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A little about curly-haired cats

Cats with curly hair are particularly lovely to look at. There are some breeds that we will cover further that they have curly hair. You would be wrong if you thought these cute cats could only be found on Instagram. Increasingly, more people are choosing to keep these cats as pets because of their unusual appearance. These fluffy fluff balls, albeit less common than other domestic cat species, makes a great addition to your household. Before looking to breed them, you should become familiar with the various breeds, their personalities, and their physical traits. They can be hard to tell apart when you first see them because they come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and curly forms.

Reasons for a cat to have curly hairs

baby curl hair cat

These cats may be missing at least one layer of their natural hair because curly-haired cats are pretty and uncommon. Cats with curly hairs have an outer layer of stiff hair known as “guard hair” to ward off the rain, the leading layer, known as awn hair, and the short, soft layer, known as down hair. A cat’s hair is possible to be wavy when one of these layers is not available. Single cats rarely exhibit this characteristic; even when they do, breeding for this trait hasn’t always been successful. Curly-haired cat breeds are, therefore, considerably more uncommon. However, there are some. In actuality, four species of cat are known to have curly hair.

Furthermore, most of the four recognized breeds with curly hairs belong to the Rex class. Surprisingly, cats with curly hair do not shed at all or very little. As a result, some people consider them as hypoallergenic. Moreover, the allergy patients may choose to keep one of these breeds as a safe way to do so without dealing with the symptoms of cat allergies.

Curly hair kittens

Curly hair kittens are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind feline buddies. Organizations like the Cat Fanciers’ Association and the International Cat Association recognize curly-haired cat breeds. These breeds include the Selkirk Rex, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, and LaPerm. The LaPerm cat, for example, gets its name from its curly hair, which is the product of a natural mutation. Curly-haired cats are rare, while the strength of their curls varies by breed. Though some species have inherently curly hair, others acquire curls when do not have any layer of the coat. These beautiful cats can melt your heart with their adorable appearance and distinctive coats.

Curly haired cat breeds breeds

The following are the different breeds of curly-haired cats.

1. LaPerm

LaPerm is at the top of the list of cats with wavy hairs. It initially took place in 1982 on a farm when a cat gives birth to a kitten without hair. The strands of a cat started growing as the cat matures. The owner was surprised to see the soft and curly hairs of the cat. It was unusual for him. Later, this kitten gave birth to a litter of curly-haired Kittens with the same distinctive coats, which came to be known as the first La Perm kittens. Ten years after its founding, LaPerm cats were produced. They are still rare and pricey breed that exists today. These cats can be identified by their distinctive permed haircuts, which many owners adore.

2. Selkirk Rex

Another breed with curly hair is the Selkirk Rex. According to many this breed is the most gorgeous, curly-haired breed with a soft, vibrant coat. It is modest in size, but because of its magnificent fur, it appears enormous. This breed’s history is highly fascinating. It all started in 1987 with a cat owner Miss DePesto. Selkirk Rex was unique among this lovely cat’s three brothers and sisters. So Miss DePesto decided to keep it, so she began petting cats with curlier hair.

It was interesting to learn that Selkirk Rex kittens can have straight and curly hair. Even their whiskers can be wavy or curly when they have a curly coat. It merely enhances their already endearing charm! There are variations in fur color and length. Although Selkirk Rex cats tend to have long fur, it’s still possible to see them with shorter coats.

3. Devon Rex

The strange but endearing appearance of the Devon Rex cat is well known. These are long-legged, slender cats with curly fur, large eyes and ears. The Devon Rex has a short, wavy coat instead of a curly coat like the other breeds on this list. Although Devon Rex cats have curly tails, their peculiar head shapes and distinct facial traits get far more attention.

Since 1960, there have been Devon Rex cats. A lovely kitten named Karlee was born from the mating of a male cat with curly hair and a white tortoiseshell mother cat. Since Karlee was the original Devon Rex kitten, all other cats of this breed may be traced to her.

4. Cornish Rex

Another cat breed with curly hair that originated in the UK is the Cornish Rex. In a barn in Cornwall, the first Cornish Rex kitten first surfaced in 1950. One small fluff ball in the litter stood out because his hair was curly, whereas the other kittens in the trash all had straight hair. Kallibunker was the name given to this cute kitten. Due to her arrival, the entire world may now appreciate the distinctive beauty of these lovely creatures.

Owners can anticipate a very active cat with a robust build when it comes to personality. It will roam freely throughout the house and yard, exploring every square inch. It adores pulling off tricks and will say or do anything to get your attention. It’s important to note that Cornish Rex cats may be rather noisy, particularly when they need something or when their owners aren’t paying attention. So don’t anticipate a cuddly friend that wants to spend time sleeping next to you. They will instead be traveling at the speed of sound. They are excellent companions for kids who are also always on the move for various reasons, including this one.

5. German Rex

In the years that followed, however, expert breeders were unsuccessful in finding a means to improve the breeding procedure and gave up. Another breeder decided to continue the tradition and give it another go in 1986, producing the German Rex cats we are familiar with today. German Rex cats are rare and frequently featured alongside Cornish Rex cats in breed descriptions. The fluffy coat of these cats with curly hair lacks guard hairs. It is curly, short, and soft as silk. Except for cinnamon, lilac, chocolate, and fawn, these cats can have any color coat. Their quick, rounded heads have big ears and eyes. Although their eyes are actually of regular size, their small heads give them the appearance of having considerably larger eyes than they do. German Rex cats typically have yellow, orange, or green eyes.

These fluffy little things are everything a cat owner could want in terms of personality. Although not overly animated, they are athletic and active. They are also quite loving and attached to their people, so you can expect many cuddle sessions and frequent joint sleeping arrangements. Although German Rex cats aren’t always as curious as other breeds, that doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent.

6. Selkirk Rex – brown curly hair car

Selkirk rex also known as “rex cat curly hair” is a beautiful cat breed with different colors of fur, but when discussing the most common color, it is not other than brown. Nor it is a small neither a large cat breed and weighs 6 to 16 pounds as an adult. Moreover, this cat has an amazing lifespan which is from 15 to 20 years depending on the different factors.

Furthermore, talking about the social temperament of this cat breed, experts find it very friendly to the humans and other animals. Its lifespan clarify that it is among the cats that enjoy longest lifespan. They have round head and big eyes that makes them more stunning in looks. Because of its brown and curly fur, the breeders refers it as “Cat with sheep’s fur.”

Hair care of curly haired cat

Curly-haired cats need special tricks to take care of their hair because they have different built-in coats. Taking care of their hair is not so difficult. It is because they do not shed a lot if they do not suffer from skin illness.

The first step is to brush and comb your hair daily. Surprisingly, their combing process is not challenging. People petting cats search and touch them on average; in this process, the curly-haired cat is easy to deal with. The second and final step is to bathe your kitten. It is because some felines naturally have oily skin, which affects the coat. Washing once a week will help them avoid shedding and other skin allergies.


Can cats have curly hair?

Yes, cats can have curly hair. The curly hair pattern is not confined to one type of cat but may appear in various breeds, and they are frequently referred to as poodle cats. Curly-haired cats can have long or short fur.

Which curly hair cat is common worldwide?

We have many curly hair cat breeds in our list that are very common in most parts of the world, but revex cat breeds are very easy to see regarding others.

Is there any hypoallergenic curly hair cat?

Yes, the cat with curly fur discussed in the above passages, titled “Laperm” contains dander in its dander that sheds to prevent different allergens.

Do curly haired cats shed?

They shed, but their hairs get stuck in their curly coat, making them wonderful hypoallergenic cats. Devon Rex and German Rex are not only curly-haired cat breeds, but also among the tiniest cat breeds. Most curly-haired cat breeds are Rex.


There is no denying that cats are intriguing animals. Things become even more fascinating when you learn about the DNA mutations that produce novel breeds with peculiar traits and characteristics. As a result, curly-haired cats have become increasingly popular among owners.

The four recognized distinct breeds of curly-haired cats are the LaPerm, Selkirk Rex, Devon Rex, and Cornish Rex. Several more unrecognized species also exist and are awaiting official acceptance into different cat groups. Each has its peculiarities, so there is sure to be a cat on this list that you adore.

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