The average age for a dog to reach its full sexual maturity is less than one year. The age may vary depending on the dog breed. The dogs breed that are smaller in size can usually be bred when they are at the age of 6 months. Whereas, the larger dogs breed are ready to be bred at the age of 1 year to 18 months. So you must be wondering about this tricky question “How to Do Dogs Breed?” It is important for you to do your research about your dog breed’s maturity. Furthermore, if you have a female dog, then you should know about all the care you have to give to your pet dog.

The dog breeders who have enough knowledge and experience wait for the female dog to reach the age of 18 months. You have to keep in mind that these are just average numbers and clearly other factors, like health and breed, also matter. A female dog has her fertility just for a certain phase and after a few years, she loses her fertility. If you want your female dog to have puppies, you should consider the time period of your pet female dog. In case your female dog is having health issues then it is better not to compromise her health by getting her bred.

How Often Do Dogs Breed?

Dogs Breed

Before learning about the breeding process of the dog, it is important to know when female dogs reach maturity. Male dogs enter their sexual maturity age earlier as compared to female dogs. If your female dog gets excited by the attention of male dogs. It does not indicate that she is ready for breeding.

It is recommended to wait for the second or third heat cycle of your female dog until she is fully matured. Once the dog is fully matured, then it is the right time you can have her bred around 20 to 24 months. There is no accurate answer to the question “How often do dogs breed?” but it is better to skip the first one or more heat cycles. In addition to that, breeding your female dog at every heat cycle is not a wise idea. It may affect her health as she deserves resting phases. You will find different schools of thought when it comes to how often dogs breed.

Some breeders prefer giving gaps between breeding cycles. It is important to give a female dog some time to rest and recover. On the other hand, some breeder prefers getting their female dogs bred back to back as they think there is no reason to wait for another heating season. They believe that if the female dog is bred in a row then it is easy to get her spayed at a young age without waiting for any health issues to occur. It is always better to consult your vet first if you are planning to breed your dog. Your vet would be able to tell the condition of your dog and would suggest a better time for breeding.

Signs Of a Dog in Heat?

Dogs Breed

A female dog, when in heat, experiences vaginal bleeding. In some Dog Breeds, the bleeding is heavy, while in others, it is just the normal amount. A female dog takes a few days to show the signs of her heat cycle. The heat cycle starts off with a few signs including genital swelling which is probably the first noticeable sign when the dog licks herself.

Other signs of the heat cycle include the high level of attention females are giving to male dogs. The attraction towards male dogs increases but they don’t mate with them until a week or more. After a few days during the heat cycle, they become more receptive to the male dogs for mating. In addition to that, they leave a scent through her urine containing pheromones that attract male dogs. Do you know what pheromones are? They are special chemicals that are discharged by the animals in order to attract males.

A female dog becomes quite aggressive when she is having a heat cycle. It is best to introduce her to a male dog if you want her to breed and have puppies. In case you do not want any more puppies or the dog is having health issues, it is recommended to get your dog spayed. When the female dog is ready for mating, her attraction toward the male dogs will increase. Additionally, she will sit in a position to mate by pointing up to her tail which would also be a clear indication of a female dog in the heat cycle. The fertility phase of a female dog can last for 5 to 6 years after which her health may be affected and cannot bear pregnancy. With time the heat cycle also declines from four times per year to maybe one time a year.

How Long is Dog in Heat?

A female dog’s heat cycle can stay for two to three weeks and includes four phases. Either at the end of the period, the dog becomes pregnant, or there comes a resting phase. Get yourself prepared in order to make identify the signs when your dog is having a heat cycle. The question “How long is the dog in heat?” can be easily answered with the following four stages:

  • Protesters Phase

The first phase lasts for 7 to 10 days when the female dog’s body prepares itself for the mating process. During the first stage, her vulvar area swells up and you may also notice bleeding. The good part is that dogs clean up themselves before you even notice. Furthermore, you will start noticing her clingy behavior as she will ask for more attention than usual. At the proestrus stage, the female dog attracts male dogs but may become aggressive if any dog tries to reach out to her for mating.

  • Estrus Phase

The second phase is called the estrus phase which lasts for 9 to 10 days. During the second phase, the bleeding will stop or lessen and the female dog will be receptive to the male dogs. In addition to that, the female dog will be urinating more frequently and will spread pheromones to attract male dogs. As soon as the male dog is available, she will present herself for mating.

  • Diestrus phase

Then comes the third stage called the diestrus phase. This stage can last for around two months. Either the female dog is carrying her pups or returns to the resting phase. In this stage, her vaginal discharge stops and she is no more in a “heat cycle”.

  • Anestrus phase

The last stage is basically the phase of recovery. In an anestrus phase, there is no sexual behavior. This phase lasts for 3 to 5 months until the next heat cycle begins.

For How Long You Can Breed a Female Dog?

If we compare female dogs with male dogs, then the frequency of mating among male dogs is much more. With each pregnancy, the tendency and frequency to carry litter become less. The time period and frequency of a female dog’s pregnancy depend on her health and recovery process between pregnancy phases. It is important to provide full care to your female dog especially. When she is in her heart cycle or is pregnant. It is recommended to have just 3 to 4 litters during the female dog’s lifetime to prevent any health ailments. As long as she is in good health, that is all that matters.

People often have this common question “How long can you breed a female dog?” When it comes to the health of a female dog. It is safe to not have more than 4 liters in her lifetime. The problem is not mating, it is what that comes after that, including nursing and gestation. After delivering her pups. A female dog takes a few days to return to her usual state and recover from the pregnancy.

Right after the delivery has been done, a female dog has to feed her pups which is very exhausting for her. Dogs Breed season can be tough on her especially when she gets pregnant and right after the delivery. So after a few days, the female dog can still go into her heat cycle but it would not be a good idea to have her presume another pregnancy. There has always been an argument over how long should you get your female dog bred and wait until she has fully healed. Her health comes first so it is also suggested to take her to the vet on a regular basis.

How To Provide Care To Your Female Dog While She is in Heat?

A female dog experiences a heat cycle every 5 or 6 months. Heat season can be hard on both, you and your dog. This can be a phase of real infuriation, especially for pet owners as they have to give proper care to the female dog. A heat cycle can stay for 3 to 4 weeks, every time. As she will also be having blood secret through her vulva, make sure you are providing her proper hygiene care. Also, she will be constantly attracting male dogs in the neighborhood, through the pheromones in her urine. Always remember to keep her inside the house, especially while she is having her heat cycle. If a male dog sees her, he will try to jump off the fences to mate. Also, keeping her safe inside the house will prevent any kind of attack from male dogs or unwanted litter.

On the other hand, if the female dog is not presented to any male dog, she can also show some aggressive behaviors. There can also be spots of blood inside the house and the discharge will create a stinky smell. Keep the female dog in a separate area, while she is having her heat cycle so that it would be easy for you to clean up the place. Your female dog in heat will also become clingy and as for your attention more than usual. Do not forget to keep her out for exercise as it would be cruel to lock her up. Some people also prefer buying dog panties for their pets to avoid any mess created by the discharge.

If you have other pets at home, you need to keep in mind that aggressive behavior is not affecting them. Their pushy attitude, humping, and other aggressive behavior might annoy other pets and even stress them. But you have to stay patient with your pet female dog as this phase is just temporary. If the female dog is acting bossy and pushy during her heat cycle, the other pets will either accept her attitude or will get into a fight with her.

As soon as you start to notice these signs, you need to provide her with proper care and try to keep her in a confined area even just for a little time. If you want her to breed, then it is important to keep her in contact with a male dog. In case, you do not need any pups, then it is better to get her spayed as it has many health benefits. Before getting her spayed, do visit the vet to get his/her opinion on your dog’s health.

Final Thoughts On Female Dog’s Breeding Season

As your cat’s parent, you have to go through the whole breeding season along with your female cat. It can be a frustrating time for both of you but you need to stay patient with her and provide her with the care she needs. She might act very weird especially when there is the presence of male dogs around the house. It is important to keep her inside the house to avoid any attacks by the male dogs.

If you need a litter of pups, then get her in touch with a male dog. If you do not want any more pups, you can get your female dog spayed or neutered. Dog breed season can be a difficult one, especially for a female dog as she asks for attention and makes loud howling noises. She can become very clingy and might sit in a mating position. Furthermore, she can throw tantrums at the other pets in the house. Your female dog will try to escape and go outside to find a male cat for mating. She will even scratch the windows or doors.

Some veterinarians may also prescribe medication to ease the heat cycle of your dog. It may reduce the signs during the cycle. It is recommended to have your dog neutered after you have got the pups and you do not want your dog to mate anymore. Once you have her spayed, she will stop going into the heat cycle and even spraying or scratching around in your home. Now you have gone through the whole guide if someone asks you “How Do Dogs Breed?” you would know the answer. Also, check out how Cat Breeds.

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