Dog lovers want to know everything about their favorite French bulldog. But there are a large number of dog breeds, and every breed has its own unique characteristics and history. One of the most important beauty dog breeds is the French bulldog.

This breed is basically a domestic dog breed. They are good companions and have a friendly nature. Frenchies (BullDog Nick Name) are well-mannered dogs and are popular as good pets. This dog breed was rated as the third most popular dog in Australia in 2017.

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Other Names:

Bouledogue Français

Common nickname:




Place of origin:

England (UK)

Life Span/Expectancy:

10 to 14 years


  • Easygoing
  • Affectionate
  • Lively
  • Sociable
  • Keen


  • Adapts Well To Apartment Living
  • Good For Novice Owners
  • Sensitivity Level
  • Tolerates Being Alone
  • Tolerates Cold Weather and Hot Weather

Health And Grooming Needs

  • Amount Of Shedding
  • Drooling Potential
  • Easy To Groom
  • General Health
  • Potential For Weight Gain
  • Size

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Physical Needs

  • Energy Level
  • Intensity
  • Exercise Needs
  • Potential For Playfulness


  • Easy To Train
  • Intelligence
  • Potential For Mouthiness
  • Prey Drive
  • Tendency To Bark Or Howl
  • Wanderlust Potential

When talking about French bulldog facts, there are several such French bulldog facts that you never knew. Some of them are weird too, but mostly the list is filled with cute French bulldog facts.

Here we are sharing some beautiful French bulldog facts and information.

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French bulldogs are not from France.

  • It is one of the most interesting French bulldog facts. Yes, this breed of dog is not originate in France. Instead, they have English origins and also hail from the city of Nottingham.

French bulldogs have ears in two shapes:

  • They are most popular because of their “bat ears.”. But early in history, French bulldogs with “rose ears,” i.e., folded ears like those of English bulldogs, were also found.

French bulldogs have strict weight limits:

  • Dogs that belong to this breed don’t weigh over 28 pounds. Sometimes they can be over 28 pounds, but this increase in weight is a disqualification for a show dog from AKC’s breed standards.

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French bulldogs were the favorite breed of dog among French prostitutes.

  • One of the reasons for their popularity was their favor with Parisian “belles de nuit” (aka prostitutes). And these prostitutes were the first to call these dogs “Bouledogues Francais” and the name spread from there to French bulldogs.

The most popular breed of the 1900s:

  • French bulldogs were in peak popularity in the early 1900s. They earned huge popularity at the French Bulldog Club of America in a breed show and also became famous all over America.

Beloved dog breed of Roman’s family:

  • These bulldogs were the favorite pets of many Roman families. There was a lady named Tatiana who owned a French bulldog named Ortino. She gave Ortino the run of the household and even allowed Ortino to let him sleep on her bed.

The French bulldog was one of the Titanic survivors.

  • Yes, Robert W. Daniel had a French bulldog. He brought his dog with him on board the RMS Titanic. The dog’s name was “Gamin de Pycombe” and he was only 2 years old. The champion show dog also cost Daniel more than 20,000 dollars.

This is an award-winning dog breed in Westminster 8 years in a row:

  • Yes, one of the dogs from this breed won the award for best of the breed in Westminster eight years in a row. A French bulldog named Ch. Bouquet Nouvelle Ami won this best-of-breed title in Westminster eight years in a row in the 1950s.

These French-breed dogs are great companions.

  • French bulldogs are affectionate, lovely, and friendly by nature. They prove to be a good companion. They are very good pets because of their friendly and charming nature. Compared to other dogs, they are slow housebreakers, and another good thing about them is that they don’t bark too much. These Frenchies also don’t need much exercise. So one can carry a French bulldog easily in small areas.

They don’t know how to swim.

  • Yes, this breed of dog can’t swim. Because of their squat frame and bulbous head, these French dogs can’t swim. So, if you have a French bulldog as a pet and you also have a pool in your home, then keep a strict eye on your beloved puppy.

Flying is also a problem for them.

  • They are a brachycephalic breed, which means that these dogs have shorter snouts than those of other dogs. Because of this, they also have some breathing problems. Many breeds, like those of bulldogs, have perished while flying; that’s the reason many airlines have banned these French bulldogs.

They are great babysitters.

  • This beautiful breed of dog takes better care of its babies than any other breed. They take extra care of their babies, sleep with them, and know what their babies want and need. It is one of the cutest French bulldog facts.

This cute breed is sensitive to criticism.

  • They are so sensitive and full of emotions that they cannot take criticism lightly. If you scold them, they will take it very seriously and will move around the house. These French bulldogs become happy and give a positive response when treated nicely and friendly.

This breed is so talkative.

  • Frenchies are talkative, but that does not mean that they bark too much. They like to talk by using a complex system of gargles, yawns, and yips. By doing this, they try to send a message in their language. Sometimes they will also sing with you.

Most French bulldogs are born through artificial insemination.

  • It is one of the oddest French bulldog facts. This breed has a little trouble copulating because of its unusual proportions. So, they are mostly born by artificial methods.

They cannot tolerate heat.

  • Yes, Frenchies cannot handle heat very well. They should be monitored on hot days to make sure they are not overexerting themselves.

They are easy to train:

  • Yes, the best thing about this breed is they don’t take too much time to be trained. They can be easily trained but sometimes they become stubborn when not treated well. So be patient while treating this breed.


The French bulldog is the most lovely dog breed. If you are a dog lover and want to adopt a puppy, consider Frenchies because they are really good as pets. If you are going to own them, treat them nicely and friendly. Check out the comparison of American Bulldog vs Pitbull.

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