Black Pitbull

Black Pitbull is one of the amazing dog breeds that you have ever seen. They have very high energy and have a powerful physique and can be your great companions. They are highly loyal and loving towards their owners but these dogs have been through huge criticism because of their some negative traits.

Many people say that they are powerful enough and can attack humans. Moreover, they can also attack other animals as well. While the owners of black pitbull have done things to correct these beliefs about black Pitbulls. Some people have proven that they are the most intelligent and loving dogs as companions and proved that they do not deserve all the negative publicity. Now in this article, we will get you to know some real stories about the feared Black Pitbulls and 10 interesting facts about them.

What is the Black Pitbull?

Actually, the Pitbulls are associated with the ancient mastiffs who were trained as military dogs in 5000 BC. Black Pitbulls were taught to protect and defend their owners at all costs and these dogs proved themselves as some of the most loyal dogs for their owners. While modern-day black Pitbulls are descendants of the canines of the 19th century who was originated from the British Isles. These dogs are trained to fight and they are bred by the strong cross between the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier.

Nowadays the black Pitbulls are recognized as the American Pitbull Terrier which is a purebred dog breed that is bred by American Dog Breeders Association and the American Kennel Club. The Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier are two other breeds of black pitbull and both are recognized by the American Kennel Club.

A Black Pitbull dog has a shiny black coat but there are also Pitbulls with unique colours such as the Blue Nose Pitbull and Red Nose Pitbull.

Is Black Pitbulls Rare?

According to many people, black, blue and red Pitbulls are difficult to find and are rare. Also, some breeders convince buyers who are looking for black, blue and red black Pitbulls and tell them that is rare. But actually, this is not the case.

Black Pitbulls are just like the other dog breeds but they are engaged in several activities such as dog fights and blood sports. But they are still loyal and gentle companions for their owners at home. For that, you must have to train and socialize these dogs to make a difference.  Pitbulls that are trained for hunting, dog fighting, bull-baiting and bloodsports may be aggressive in their behaviour. But those who are socialized and trained as the family pets are calm, mild, loving and friendly as other pet dog breeds.

And the shiny black coat of the black Pitbulls is because of the genes they get from their parents. These canines have 2 types of pigments and these are pheomelanin and eumelanin. All the canines contain a dominant colour by the gene combinations. The solid black Pitbulls have 3 kinds of genes that become the reason for their solid black colour. And the same goes for the Blue coated Pitbulls.

What Does Black Pitbull Look Like?

They are so famous because of their solid black coat and have the same attributes that Pitbulls have. They are 17 inches taller and 17 inches wide in the size. The weight of black Pitbulls lies between 30 to 85 pounds. Some main characteristics of them are that they have thick cheeks, broadheads, deep cheekbones and dark eyes.

Black Pitbulls normally have rose-sized ears and have long tails. And they can be excellent guard dogs especially because of their dark colour and well-defined jaws that strangers find fearsome.

Black Pitbulls are also involved in various fun activities other than these physical activities. A black pitbull will not attack you unless they are provoked or if they feel that they are in danger or their owners then they attack. Pitbulls are highly active dog and need enough exercise and socialization.

They need socialization at an early stage to make sure that their aggressive behaviour will be corrected. They are highly intelligent and learn things quickly. You can enjoy a mild, friendly and loving dog who loves the company of people with the proper training.

Temperament – Are Black Pitbulls Aggressive Dogs?

They are famous because of their high enthusiasm, physical strength, confidence, guard instincts and loyalty. Black Pitbulls always find ways to make their owners happy and they can be your best friends if you treat them with love and care.

Just like many other dog breeds they also suffer from separation anxiety. They might show their stress by doing destructive chewing and digging.  Highly loyal to their owners and can be great family companions. Also playful with the children in the family.

Always remember that black Pitbulls are a robust breed and they must need enough exercise and physical activities. They are also famous as rescue dogs, great companions for disabled individuals and police dogs.  This super dog breed has an excellent ability of climbing.

Why Is There Negativity About the Pure Black Pitbull?

All the negativity about the black Pitbulls is mainly because of the huge number of reports of their attacks and aggression. People made a negative image of Pitbulls and never understood the breed. The cases of their attacks and aggression are because of the lack of proper training. Any dog breed might be aggressive but this is largely seen in the black Pitbulls because once they were also associated with dogfighting, bloodsports and bear-baiting.

But the truth is black dogs crave love and affection. They have fearsome physical attributes but they can be loyal and loving companions and want the attention of their dog. If they get proper attention, love and care they do not fail to please their owners. They are the most responsible, calmest, most loving and well-behaved canines if they are trained properly.


Black Pitbull is the strongest, most active and energetic breed. Also popular because of their guarding ability and fearsome physical attributes. They are energetic dogs and require enough exercise and socialization to stay healthy. Black pitbull may also be great companions and excellent family pets. Besides their strong and fearsome physical body attributes they are loving, caring and loyal to their partners.

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