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According to studies and research, there are almost 350 species of pigeons. These breeds are found worldwide. If you go to research them, most of these bird species are found in every part of the world. Also, there are some you will find in a specific area. A common reason for availability in specific regions is that they are bred there. People interested in these particular birds know very well about the history and significance of these pigeons. There is a lot to write about Ice Pigeon, but in this article, we will discuss ice pigeons. It is common but beautiful. This write-up will teach you its types, origin, specifications, and many more.

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  1. A few words about ice pigeon
  2. How does it look?
  3. Behavior
  4. How to breed?
  5. Ice pigeon as a pet and breeding
  6. FAQs
  7. Final thoughts

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A few words about ice pigeon (history)

Numerous fancy pigeons are available in Germany, and the ice pigeon is also one of them. It is renowned as being Polish: Lazurek and German: Eistaube. The German pigeon is one of the oldest species of pigeon. And if we know about the history of this particular bird, people developed it many years ago. In South Germany, the breed first appeared. Most early hybridization occurred in Saxony and Silesia, where it first emerged. Later, from eastern Germany, it migrated to western Poland. All varieties of domesticated pigeons, including the ice pigeon, are derived from the wild or feral rock pigeon. According to legend, ice pigeons were crossed by Charles Darwin in 1856 to establish their coloration.

How does it look?

All the pigeons are beautiful, but if we specifically talk about the ice pigeon, it is average in height and famous for its ice-blue coloration. It also has many species that differ from each other in terms of colors and feathers. But by nature, these are findable in a pale gray color.

The eyes are significant in all aspects. Likewise, their eyes are essential. Ice pigeons’ eye colors are mainly changed from other breeds depending on the variety. The version with black bars and check feature looks that range in color from orange to bright orange. And the eyes of every other species are black. Their neck size varies from medium to large when it is stretched forward. The beak is dark in color, medium to long, and slender.

These birds have broad, thick chests that reach forward. They have long wings that rest on their tail, and their back is broad between their shoulders before gradually dipping downward and becoming narrower towards their bottom. Their legs are well-fleshed and well-fitting but not overly long on the muffed, and their tail is long and well-closed. Additionally, there is an Ice Pigeon variation with clean legs.

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Even though they make lovely pets, these pigeons might not be the ideal choice for complete beginners. Before you take on the ice pigeon, you should start with baby homing pigeons who have never gone away. They become relatively docile (non-skittish), quiet, and non-combative in temperament if you normalize them to the commotion of daily life and do not shut them away all the time. If used as decorative pigeons, they are not incredibly high-maintenance birds, but you do need to keep them clean. To preserve the quality of their feathers, keep them in more extensive, airy outdoor areas.

How to breed?

Create your nest containers the size of feed bags and fill your nest with one so you can wrap it up and put it in a new one when it becomes dirty. An average feed bag is one foot long. Consider purchasing inexpensive nesting bowls with a ten-inch diameter. For each breeding couple to have a selection of locations, think about providing two nest boxes. People in cooler climates use materials like hay, wood chips, pine needles, grass, and twigs. Like other pigeons, your ice pigeons can be bred. Ensure your bedding is not too challenging, old, or abrasive to prevent uncomfortable feelings for the baby birds after they hatch.

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Ice pigeon as a per and breeding

The ice pigeon is one of the best breeding pigeons, as is true of all domesticated birds created for a common need. In reality, most ice pigeon owners will rely on this source of income. People will pay a significant amount for the progeny if you can breed an ice pigeon with the bird’s highly desired colors or even a show winner. It is also a well-liked pet breed, so selling it should be simple. Most pigeons, including the Ice Pigeon, have the excellent trait of being incredibly easy to reproduce. They produce viable eggs very quickly, and ice pigeons raise their young well.

The ice pigeon is a fantastic pet bird. First, it is pretty challenging to locate an ice pigeon that looks much better than this one. Most people certainly want their pigeons to be as attractive as possible. It will be an even more enjoyable pigeon breed because it comes in many colors. The ice Pigeon is one of the gentlest and most obedient pigeons you can keep, which is why it is so adored as a pet.

They take to humans reasonably well, making it one of the species that you could potentially train to love people as an adult, but it will be simpler if you grow the babies by hand from the time they hatch. They usually interact well with other pigeon breeds, but we wouldn’t advise housing many different types together because conflicts are likely to arise. If you decide to keep an ice pigeon as a pet, you should know that it has an excellent flying ability. It must therefore be carefully secured when locked up to assure its protection.


What is the original color of the ice pigeon feather?

Ice pigeons are often a light grey tint. Their copious amounts of powder, which coats the entire bird’s plumage in whitish dust and goes by the Polish name Lazurek, give them an even paler appearance.

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Are ice pigeons affected by pigeon fever?

Pigeon fever is a type of fever that affects animals, not birds. Pigeon fever is an infection brought on by the soil-dwelling bacterium Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, primarily transmitted by flies. Different strains of pigeon fever typically affect horses, miniature mammals, goats, sheep, etc. Both breeds of cattle are possible.

What is the difference between pigeon wings and pigeon feathers?

While feathers are epidermal patches covering a bird’s body, forelimbs are the forelimbs of birds designed for flight. While the entire structure of feathers varies depending on the function, feathers differ in design for various flying methods.

Do people take ice pigeons for pigeon flying?

It is excellent for display and aesthetic purposes. Additionally, it is perfect for breeding pets. People use ice pigeons for pigeon shows because they are a fancy pigeon breed.

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Final thoughts

Beautiful pigeons include those of the ice kind. There are many different varieties of this species of pigeon, and they are frequently seen in Germany. “Ice Pigeon” refers to the blue hue in all species’ feathers. These incredibly docile birds are perfect as pets, showpieces, or decorative pieces. These birds may be raised like any other pigeon, which makes rearing them relatively easy. Because of Charles Darwin, ice pigeons are a prevalent breed and a widespread type

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