There are many things to consider when getting a Frenchie pregnant. Many steps are involved, and each step could be complicated in pregnancy.

After that, you should have your Frenchie spayed or neutered if she’s more than 6 months old. Spaying or neutering can be done at 4 months old. It’s better to wait until they’re at least 6 months old.

Now that your Frenchie is spayed or neutered, it’s time to make sure she has a good diet. A lot of French bulldogs are very picky eaters. Be careful, because feeding her too much might get her into weight problems.

Pregnant of French Bulldog:

What is the process for getting a female Frenchie pregnant?

You may have heard that some French bulldog breeders use artificial insemination to get their female Frenchies pregnant. If you want to get your female Frenchie pregnant, you should follow the steps below:

Step 1: Cleaning the female Frenchie’s vagina

The first thing you need to do is clean your female Frenchie’s vagina. Ensure that her vulva is clean so that she can easily give birth to her puppies. Make sure that she doesn’t have anything stuck inside of it, as it could hurt the puppies when they’re born.

Step 2: Sperm collection and insemination

The next thing to do is to collect the male Frenchie’s sperm and put it in your female Frenchie’s vagina. This step is hard because it may be painful for your female Frenchie. You should try to make it easy for her so that she can give birth to her puppies easily.

Step 3: Artificial insemination

The last thing you need to do is artificially inseminate your female Frenchie. You should make sure that the male Frenchie’s sperm gets into her vagina. It is difficult, as she may not want him inside of her. Try stimulating her vagina with a finger or lubricant so that the sperm gets into her vagina easier and faster.

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Signs of pregnancy in French Bulldogs

Your Frenchie is pregnant if she shows any of the following symptoms:

  • Large and obvious growth on the belly
  • A large amount of white and/or brownish vaginal discharge
  • Vomiting due to overwhelming nausea. Note that it is common for Frenchies to vomit during pregnancy, especially in the latter months.

Your Frenchie will be able to tell when she is pregnant, even if you don’t know how. If you are still unsure of the signs of pregnancy in your Frenchie, ask her to pee on a stick. If she produces a large amount of strong-smelling urine, then she may be pregnant.

Stages of Pregnancy in French Bulldogs

Usually, Frenchie pregnancy stages occur in the second half of summer or early fall. The pregnancy of the French bulldog takes 9 weeks (63 days), as it has 3 trimesters, and each of them lasts around 3 weeks.

Pregnancy French Bulldogs
French Bulldog pregnancy is divided into three stages:

1. Ova (egg) Stage

In this stage, a mature egg is formed, and it’s stored inside the female dog’s uterus. During this period, a female Frenchie gets ready for breeding. This stage takes about 1-3 weeks.

2. Uterus (womb) Stage

This stage takes about 3–4 weeks to complete after the egg has been formed in the ovaries. This is where your Frenchie will grow her puppies and give birth to them. During this stage, the basic structure of the body starts to form.

3. Puppy Stage

At this stage, Frenchie will continue to grow her puppies for another 2-3 weeks or until the puppies are ready to be weaned and leave the womb. This stage takes 6–9 weeks. The puppies normally deliver on days 62 or 63.

Care Tips for Pregnant French Bulldog

  • As soon as your Frenchie gets pregnant, you should have her neutered. You should also feed her a good diet. You don’t have to worry about the way she eats because she’ll be very picky when it comes to food.
  • Before getting your Frenchie pregnant, prepare her body well enough so that the puppies will come easily. Make sure that your Frenchie is healthy and prepared for the puppies.
  • Make sure that your Frenchie has everything she needs to have her puppies. This includes a good diet, vitamins, and shots.
  • Now you should know how to care for your Frenchie during pregnancy and the first few months after giving birth
  • You should also make sure that your Frenchie will be safe from any disease during pregnancy and after giving birth. If your Frenchie gets sick during pregnancy or gives birth, it could be dangerous to the puppies.
  • Keep an eye on your dog’s water consumption, as water can be in short supply during pregnancy.
  • If Frenchie is not eating well and not drinking enough water, then start giving her small amounts of canned pumpkin or sweet potato.
  • Keep your Frenchie’s food and water bowls clean at all times. Assure that you wash your hands before and after feeding her.
  • Frenchie is prone to stomach problems during pregnancy. It’s important to ensure that your Frenchie’s belly is not full of gas. If she has a stomach problem, try giving her small amounts of apple cider vinegar in water once or twice a day.
  • Do not let your French bulldog dog get too much sun during her pregnancy.
  • If Frenchie doesn’t want to give birth in the house, then you should take her outside to a place where she can give birth safely and comfortably.
  • Assure that Frenchie’s environment is clean and safe, especially if she will be giving birth in the house.

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Vitamins for French Bulldogs during pregnancy

There are lots of vitamins that you have to consider when taking care of your Frenchie, especially if she is pregnant.

The main vitamin that should be taken by pregnant Frenchies is folic acid. The best way to ensure that your Frenchie is getting the proper amount of folic acid is to feed her a multivitamin that contains it.

What Kind of Food Should I Feed My Pregnant French Bulldog?

There are several different types of food on the market with benefits and drawbacks, so pick the right one. Feed your Frenchie the best food when she is pregnant, as she needs to eat a lot more than she normally would.

The best food for pregnant French bulldogs is the Purina Pro Plan puppy chow puppy food. The Pro Plan puppy chow puppy food is very high in protein. It contains a complete and balanced nutrition profile.

This food will give your Frenchie all the nutrients she needs during her pregnancy. The best way to feed your Frenchie with this food is by mixing it with water and giving it to her twice a day. Make sure that you give her food when she is away from any other dogs so they do not get into them.

How Many Exercises Should I Give My Frenchie During Pregnancy?

You should be sure that you give your Frenchie a lot of exercise during her pregnancy to stay healthy. She has to exercise daily, even if it means walking her Frenchie for some time. Your Frenchie is going to need to expend more energy than normal in pregnancy, so she will need to do much exercise to burn off all of the extra calories.

How Much Weight Should I Expect My Frenchie to Gain During Pregnancy?

A French Bulldog should not gain too much weight, so you should be observing her weight throughout the pregnancy so you know when she is gaining too much weight. Remember that even if your Frenchie’s weight is in the healthy range, she will still gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy because she has to make up for all of the nutrients that she does not get during her pregnancy.

The best way to keep track of how much weight your Frenchie is gaining is by weighing her every day. Keep track of any extra food that she is eating, so you can ensure that she is not gaining too much weight.

How do you make sure your Frenchie is healthy?

When it comes to diet, if your Frenchie isn’t that picky, you don’t have to worry about it too much. You just have to make sure that she gets enough food and that it’s good for her health.

Before you get your Frenchie pregnant, you need to prepare her body well enough so that the puppies will come easily. You should make sure that your Frenchie is healthy and prepared for the puppies.

You should also make sure that your Frenchie has everything she needs to have her puppies. This includes a good diet, vitamins, and shots. You should also make sure that your Frenchie has been spayed or neutered if she’s more than 6 months old, because it’ll be easier for you to get pregnant with her.

How much do pregnant French bulldogs eat?

There are no set rules for how much pregnant French Bulldogs eat. You can feed your Frenchie as much as she wants when she’s pregnant, and you should be careful not to overfeed her because it could make her fat. You should ensure that your Frenchie gets enough food, water, and vitamins.

How Can I Get My Frenchie to Stop Barking During Pregnancy?

Keep giving your Frenchie treats during her pregnancy because it will encourage her not to bark more often. You should also use a citronella collar on your Frenchie when she is outside because it will help to keep her from barking as much.

Things you should know about a pregnant French Bulldog:

  1. The first thing to understand is that the pregnancy of your French Bulldog is very different from that of the average dog. If you have been accustomed to normal pregnancies and births in dogs, then prepare yourself for a different experience with your French Bulldog.
  2. A French Bulldog pregnancy will last longer than for other breeds of pets. She may be pregnant for anywhere between 40 and 45 days, or even more than 60 days. It depends on many factors, like diet, exercise, and the stress levels of the animal.
  3. You’ll notice that your Frenchie’s belly will start growing as she nears her due date. It’s quite normal for her to start gaining weight. This is because she is beginning to grow a litter of puppies.
  4. The French Bulldog will need to be on a special diet during her pregnancy. This is mainly because her body will be preparing for the birth of her puppies. A lot of Frenchie owners feed their dogs a high-protein diet. This can be dangerous, especially if your dog has an existing health condition like diabetes or kidney problems.
  5. If you are feeding a high-protein diet to your Frenchie while she is pregnant, it could lead to an increase in the amount of calcium in her body. This can lead to bone problems for your puppy when he or she is born. Always feed a low-protein diet to pregnant dogs.
  6. It’s common for pregnant French bulldogs to start eating more than usual in the later stages of pregnancy. Never feed your dog extra food, as this could lead to obesity and other health problems down the line. It’s best to stick to the recommended diet for pregnant dogs.
  7. Frenchie will be sleeping more than usual. She will probably spend a lot of time resting when she is not eating or drinking. This is because she is tired after a long day of carrying her puppies around in her belly.
  8. You may notice that your Frenchie has been crying a lot during pregnancy. It is common for them to cry when they are in discomfort or pain. This is because she is in labor and giving birth; you should be near your Frenchie during this time.
  9. Normally, Frenchie has some contractions during her pregnancy. She may need some medication, such as a pain reliever or an anti-inflammatory, to help ease the discomfort and pain.
  10. You may notice that your Frenchie is losing weight while she is pregnant, allowing her puppies to be born healthy and strong.
  11. During pregnancy, your Frenchie will be drinking a lot more water because she needs to have the extra fluid for her puppies to be born well.
  12. You may notice that your Frenchie will have some discharge from her nipples during pregnancy. It happens due to an increased amount of hormones being produced by her body.
  13. Mood swings in pregnancy are natural for humans and animals too. Your Frenchie will be more emotional during pregnancy. This is because she will be feeling emotional about the birth of her puppies. This feeling can cause her to become quite unhappy. Never leave your Frenchie alone during this time unless you are sure that she is okay.

It is also a way to show affection when you help your French Bulldog become a mother. We, as humans, feel discomfort during pregnancy, and animals feel the same. It is your responsibility to take extra care of your Frenchie so that she can give birth to her puppies without complications.

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