The stunning colors of a parrot can captivate humans with their beauty. Almost 400 species of parrot exist worldwide, and different studies reveal that there are 19 species of a breed known as “macaws” among parrots. Macaws are most beautiful birds with appealing colors. The macaws’ breeds include the ruby macaw, scarlet macaw, hyacinth macaw, harlequin macaw, etc. This article will discuss a particular macaw called the “harlequin macaw.” This article will educate you about the traits, history, appearance, and many other things you would like to know. In addition, you will find all the answers to your inquiries concerning this breed.

We will find

  1. Piece of information about harlequin macaw
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  3. The traits of this parrot
  4. How does it look?
  5. Temperament and behavior
  6. Caring steps for a harlequin macaw
  7. Diet of this parrot
  8. Common medical issues
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Piece of information about harlequin macaw

The stunning and well-known harlequin macaw makes a wonderful companion for the proper individual. A skilled or devoted parrot handler is necessary for handling macaws because they are needy birds. Because they thrive on socialization and constant engagement with other birds or people, this full-sized macaw often gets along well with families. They have amiable dispositions, are good talkers, and are often comical. Furthermore, another primary attraction of keeping these parrots as pets is their eye-catching plumage. There are many other qualities to like as well. Moreover, the harlequin macaw is a wonderful bird to consider adopting. They are admired for their stunning plumage and loving, laid-back personalities.

How long do Harlequin Macaws live?

Surprisingly, a Harlequin Macaw can live for 50 to 80 years that is equal to a normal human being life. On the other hand, it is a factor that people should consider while keeping it as a pet.

History and origin

The word “harlequin” means a joker that aims to make others happy. The meaning of this name also refers to making others happy. The reality of this name stays with its true meaning as the appealing beauty of this parrot makes everyone happy. Unfortunately, harlequin macaws have become very rare in the wild, and all their breeding occurs in captivity. Regarding the native towns of these parrots, they primarily exist in Brazil, Colombia, South America, and Panama.

They usually live in rainforest areas with greenery because green spaces help them to save their life from predators. Also, such sites allow them to breed. Unluckily, they are listed as endangered breeds. So, most of their breeding occurs in captivity instead of the wild. Experts mate this breed with other species for two reasons. The first one is to retain this breed, and the other one is to get another special breed.

The traits of this parrot

The distinct traits of harlequin macaws help them stand out from other birds. Likewise, this bird also has drawbacks, so a person needs to have some information before adopting it as a pet. First of all, it has the capability of living with a human being for more than 75 years. They are good learners and can learn the human language. When it comes to the macaw eggs, it lays 3 eggs and their incubation period is less than a month. Its breeding starts at the age of 3 years. They like being a part of the neighborhood and getting along well with the members of their family. Sometimes, they become territorial and fight for their space.

Do macaws require a lot of upkeep?

Macaws are perceptive, amusing, and curious birds. Because they take so much area to house, they are high maintenance birds. They also demand a lot of daily love and care. While some macaws can bond with one person and become aggressive toward others, others are more jittery and hyperactive.

How does it look?


We have already discussed that harlequin macaws have beautiful color markings on their bodies. Like golden macaws, they have stunning green and blue markings on their backs. Moreover, they adopt the colors of both of their parents. When their growth is at its peak, their maximum size can reach 3 feet. The maximum weight of these parrots can reach 1.5 kilograms. The Harlequin Macaw’s wings are beautiful and can spread for 40 inches.

Temperament and behavior

Talking about the behavior of these birds, they own very good behavior. They are very intelligent and easy to train. Further, they can adopt actions very quickly and even learn to talk like humans. They love to play with toys and require a large area to fly, because they are good flyers and need exercise. They inherit their characteristics from both of their parents. Because they are hybrid birds, their temperament is not always pleasant, but they always have proved themselves the friends of other friends, and even humans. One important thing to remember is that macaws are conscious of their nest and even fight for their space. Memorize one thing: this specific parrot is loud and squeezes when it requires attention or finds a threat near them.

Are macaws obedient?

Macaws are extremely devoted and affectionate, just like other parrot species, however they might be hesitant to trust and sluggish to open up. The color and patterns of macaws’ faces are as distinctive as a person’s fingerprint, making their facial characteristics a well-known attribute.

Caring steps for harlequin macaws

These birds are very good at taking care of themselves but still require human assistance in captivity. They need special handling because they start hurting other birds without getting proper attention or getting bored. If you plan to own the harlequin, arrange a minimum of a 5- to 8-foot square cage. Further, do not forget to place some toys. Because parrots prefer clean and fresh water, the cell’s water should be changed regularly. Moreover, they often bathe in the same water.

Diet of this parrot

Harlequin macaws depend on fresh fruits, seeds, and nuts in the wild. If you are petting it, you must know that this bird-like food is rich in calories, and it is because they help birds have a healthy life. Never, ever compromise on a diet or food quality. In terms of quantity, however, they consume half to 34 percent of a cup of food. Always prefer fresh vegetables and fruits among the bird foods available on the market. 30% of the total must contain vegetables and fruits. Always keep toxic objects away from their edibles because they are mostly responsible for their health problems.

What are the enemies of macaws?

Talking about the enemies of macaw, it has various like larger birds that prey like eagles. While other animals like monkeys, snakes, are the common predators of the these birds.

Common medical issues

The health condition of the harlequin macaw usually depends on the care you provide in the cage. So, if you provide everything according to their needs, birds will stay happy and enjoy good health. On the other hand, they will be problematic for you if you turn your eyes away. These parrots, like other birds, are sensitive to a few things that affect their health, particularly in eatables. Various health issues with these parrots include:

  • Digestive system problems
  • Parrot fever or bacterial infections
  • Fungus and virus infections
  • Skin allergies
  • Beak Malformation


Can harlequin talk?

Yes, these parrots are very intelligent and also quick learners. Macaws make excellent families and can even speak phrases if their owners start talking to them from the beginning.

What do parrots do at night?

Like other birds, animals, and humans, the harlequin macaws sleep at night in flocks and start flying in the morning for survival.

Do macaws show interest in their owners?

Yes, Harlequin macaws show special affection for their owner, and it takes a lot of time for them to become friends with strangers.

Why do macaws kiss their partners?

Macaws are highly emotional, not only as partners, and they even kiss their owners. When their partners kiss, that is part of the mating process.

Do macaws require bathing?

For birds to keep healthy skin and feathers, regular washing or showering is essential. With a spray bottle and warm, clean water, you may gently spritz birds. Dry the bird with a blow dryer, or let it to dry in the sun or a warm room.

Fun facts

  • Macaws are the most colorful birds worldwide.
  • Not only harlequin macaws but all of these breeds fall in love.
  • There are 350 types of macaws. However, most of them differ in size and specifications.
  • They are considered the loudest breed of parrots.
  • The beaks of harlequins are very strong. Even they can break the coconut shell.

Are macaws jealous of others?

The jealousy and protectiveness that parrots have for their partners, whether they be humans or other parrots, is well known to anybody who has lived with them. But a parrot is not envious of food.


Harlequin macaws are a very beautiful, hybrid breed of parrots. Being endangered, they are commonly available in captivity. These birds are strong, special, and can learn things quickly, and also very good at mimicking human beings. People considering owning it should consider many things about its food, living place, and care. They can suffer from medical problems if they do not get the proper care.

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