The term “breed” is a very common one that most people, if not everyone, knows the meaning of. If we talk about dogs, for example, we know that a Labrador Retriever is a breed of dog. In the same way, there are different “Morphs” of a species of snake. Think of it as a breed of a breed. The reason it’s called a Ball Python Morphs is that though it may be the same breed, the shape and color of the snake would be different and it would be as if the snake essentially “morphed” into a different version of itself.

Where Did Ball Python Morphs Come From?

Ball Python Morphs

Understanding the origin of Ball Python Morphs requires the ability to differentiate a birth defect from a morph. Ball pythons that are born with albinism or leucism, for example, are not birth defects but are genetic ball python morphs.

Think of Pugs, cute little dogs that families adore and love having in their homes. However, a dog like that was not found naturally, it is the product of selective breeding.

A similar case is that of Ball Python Morphs, except in this case the species remains the same, and the appearance changes. Breeders with the ability have selectively bred Ball Pythons into Morphs that they want.

Buying Ball Python Morphs

Ball Python Morphs

Depending on the rarity of the morph or how hard it is to breed a certain kind of morph, the price may vary. However, it is certain that Ball python morphs are generally more expensive than simple Ball Pythons.

The variety of this market is great, with 26 unique morphs to choose from and that isn’t even including the subspecies of certain morphs. Alphabetically, they are:

  1. Albino Ball Python
  2. Axanthic Ball Python
  3. Blue-Eyed Leucistic Python
  4. Bumblebee Ball Python
  5. Candino Ball Python
  6. Champagne Ball Python
  7. Butter Ball Python
  8. Chocolate Ball Python
  9. Cinnamon Ball Python
  10. Coral Glow Ball Python
  11. Fire Ball Python
  12. Ghost Ball Python
  13. You Gotta Have it! Ball Python
  14. Ivory Ball Python
  15. Lesser Ball Python
  16. Mojave Ball Python
  17. Mystic Ball Python
  18. Pastel ball python
  19. Phantom Ball Python
  20. Piebald Ball Python
  21. Pinstripe Ball Python
  22. Spider Ball Python
  23. Spotnose Ball Python
  24. Super Blast Ball Python
  25. Vanilla Ball Python
  26. Yellow Belly Ball Python

Among these, the most popular choices are the Albino, Spider, and Blue-Eyed Leucistic ball pythons.

Maintaining Morphs

Ball Python Morphs

Some morphs are more fragile than others. For example, the Spider Ball Python may inherit a head wobble due to the way it is bred. As such, it should be understood that before you set out to buy a certain morph that catches your eye, do your research on how it has to be cared for correctly.

If not cared for properly, Ball Python Morphs will meet a very untimely demise. As for breeding morphs is concerned, the primary thing to make sure of when doing this is that the female is ovulating before attempting to mate morphs, otherwise the breeding will be fruitless.


How can I tell which morph my ball python belongs to?

Your ball python’s colors, patterns, and headstamp can help you determine whether it is a normal morph. Typically, they are brown, black, tan, and white. Bulb shapes, keyholes, and alien heads make up their pattern.

Morph ball pythons: are they suitable pets?

A ball python makes a beautiful pet. They are calm, resilient, medium-sized, and long-lived snakes. They’re among the most popular pet reptiles and the best snakes for beginners.

What occurs if you get bitten by a ball python?

For immediate medical care, call your doctor right away or visit your local hospital. Even without venom, a snake bite could seriously harm you. To treat your ball python bite, you might require sutures and medicine.

How can I predict when my ball python will bite me?

Watching the snake’s tail can reveal whether it is poised to strike. A ball python will gain leverage and become more robust in lunging as the bottom is positioned. The snake will slowly tighten its tail and might even lean on something nearby to increase its power.

Describe the ghost ball python.

A ghost ball python, also known as a hypo or hypo-melanistic ball python, is a variation in color that lessens the snake’s black coloration. Morphs are apparent genetic changes in a species that affect the pattern and color.

My ball python hisses at me, but why?

Ball pythons may hiss at you out of fear. They’d prefer to be left alone because they’re marking their territory because they’re uneasy or nervous. If your ball python hisses at you at random, it might have a respiratory infection.

Which snake is the best for beginners?

Some of the best species for beginners include:

  • Corn snakes
  • Ball pythons
  • Rosy boas.
  • Garter snakes
  • Brown snakes
  • Kingsnakes

Are ball pythons odorous?

Ball pythons and pythons are generally thought to be less smelly and dirty than other varieties of snakes. Because ball pythons don’t transfer waste through their bodies as frequently as other snake species, their habitats typically smell nicer and need cleaning less often.

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