Rabbits reproduce faster than most conventional pets. It’s common to hear about a family struggling to deal with Baby Rabbits just after a month of adopting a pair of rabbits. That’s why it’s imperative that you understand how to deal with your rabbit having babies before things get out of hand.

Making Sure the Mother Is Healthy

To avoid complications with the pregnancy, the doe should be kept in absolute top shape. To do this, she should be kept on a healthy diet consisting of the right amount of fiber, fat, and protein. Furthermore, she must be provided with a constant, clean water supply to avoid diseases.

Keep the Buck Away

Rabbits have a higher libido than most conventional household pets and it’s quite likely that the buck will impregnate the doe as soon as she gives birth, which would make her unable to ween the first litter properly.

The best way to do this is to keep them in separate enclosures, but close to each other so that they don’t feel lonely. Rabbits have quite a strong bond and just being in close proximity will help reduce the stress of the pregnancy on the doe.

Preparing Baby Rabbits Nest

Baby bunnies need constant warmth because they are born without any fur. To provide this, prepare a nest box with bedding materials to keep them collected and warm in one place. The Baby Rabbits Nest box should be slightly larger than the size of the doe with a lip to keep the baby rabbits from leaving. It’s best to place the nest box opposite of the mother’s cage so that they can constantly see her and she can keep an eye on them.

Check on The Babies

Baby Rabbits

Rabbits normally give birth at night or during the early hours of the morning. It’s most likely that you’ll wake up one morning to find a litter of baby bunnies in the nest box you prepared. The first thing you absolutely must do is check on them to see if any kittens did not survive the process.

It sometimes happens that a few do not make it. They need to be removed from the others as soon as possible, along with any placenta or afterbirth. The mother should be comfortable with you handling the babies as your scent will be familiar to her.

Keep the Mother Well-fed

Ensure that the doe has constant access to clean drinking water and plenty of food. She needs this to produce enough milk to properly sustain the litter. After birth, the doe will eat and drink more than she used to. Therefore, constant checking on her sustenance is necessary. Keeping the mother well-fed will also reduce the chance of her cannibalizing any of the babies.

Make Sure the Mother is Nursing the Kittens

It’s natural for the doe to be away from the nest for hours at a time, that’s their basic instinct. You will most likely never catch her nursing the kits but there is a way to check if the kits have been nursed or not. The kits won’t be mewing and will instead be silent. Furthermore, they will have round tummies from being fed and will be warm.


Are pastel ball pythons good pets?

Pastel ball python snakes are good pets because they partner with their owners. Besides this, these snakes are adaptable, which means they can survive in any environment. Their only demand is the fulfillment of needs.

Do ball pythons bite a lot?

Pastel ball pythons are friendly snakes that do not bite their owners routinely. They only bite if they are not feeling well or held well. Their bites are not venomous but can cause bacterial infections only.

Do pythons cry?

Snakes do not cry or shed tears like human beings or other mammals. It is because their anatomy is different from other living things. They also have spectacles over their eyes, indicating that pythons cannot shed tears.

What is the suitable temperature for the pastel ball python?

Pastel ball pythons require a specific temperature to have a healthy life and a positive mood. Their preferred temperature ranges from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius. If they reach the required temperature, they will remain healthy and active. Owners should keep a close eye on the temperature.

Can a python crush a human?

Surprisingly, these snakes can get almost 32 feet long. Their bites are not dangerous, and these snakes kill their prey by wrapping themselves around them. They are mighty and can destroy human beings quickly.

Is a pastel ball python a cuddly snake?

They are among the world’s friendliest and most submissive reptile pets. Since they are all members of the same species, ball python variants have a standard temperament.

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