Keeping pets can provide people with unconditional affection and friendship. Having a kitty companion can help you relax and enhance your heart health. Similarly, Owning cats as a pet can provide you with unconditional affection and friendship and having a kitty companion can help you relax and enhance your heart health.

Having a cat may be a very rewarding experience. A cat has the potential to relax your nervous system however also providing an immediate source of entertainment and play. Cats are independent animals and explore on their own time and they are also incredibly affectionate with their owners.

Most cats enjoy curling up in your lap after a long day of work while you watch TV or read a book. The ease with which you do this activity can cause an automatic release of all the necessary hormones in your brain, allowing you to unwind into the evening without the weight of the world bearing down on your shoulders. Any cat owner will tell you how much their feline companion aids in relaxation and unwinding. Meanwhile, many people love the company of dogs, a cat is more of an acquired taste—one that is difficult to lose once gained.

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Our cats’ names reveal more about us than we think. They mirror our hobbies, interests, and things that matter most to us, as well as what’s going on in the world around us, more often than not. We don’t have to stick with the names for the real species given when it comes to Disney names for pets and looking at the most popular names, it’s evident that princesses have inspired Disney lady cat names, while plenty of male cats has been given names from Disney villains.

For Example, The Himalayan cat that owned by Hope, a young girl. Sassy is a Disney character from the film Homeward Bound; The Incredible Journey. Sassy is outside checking on Chance as he chews up some garments,

Meanwhile, Hope is outside with Jamie and Peter, as well as Shadow, at Bob and Laura’s wedding. When Chance swallows a button by mistake, Sassy sarcastically retorts, “Too bad it wasn’t a zipper.” Chance takes offence and tells her to leave or else, but when Sassy calls his bluff and insults him, Chance fights and Sassy flees, attracting the attention of the wedding attendees outside, including Shadow, who Peter eventually convinces to stand down.

The funny names that we found in Disney, are:

  • Whiskers (Frankenweenie)
  • Spunky (Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Fluffypants (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Figaro (Pinocchio)
  • Iggy (Doc McStuffins)
  • Sergeant Tibbs (101 Dalmatians)
  • Twitches (Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue)
  • Tigger (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)
  • Flower (Bambi)
  • Miss Mittens (Air Bud)

People also keep different and funny names of their pet cats. Regardless, 50 funny names of the cats that people keep of them are as follow:

1. Zelda

Zelda means ‘strong woman. So it is obvious that this name is suitable for female cats which is cute and funny as well.

2. Trixie

This means the one who brings happiness. Basically, People feel happiness by their pets and keep the names of their cats to show their happiness.

3. Fitz

This name is very short due to which it is very suitable for pets especially cats.

4. Nero

Nero is an Italian word that means ‘black’. This name is perfect for people who love black cats.

5. Beltza

Like Nero, this also means ‘black’.

6. Oedipus

This funny name is based on the name of Oedipus!

7. Kit Kat

As everyone knows this is the name of chocolate. People who love chocolates and pets, keep nick of their pets on the name of chocolates that shows their affection. In fact, this is also very loving but funny too.

8. Bubbles

Some cats are very chubby and fluffy. According to their appearance, this funny name is very suitable for them.

9. Taffy

Taffy is a very common and funny pet name. This name is just like candy and is for the cats who are really sweating for their owners.

10. Beans

Beans is a funny but cute pet name for cats.

11. Houdini

If your cat acts like a disappearing act, then this funny name is perfect for her/him.

12. Ajax

Choose a Greek hero from the Trojan War to name your perfect kitty companion. Alternatively, you might use dish soap. It works in every manner you look at it!

13. Jim Jim

This is the name of a Thai soap. People usually keep their pet names on this soap. Isn’t it funny?

14. Tofu

This is the name of a white food made of soya beans. So, if your cat is white and a foodie, you can call it tofu.

15. Khaki

It is the name of the colour of clothes. But on the other hand, it is a name of a cat. This is really funny to hear a cat named Khaki. However, If your cat has a beige colour, you can call him/her Khaki.

16. Buttercup

People often keep their pet names on the names of pets in movies and shows. Similarly, This name is as same as Primrose Everdeen’s cat in The Hunger Games.

17. Crookshanks

The name Crookshanks is as same as Hermionie’s cat in the Harry Potter series.

18. Baguette

This word has a sophisticated Persian feeling but you can call your pet with this name if you have a Persian cat.

19. Winifred Sanderson

This name is based on the character of Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus.

20. Tiny Jim

If you have a small breed cat, then you can’t go beyond this funny and cute name to call him/her. This name is from Charles Dicken’s A Christmas carol.

21. Sylvester

This funny cat name is based on the cat of one of the favourite cartoons Looney Tunes

22. Dottie

If your cat has dots/spots on its body, then you can call it Dottie.

23. Grigio

It is the name of a wine grape. When you have a strong affection for your cat and you and your cat go hand in hand, certainly this wine name is inspired to call your cat Grigio.

24. Leche

Even though it’s a fallacy that cats need to drink cow’s milk, this endearingly amusing cat name is sure to bring a smile to your face. Particularly, In Spanish, it means “milk”!

25. Dipsy

This name is based on Teletubbies!

26. Catrina

Katrina is a human name and this funny name is based on that human name, Katrina. While, A lonely boy can show his love to his pet by calling his cat, Catrina.

27. Claudia

This name is taken from the name of Claudia.

28. Don Draper

Your cat would be the star if Mad Men had cast cats instead of humans! 29. Sassy. This name has been taken from the cat of the 90’s movie named Homeward Bound.

29. Wahoo

Wahoo is also a name of a fish but no worries it is OK if you call your cat Wahoo.

30. Figgy

Foggy is a popular British Christmas dessert and the name of a pet is based on that dish.

31. Myrtle

In the Harry Potter series, Mrytle is a name of a ghost that appears in the bathroom of a girl. So, this name is taken from that series and people love to call their pets with this name due to the popularity of the series.

32. Mousse

This delicious name of a dish can be the delicious name of your pet if you find your pet very loving.

33. Laranja

In Portuguese, Laranja means ‘orange’. This name can be kept of the cats when the cats are orange in their shade.

34. Muffin

Obviously, this is one of the names of delicious dishes. If you find your cat sweet and cute, you can call it Muffin.

35. Briggs

This is mostly an English surname of humans. But, You can also call your cat by this name. Especially, If you consider him/her as a family member, there is no issue to call him/her with the surname of humans.

36. Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse-art

This name is based on one of the names of the World’s famous composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

37. Jiji

Jiji is one of the funny names of cats in the movies.

38. Tabitha

This name would be suitable for the shaded or multi-coloured cats.

39. Skimbleshanks

This funny name of a cat is a character from Broadway’s smash-hit musical, CATS.

40. Norris

Mrs Norris is a funny name for cats. It is the same as Mr Flich’s cat in the series Harry Potter.

41. Fish Sticks

Even though we don’t encourage serving fish sticks to your cat for dinner, we can confidently tell that it’s a hilarious cat name!

42. Fat Louie

In the Princess Diaries, it is the funny name of a cat of Anne Hathaway.

43. Mack

This is the name of a trucking company. If your cat is built like a truck,  try calling him/her with this name.

44. Aggie

Some of the experts say that cats may better respond to the ‘ee’ sound.  Due to the ‘ee’ sound of the word, this is the perfect name for cats.

45. Boo Boo

Boo Boo is the name of a cat in Shirley Freeney’s black toy cat in a TV series named Laverne and Shirley. So, You can keep your cat name on this name.

46. Calamity

Calamity means disaster. If you don’t want your cat to get into trouble then call it with this funny name.

47. Jellylorum

The lovers of literature may know that this funny name belongs to the little feline friend of one of the famous authors T.S Eliot.

48. Ambrosia

When you hear “Ambrosia,” you might picture a fruit salad slathered in Cool Whip, but this amusing cat name actually means “immortal.”

49. Purrnelopy

Basically, this is a human name and people sometimes call their pet by this name.

50. Rum Tum Tugger

This name is taken from Cats the Musical.


In short, there are many people who are fond of keeping pets. Also, People sometimes call their pets funny names to show their affection and love for them.

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