Hawks With Brown Eyes

If you are a resident of Florida, then you must have seen the beautiful wild species, Hawks. Hawks belong to a family of owls, falcons, and eagles. These predatory birds have strong and thick beaks with sharp talons that help them to take down their prey.

There are up to 200 species of this bird all over the world but today we are going to look at the 5 types of hawks that are commonly found in Florida. Even if you are not a bird enthusiast but are just curious to know about hawks in Florida, you have come to the right place. So, let’s get started:

1. Red-Tailed Hawk:

Red-Tailed Hawk in Florida

This is the most common of all that you will find mostly in Florida all year long. A red-tailed hawk has a large body, broad wings, and a small tail. The reason they are known as red-tailed hawks is that they have shades of red on their tail.

The scientific name for the red-tailed hawk is Buteo jamaicensis. These large birds are actively seen during the day, soring into the air looking for their prey. They have incredible vision and can prey with the great technique of circling around the prey and attacking them slowly.

2. Red-Shouldered Hawk:

Red Shouldered Hawk in Florida

The second most commonly found hawk in Florida is the Red-Shouldered Hawk, which has a scientific name, Buteo Lineatus. This species is found among the tall trees and nests in the forests where they also breed. Once they make a nest, they use it from year to year.

Their food intake includes small mammals such as other birds, frogs, toads, and reptiles. The population of this species has been increasing but forest-cutting practices are the biggest threat to them.

3. Sharp-Shinned Hawk:

Sharp Shinned Hawk

The sharp-shinned hawk is smaller than the other hawks and commonly found in the United States and Canada. They have long legs and tails, while their wings are short. You will find them soaring through the tall trees where they usually make nests.

The color of their eyes is red and they have a sharp vision which helps them to stalk backyard feeders and hunt songbirds. So, if you have feeders in your garden or backyard, try taking them down so that the hawks can move on to a different place.

4. Broad Winged Hawk:

Broad Winged Hawk

The Broad Winged Hawk is commonly found during winter in the southern tip of Florida. Moreover, you can also see them around the eastern United States during spring and summer. The scientific name for the Broad Winged Hawk is Buteo Playtypterus.

The Broad Winged Hawks migrate in large groups, also known as kettles. They breed once every year and produce 1-5 eggs. There are very protective of their nests and eggs and create at least a half-mile from the other birds’ nests.

5. Short-tailed Hawk:

Short tailed Hawk

The scientific name for a short-tailed hawk is Buteo brachyurus. This hawk species is only found in the state of Florida. They are seen rarely and that might be the reason they are one of the least species of hawks in Florida.

The short-tailed hawks are found in open fields, grasslands, and wetlands. You can see shades of both dark and light colors in these birds, which makes them a very distinctive species. Just like the Red-Tailed Hawk, the Short-Tailed Hawk circles around its prey before they hunt them.

Interesting Facts about Hawks:

Here are some exciting facts about hawks that you will find fascinating:

  1. The maximum lifespan of most hawks can go up to 20 years in the wild
  2. Hawks are famous for their sharp eyesight, which is 8 times more than the human eyesight
  3. They also have great hearing but their sense of smell is poor
  4. The group of hawks flocking together is called a kettle
  5. Some of the hawk species are monogamous which means the male hawk stays with their female mate for its entire life
  6. Both female and male hawks protect their nest with eggs until they are hatched

These impeccable species of hawks in Florida are popular for their sharp eyesight and amazing hunting style. We hope you found this helpful.

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