the perfect match. When everyone in the family gives them attention but they still want to play with kids. Kids also love to play with these cute dwarf dogs.

15. Queen Elizabeth owned 30 dogs of this breed.

Queen Elizabeth Corgi dog

Owning 30 dogs of the same breed is not a little thing. There is definitely something special in this breed that’s why Queen Elizabeth adopted 30 dwarf dogs. Queen loves this breed so much. This little dog is having a great personality and is a perfect royal dog. When you will do or say something to them they do not like, they will give an indignant look and move their faces in the opposite direction to you. That is why they are famous as perfect royal dogs.

16. They do spotting.

Corgi dog spotting

They look so cute when they split. It is the trademark move of a corgi. They slay their small paws out and their butts just seem like two chicken wings. Dwarf dogs are so dedicated to their spots that the owners have to mop the floor.

17. They are great watchdogs.

Corgi dog watch dogs

They are the best bodyguards, when your little barking dog is with you, no one can think to harm you. Your dwarf dog barks a lot but is very protective and attentive. Your puppy may be a great watchdog. No thief can dare to enter your house in the presence of this big bark dog.

18. They have little chubby paws.

Corgi dog little paws

This is the cutest thing in their body. Dwarf dogs have very chubby, soft, and cutest paws. When they give their paw to you to shake you never want to leave them.

19. Their love and happiness can boost your mental state.

Corgi dog happiness

Award dogs are so excited about everything happening around them and remind you to live in the moment. You will also feel energetic around them. When you are tired and having great pressure from your work, just look at your little cute friend, he will always give you a fresh feel.

20. They will never leave your side and are so loyal

corgi dog loyality

All dogs are loyal but this breed goes some extra miles in loyalty. Any other dog can leave you when they see they see prey or an animal they want to hunt but this is not the case with these little puppies. They are bred to herd only sheep and cattle so that’s why they will be always with you. Your puppy will follow you in the home wherever you go and wait outside the bathroom until you finish. Sometimes they can nip at your feet but this can be controlled by training.


This dwarf dog is the best companion for you, the best guard dog, and a perfect family pet. Cute little puppies are so loyal to their owners and always ready to make them happy. Never leave you in danger and ready to do everything to protect you. This breed is highly intelligent and easy to train than any other breed. Treat them nicely and friendly. If you like this article do let us know in the comment section and if you want further information about Dog breeds tell us in the feedback section. We will help you with everything.

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