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The Dachshund is a popular dog breed that serves a variety of functions. Another ten names for hunting Dachshunds are well known. Due to their athletic body types, these dogs are extreme hunters. They can readily hunt their prey thanks to their incredible sense of smell. If we talk about this dog’s history, it belongs to the group of old dogs. In the seventeenth century, this breed underwent its first hybridization. This specific dog has many other functions besides hunting, which you may read about in this article. If you are interested in keeping one as a pet, you should know that this dog breed is a hunting dog, not a lap dog.

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  1. A few words about hunting Dachshunds
  2. The appearance of this dog
  3. The Dachshund hunting dog’s history
  4. The characteristics of this canine
  5. Why is the dachshund used for hunting?
  6. Conclusion

A few words about hunting Dachshunds

Hunting dogs like dachshunds are large and have short legs. They can sprint quite quickly since they are hunters. Studies show they can travel more distances than any other dog—31 km—in an hour. The intelligence and smarts of this breed of dog astound prospective owners. According to working and IQ levels, the Dachshund ranks as the 92nd brightest breed of dog. This hunter’s average lifespan is 16 to 20 years, which is much better than many other breeds. Is it a dachshund guard dog? It is a frequently asked query. Yes, you can reply to them. It is fiercely devoted to its family, even if it is just one person.

The appearance of this dog

We can find Dachshunds in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and the size rabbits. If the concern is about the colors of this breed, surprisingly, it is seen in 15 different colors. Three types of Dachshund coats are usually found: smooth, long, and wirehaired. Purebred Dachshunds have very long bodies and tiny, stubby legs. They feature large nostrils, floppy ears, a deep chest, visible breast bones, wider front paws, sweet oval-shaped eyes, broad foreheads, long, sharp noses, and a tail that softly curls upward.

The Dachshund hunting dog’s history

As a hunting dog, the Dachshund first appeared in Germany. Although the breed can be dated back to the 15th century, Germany was where it truly began to thrive. These small hounds were known as dachshunds, or “badger dogs,” and their sole purpose was to hunt badgers. They were perfect for digging, crawling through tunnels, and battling badgers because of their size, tenacity, and independence. When exploring, their flip-down ears help keep dirt and debris out.

The American Kennel Club recognized the dachshund breed in the United States in 1885, but it wasn’t until the 1930s and 1940s that the species experienced a surge in popularity. In the United States, they were briefly referred to as “badger dogs” during World War II to avoid social exclusion. They continue to be incredibly well-liked dogs today.

The characteristics of this canine

Even though they are small dogs, dachshunds are brave and will fight against animals that are considerably bigger than they are. A few people and other canines may be the targets of their aggression. Dachshunds make devoted family pets and make excellent watchdogs. If given proper care, they are good with kids. Training them might occasionally be a challenge.

According to some enthusiasts, the numerous breed variants of dachshunds have distinctive personalities. For instance, the wire-coat Dachshund is more gregarious and clown-like than the smooth-coat version. Unsurprisingly, many Dachshunds enjoy digging as they were bred to be hunters. A poll found that dachshunds were among the most damaged dogs, and some of them bark.

Why is the Dachshund used for hunting?

People usually ask, “Is a dachshund still used for hunting?”

For them, it is yes. Dachshunds are still used for hunting in various states. This specific dog breed is used for hunting other animals in many ways. You will come to know about these uses in the following passages.

Due to their intelligence, stubbornness, fearlessness, and ability to sprint, dig into holes, and track odors, dachshunds, are still utilized for hunting. Due to their distinctive elongated design, they are excellent for hunting small wildlife and, in certain situations, even much more significant games.

Strong sense of smell.

Due to their long snouts, Dachshunds have keen senses of smell. Their good smell enables them to detect odors, including old dried blood and makes them particularly adept at finding injured animals. Hunters adore employing them to pursue animals since they are excellent at finding prey. Dachshunds can track even the faintest scents and find aromas that have been lost for some time.

They can quickly get into caves or burrows.

Due to their long bodies and tiny legs, Dachshunds are adept at tuning into badger and rabbit holes. These creatures will then be released, allowing the hunters to capture them. The Standard Dachshund is perfect for pursuing injured deer and more giant games like badgers and wild boar. However, it is more difficult for them to hunt smaller creatures like rabbits. The little Dachshund enters the picture here.

The smallest Dachshunds were intentionally bred to create a miniature. They are the perfect size for dashing down rabbit tunnels and driving out carnivorous predators for hunters since they are smaller.

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They are good diggers.

Dachshunds are excellent for digging up prey because they are strong little diggers with paws that resemble paddles. Even your domestic Dachshunds may exhibit signs of this. They may dig at their bed, the turf, or their blankets to sleep at night.

Highly trainable

Hunting Dachshunds are highly trainable because of their high IQ level and smartness. The primary reason for hunters’ petting them is intelligence. They typically enjoy hunting because it is a natural tendency for them. Dachshunds may be taught to follow odors, run after prey, dig tunnels beneath the ground, and sometimes even catch the target.

Great stamina and a loud bark.

This specific dog has excellent stamina and can run for hours to chase prey. Rather than stamina, they can bark louder. When they have captured the target, they call for their owner by barking loudly.


Dachshund hunters hold an excellent reputation in many states because people usually use this hunting dog to capture prey. It is a dog breed with a unique shape. An average family dog can be stubborn when left alone for a long time. People keep this breed mostly for hunting purposes.

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