Are you exploring why your dog does not stop barking or the reasons behind that?. If you are wondering why your dog does not get tired of barking. Read the article below to get your answers.

Your barking dog might be irritating to both you and your neighbours. If you are fed up with this and now looking for a solution to stop your dog from barking, read on.

We all have been into the situation where we heard a continuous dog barking and waited whether the dog is going to stop barking or not. It is most irritating when you want asleep after a tiring routine and you hear the barking and just wish the dog will get tired. But are you wondering if dogs get tired of barking?

The answer is simply “No”.

Dogs do not get tired of their barking and continue it until they do not get any response from the surrounding. But when a dog is physically tired, then there is a notable decrease in their barking but even they are tired, they still want to bark. Reasons behind the dog barking maybe boredom, fear, alarm, and many others.

Now take look at why they bark, what are the reasons behind that and why they do not get tired of barking. We will also provide solutions to stop your barking dog excessively. Most people think that dogs bark because of their habit,  but when the barking increase for a longer duration, you must find what your dog wants which you are not aware of.

Barking is a way of communication for dogs. When they want something or want you to do something for them they bark. They continue to bark until they do not receive a response from their owners. The response can be in various forms but first, you should find the reason why your dog is excessively barking.

There can be many different reasons for excessive dog barking. If you have adopted a dog for the first time then this excessive barking might be stressful for you. Just like babies, dogs are unable to tell you their problems, what they want or what is disturbing them. And they bark just like babies and hope that their owners will find and address the problems they are facing.

Dog Barking

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively?

When your dog starts barking excessively, they do so for some particular reason. As far as you do not determine and fix the issues, your dog will continue to bark. So you must find the problem otherwise this might be a problem for you, your family, or neighbours.

But you also need to understand that dog barking is normal and this is a way of communication for dogs. They bark and bark a lot but when it happens excessively it’s a time to be addressed.

So let’s find out the most common reasons behind the dog barking.  Here are some reasons you must consider if your dog barks a lot.

So let’s look at the most common reasons why barking occurs in the first place.

1. Loneliness/Boredom:

Dogs are social animals and they are not meant to stay alone. When you leave your dog alone in the house or yard, they will bark all the time. They will feel lonely or bored and this makes him bark excessively. For this, you must have to make your dog sit with its humans or other dogs. Also, take him with you to the park and do not let him feel lonely to sort out the problem.

2. Establishing / Marking Territory

One of the most common reasons behind excessive dog barking is when someone tries to enter their territory. When dogs are settled into a particular place, they consider that as their home. If someone tries to enter their territory they start barking to protect their territory. Mostly this happens when an unknown try to approach their place they consider home.

It mostly happens when some guests or visitors come into your home and this is an alarm sign for the dog to protect their place.

3. Alarm Barking

Generally, we want our dog to bark when a stranger tries to enter our home for protection. This kind of dog barking is good for you as it saves you from any bad experience.  This way you will get time to act according to the situation and also confuse the intruder.

An alarm also happens when there are signs of bad weather or storms. Animals mostly dogs can sense the change in weather before humans. The same goes for earthquakes and many other natural changes.

4. Barking As A Sign Of Greeting

Dogs love to welcome their friends and owners with barking. This is just like when humans meet they greet each other so the dogs do this in their way. Dogs also do this when meeting with other dogs. They do this in excitement and usually, this kind of barking does not last long.

5. Barking To Get Attention

Most of the time the reason behind excessive dog barking is that they want attention. They bark excessively to get a reward or response from their owners. Moreover, they also do this when they want the attention of their friends or other dogs.

For the attention mean anything. It may be simply some petting, eye contact, or acknowledgement of their existence. But sometimes this attention may also refer to the basic needs such as food and water. Sometimes when there is excessively high or low temperature, dogs bark so you can adjust the temperature. On cold nights, they bark to let them into a more comfortable and warmer environment. In the same way a thirsty and hungry dog bark to get you to provide water or feed them.

Many times dogs bark because they want attention. They do this to try to get a response or reward from their owners. In addition, they can also do this when they want to get the attention of other dogs.

How To Stop Dog Barking?

If you know the reason for which your dog is continuously barking, then you can easily fix the problem.  But you can deal with excessive dog barking in a no. of ways but first, you have to find which will work best for you and your dog.

1. Remove The Motivation

A dog usually barks a lot when they get something such as a reward. That is why they get excited and bark. So here you need to find out what they are getting when they bark. This way you can remove that easily.

They will stop barking once they do not have the motivation. Also, they will figure out that barking does not get them anything so they will stop doing that.

If the dog is excessively barking at the passersby, then you must have to close the window or curtains. If your dog barks excessively in the back yard and you throw them a bine or a toy to play with, they will learn that it is a result of excessive barking. They will do this again. So it’s good to provide a bine or top before they start barking. This way the dog will not think that it’s a reward for barking.

2. Ignore The Barking

Sometimes dogs bark to get the attention of their owners or friends. If you think the reason behind this barking is not a basic need such as food or water, then ignore it completely. Just do not touch them, do not look at them or address the barking in any way. Once the dog is atop barking then you should reward your dog with a treat.

This way, the dog will come to know that the barking can not bring your attention but silence does. You have to be patient to make your dog realize this, it will take some time for a dog to figure out this.

Also, your neighbours will not find this idea a good solution, so for that, you have to talk with them first that you are trying to train your dog to stop barking. So it will take some time and inconvenience.

3. Keep Your Dog Tired

It is noticed that when your dog is energetic it will bark more. If you keep busy your dog in exercise and keep him tired both mentally and physically, they will bark less. When your dog is tired they will have fewer reasons for barking and also to get your attention. For this, take your dog with you on a long walk in a park and let him run and enjoy in the park. Now you will likely enjoy more peace because your dog will not bark a lot.

Running and exercise also help in releasing the calming hormones and sedatives so they will not feel the need to bark. Furthermore, the amount of exercise required for your dog depends on the size, breed, and physical traits of your dog.

4. Bark Collars

It is a controversial training tool that is used when your dog barks a lot. It usually emits an electrical stimulation, a small shock to stop your dog from barking. Some people consider it highly useful in limiting dog barking as dogs figure out easily that barking produces an aversive. While some opponents claim that these bark collars are abusive and are punitive and they believe you can obtain similar results by using other training methods.

As we always recommend positive solutions for training but we also know a dog who was about to be taken away from the city but the bark collars kept him in the house.

5. Professional Dog Training

If you are unable to solve the barking issues of your dog, you should contact a pro to help you with this. An experienced dog trainer can give you effective advice to train your dog and also good training methods to curb the issue.

They might help you to teach your do a “quiet” command so they will know when to stop barking.

Final Thoughts

As you see, dogs do not get tired of barking because this is their form of communication. When they bark a lot, they need something and want you to understand them. No one likes a dog that barks excessively especially your neighbours. So it is your responsibility to nip the issue in the bud.

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