How to Create New Dog Breed? Standards, Registration, Timing, and Process

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Creating a New dog breed is a unique idea

One can create a breed of their choice, but it is not that easy. A breeder should have complete knowledge of breeding otherwise, he/she will not succeed. If you have decided to take this unique step, we gathered all the information, you must know before starting dog breeding. Take a Deep breath and also read it with attention.

The idea of creating a new dog breed is officially recognized by American Kennel Club

This unique idea can take years or maybe decades without the guarantee of success in the end. Creating new dog breeds is not an easy task so patience and determination are necessary for the initiator. Consistency is also important in this.

Most of the people who start creating a new breed, stop shortly after. It takes a lot of time, patience, and courage. Breeders should focus on creating a new bloodline with an existing breed so they will not start from scratch. But if you think, your ideal dog breed does not exist then you should team up with highly qualified dog breeders to create an entirely new breed.

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Now, if you have decided to create a unique and new dog breed, just read the article. We gather all the information, you must know before going ahead.

What is a dog breed? Consist of?

Before creating a dog breed, you must know what the dog breed is? And what it consists of? 

The dog breed is a unique set of genotypes and phenotypes which distinguishes it from other breeds.

Those traits that are observable are easier to assess with accuracy as compared to non-observable traits such as temperament. To prove breeding accuracy, several generations of offspring are required to show that they have the same phenotype and are genetically similar to their parents or have the same genotype.

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What makes a Dog Breed?

Initiators must know and understand the things which made dog breeds. The disposition in creating a new dog breed and how they are systematically created is the major topic in modern-day canine programs. Creating a new breed is done by the level of cross-breeding or subtype of an existing dog breed. Breeders who entertain this unique idea of creating a new dog breed, do this to secure purebred dogs in established livestock and also to preserve the genetic line for financial or personal gain. This task should only be done by the breeders who not only have extraordinary knowledge and time but also resources to complete this task.

Before Breeding Set Your Standards:

The most important thing before creating a new breed is to know what the initiator wants to create.  After knowing this just stick to your goals because this is the thing that will make or break your success.

  • Before creating a new breed, breeders should design measurable and visible traits called standards. Standards are generally the list of characteristics both phenotype and genotype are present in a particular breed and describe the breed to people.
  • Dog breeders should build up the new breed of dog over several generations which normally takes decades.

Registration for New Dog Breeds:

For registration, studbooks are used for registries that are used in a given generational line breed for a particular breed of dog, so it creates a foundation stock. Dog breeders can trace the genealogy and pedigree of dogs by using this method.

Registries have a concept of breeding in a set standard they may be open or closed to new blood. In Closed registry systems breeding is designed in a more controlled environment and genetics are less diverse. Open registries are for other breed types and these are for appendix registries. They are open to another breed to mix with the established system if the dog happens to exhibit the desired characteristics and traits which the breeder is looking for and if dogs pass those particular tests.

How long it takes To Create a New Dog Breed?

There are two main points that a breeder should keep in mind which determine the creation of a new breed and period of breeding.

  1. Patience
  2. Consistency

In general, anyone can create a new breed of dog with even a few dogs. The goal of every breeder is to make sure the breeding is true, so there will be fewer chances of error and more control over the next generations.

Breeders should have patience and consistency because normally it takes three generations of dogs to be proven true, considered, and labeled viable.

According to the well-known labeled clubs, such as AKC do not consider a dog breed without historical background and many years of showcase.

Process of Dog breeding:

  1. Draft your Standards. Breeders should have clearly outlined goals in their minds so it will be easy for them to create a new breed.
  2. The entire production process will require knowing what you want to create like which traits you want in your breed and for what purpose. Also, know which breeds leverage you in your breeding.
  3. Choose the characteristics you want in your breed. Make a comprehensive and thorough outline in terms of expected characteristics and traits.
  4. Search for the breeding groups and bloodline that matches your chosen characteristics.
  5. Breeder focus should be on the designed program, having clear goals for breeding. Sometimes, breeding goes wrong because breeders did not have clear genetically programmed traits in their standards to reproduce.
  6. Instead of thinking about the general idea, focus on the genes and traits. Sketch all the genes and traits you want in your breed. It will help you to complete the breeding.
  7. Do not be too generic in considering your ideals. For example, if the breeder wants to create a breed having faster dogs, then how he or she will breed dogs to obtain fat dogs? Here, you need to breed for corresponding traits, so it will program the resulting breed with the desired characteristics. For this purpose, you need to use those dogs in breeding who have strong and even long legs. So be realistic in your approach and it will help you to succeed in the end by giving you all the possible traits you hoped for.
  8. Following your route in creating a new breed is an exciting journey. For this, you should be highly familiar with various dog breeds, it will help you to choose your ideal dog type.

For achieving success in dog breeding, you need a vision that will keep you on track for years.

Want to start Breeding?

After getting all the information, have you decided to start such a long journey of breeding? The answer is yes now ready for the plan. If you decided to create an entirely new breed instead of branching off from an existing bloodline, you have to organize things before starting. Before starting a breeding business you must have a thorough knowledge of the business because it is not an easy task. Study different books about population genetics and breeding practices to be a successful breeder.

When you will have enough knowledge and professional breeder background, it will be easy for you in searching to identify your ideals. Your goal should be to create genetic diversity in your breeding experiment. For this, you can gather a large number of dogs and work on them to begin breeding. One important thing in searching for your desired traits, be social, communicate with other breeders, and attend different dog shows. It may be helpful for you in achieving your goal.


If you have decided to produce a new dog breed of your own choice, follow this guide. If you find it helpful, kindly let us know by comments. Your feedback is highly important to us. Good luck!

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