Birds are an excellent choice for a family pet, and among them, the cockatiel is a very popular choice. People enjoy the way cockatiels can learn to whistle certain tunes; some even manage to make their cockatiels speak. Furthermore, cockatiels are extremely friendly birds, and taming them is not a huge problem. Due to their popularity, cockatiels are a common find in pet shops. However, this does not mean that every cockatiel is safe for bringing home.

I’m not saying that you could get sick from bringing an ill bird home. It’s extremely rare for birds to be carrying those sorts of diseases, and the signs of them having such are obvious enough that the layman can determine that the bird is not in good condition. However, small issues with the bird can reduce its lifespan significantly. Therefore, it is prudent to keep an eye out for certain things when checking out a Cockatiel For Sale.

What to Check in a Cockatiel For Sale?

Cockatiel for sale

The first thing to check when checking a cockatiel for sale is the eyes. Make sure that there is no residue around the eyes and that the eyes are glossy. If there is some residue found then that means the bird is not in good health. Next, make sure that the beak and posterior of the bird are nice and clean. The nails of the cockatiel should not be overgrown as this can be very painful for it. Furthermore, do not attempt to cut the nails of a cockatiel by yourself ask a vet to do it for you as there are nerves inside the nails of a bird and it will be in extreme pain if one of them gets damaged.

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The checks don’t end at the pet store. There is still more checking to be done even after the bird has been brought home. It may take up to a week to identify if the bird is even maintainable in your home. The first thing to keep an eye on is the feeding of the bird. Some cockatiels may not eat on their first day in a new home, if this should occur to you, know that it is perfectly normal and expected behavior. However, if this behavior persists past the second day then the cockatiel may be unable to adjust to the new environment.

Take it back to the store before it hurts itself. The second thing to keep an eye out for is how the cockatiel takes to the residents of the home. Aggression is a bad sign. if the cockatiel is constantly trying to bite you or the people in your home then it is not taking well to the new environment and should be returned.

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Being Careful

Cockatiel For Sale

Cockatiels may be fun and playful, but they’re also small birds. It’s not out of the question that children will mishandle them in the home or will be accidentally sat on or stepped on. It is vital to stay alert with a bird that small in the home. Though the chances of such happening are slim to none. Cockatiels will defend themselves if they feel like their life is in danger but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.


What is the best cockatiel to buy?

For the cheapest alternative, go with a grey-feathered cockatiel. The typical cockatiel has predominantly grey feathers on its body, with spots of white here and there. It also has a bright yellow crest on its head and little orange spots on its cheeks.

Which cockatiel color is best?

The most frequent cockatiel color is “normal grey” or “wild-type” cockatiel coloring. A normal cockatiel has a medium-grey body, with the chest and belly somewhat lighter than the back. The margins of the wings are white, while the face and crest have a yellow or whitewash.

Is a cockatiel a good beginner pet?

The cockatiel is an excellent bird to pet as a beginner. They are very friendly to human beings. They are giant than budgies and smaller than parrots, so they are also easy to handle.

Is it better to have 1 or 2 cockatiels?

Cockatiels do not have to live in couples. If a new bird is tame and enjoys being handled, you are its buddy. You don’t want to encourage her to reproduce by getting a guy her age.

How much should cockatiels cost?

It is an excellent suggestion to buy a cockatiel that is well-established and friendly to humans. Birds like this cost almost $80 to $250.

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