25 Fascinating Facts About Chihuahua You Never Know

Brown Chinhuahua

Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world having a small size with a big brain. They are also famous for the name “purse dogs” and stood as one of the oldest breeds in America. Purse dog comes in various varieties, varieties are similar except for the coat. Loyalty, charm, and a big attitude are the main characteristics of this breed. Training is very necessary for these tiny creatures otherwise they will rule your household like a tiny Nepolean. You can not be angry with them because of their cute nature.

Check out the most interesting facts about them.

1. They came from an ancient breed

Chihuahua Purse dog

Their origin is steeped in secret but it is believed that they originated from Techichi. Techichi is a small dog breed of Chinese history that dates back to Mayan times. Some breeders also say that it may be possible that they have bred Techichi with a small hairless dog and as the result, the purse dog appeared.

2. They got their name from Mexico

Chihuahua Purse dog

The largest state name of Mexico is Chihuahua and is popular because of its various landscapes which may include Copper Canyon in Sierra Madre Mountains. In the 19th century, American scientists fell under the spell of these puppies. Most of the dogs of this breed were found in Chihuahua and that’s how they got their name.

3. Many states celebrate them in Cinco De Mayo.

Chihuahua Purse dog

People celebrate this breed not only in Mexico but also in the US. The celebration rates are more in the US than in Mexico. Arizona, Denver, Colorado, and Chandler celebrate Cinco de mayo by hosting an annual race of purse dogs.

4. This is the world’s smallest dog breed

Chihuahua Purse dog

Yes, this is the smallest dog breed in the world and is included in the toy group of dog breeds. Their common size is about 5 to 8 inches in height. Purse dogs do not weigh over 6 pounds. In 2013 this small dog was added to the world Guinness book of Records for the smallest dog in the world. She was 3.8 inches in height while fully grown up.

5. There are two official varieties of them

Chihuahua Purse dog

Yes, they have two varieties the smooth coat and the long coat. According to American Kennel Club, they are not being to one breed and that is chihuahua but in the UK they are considered as two separate breeds.

6. Long-haired dogs of this breed shed less

Chihuahua Purse dog

Those having long hair coats shed less than those with short-haired coats. So the long-haired coat dog does not need frequent brushing to remove tangles and dead hairs.

7. They live long

Chihuahua Purse dog

Yes, your puppy can live with you for a longer period. Mostly they can live up to 14 to 16 years. They have a long life expectancy. It is a long-life dog.

8. They are Brainy

Chihuahua Purse dog


They have small bodies but it does not mean that they have small or inactive brains. This is the most intelligent breed with the largest dog brain of all dogs. Yes, this is right this is the small breed with the biggest brain. But it is not always a good thing because their fragile necks have large work to do. Sometimes their brain becomes pressurized because of their large skull size and shows disastrous results.

9. These puppies were born with molera

Chihuahua Purse dog

They are born with a soft spot on the top of the skull called molera like those of human babies. This usually fills within 1 or 2 years but sometimes a puppy lives with molera throughout his life.

10. They have deer heads or apple head

Chihuahua Purse dog

They have two variations in their head design. Deer heads and apple heads are because of some genetic evolution. An Apple head puppy has an apple-shaped head and large, prominent, and close-set eyes. They have relatively shorter legs and ears. While a deer head dog has a deer shaped head having facial traits that resemble a young deer. This kind of puppy will have large ears and muzzles, more wide-set eyes, a flattened top head, and longer legs. Apple head chihuahua meets the breed standards.

11. Gidget was the real name of Taco Bell Chihuahua

Chihuahua Purse dog

Do you still remember the taco bell chihuahua? His real name was Gidget and he was the restaurant chain’s mascot cast as the lead dog’s girlfriend and got the starring role. He appeared in Legally Blonde 2.

12. Celebrities love them

Chihuahua Purse dog

Yes, even the richest and most popular celebrities have a soft corner for these cute and adorable puppies. No one can ignore them because of their cute face and nature. Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Mickey Rorke, and Sharon Osborne love these adorable dogs.

13. There is no such cute thing as a teacup chihuahua

Chihuahua Purse dog

If you were finding the teacup chihuahua for petting you might get disappointed because there is no such breed. This is a marketing play description. Mostly all the chihuahuas are teacup-sized but there are also those having smaller sizes than the standard size.

14. They have birthing issues

Chihuahua Purse dog

Mostly female bitches suffer from dystocia. Dystocia means that they have a difficult time during birth, and bear a lot of labor pain. It is because the baby’s large head and the mother with a small pelvis cause difficulty in delivery. This condition leads them to a high rate of Caesarean section.

15. Dental crowding is another problem

Chihuahua Purse dog

Mostly their common health defect is because of a small mouth with crowded teeth. This condition can cause gum diseases and tooth decay or even more severe conditions like stroke. Give them a diet with less sugar and carbohydrates. Brush their teeth regularly or at least three times a week. If you find yellow on their teeth, let them check with a vet. It can be because of infection.

16. They are born with floppy ears

Chihuahua Purse dog

This feature gives them the cutest look. Their ears will start standing erect at the age of 6 but if they do not become straight at this time then there are chances they never will be straight in the future. This is not the chihuahua breed standard but still, these kinds of puppies are purely bred.

17. It is one of the oldest official breeds

Chihuahua Purse dog

This is one of the oldest official dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. American Kennel Club was founded in 1885 and the chihuahua was recognized in 1904 as the oldest official dog breed of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

18. The breed has never won the Westminster Kennel Show

Chihuahua Purse dog

When the time comes to ranking the most popular dog breeds, American Kennel Club competes for those dog breeds that participated in and won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. From the time they are recognized officially, they never won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. But do not worry they are not alone, many other famous dog breeds in the line never won this illustrious show. Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retriever, and Dachshund have also been included in the list.

19. Wild Chihuahuas spotted in the US

Chihuahua Purse dog

Yes, the wild chihuahua is seen roaming in the US but it is rare. They are small but sometimes they are aggressive. They can create problems for young children and chase cars.

20. They are colorful

Chihuahua Purse dog

There are a large number of variations in their color. They can be black disabled silver blue brindled fawns. There are about 30 colors observed, some are combinations. This breed may have marks on the body and these markings may be in 11 different combinations. They are rarely found in pure white color.

21. Little dog big personality

Chihuahua Purse dog

The quote “do not judge a book by its cover” applies to this breed.  The little chihuahua is sassy, noisy, bossy, and feisty. You should give him proper training to let him know who is the boss otherwise they are having dominant nature will try to control you.

22. It has been rumored that they can cure Asthma

Chihuahua Purse dog

Asthma is a chronic disorder of bronchial tubes and can attack millions of people. There are a lot of medications to control this inflammatory disorder but no known cure. The rumor that chihuahuas can cure this bronchial disorder has been around for a long time. This rumor arrived from the Aztecs. According to them, they have the power to transfer human diseases from humans to themselves to protect their owners.

23. They are snazzy dressers

Purse dog

Do not be surprised by knowing this. Yes, this small breed is having a great brain. They know how to wear an outfit. They have small in size with a thin coat which means they can not tolerate very low temperatures. Give them outfits to wear during warm to keep them warm while in summer protective clothing will help you to avoid sunburn.

24. They and the people have the same no. 1 cause of death

Chihuahua dog

After a detailed study of 20 years at the University of Georgia shows that most adults die due to cardiovascular disease just like humans. Give them good diets and regular exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Let your puppy be examined by a vet regularly to avoid all kinds of disorders.

25. Two smooth-coated parent chihuahuas may have a baby with a long coat

Chihuahua dog

This is the most interesting fact about purse dogs. Two smooth-coated parents can give birth to a puppy having a long coat. This can only be done if the parents have a hidden long-coat gene. As the long coat gene is recessive and the smooth coat gene is dominant so two parents having the long coat gene can not give birth to a smooth-coated puppy.


The Chihuahua dog breed has an amazing history. They are so popular because of their fascinating facts. Petting a puppy of this breed will bring great joy. Have we left any interesting facts about this breed in the article? Please let us know in the comments. Thanks!.

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