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snake anatomy

Snake Anatomy: The anatomy of snakes is different from others. Know how?

We will examine a few characteristics that cute snakes possess that set them apart from other creatures. But first, we need to comprehend what distinguishes a snake from other animals.

Snakes in Arkansas: Different types and overview about them

Due to different landscapes, Arkansas contains various types of snakes. According to the research, there are more than 40 species of lizards without arms and legs. Six types of snakes there are very vicious.

Rat snakes in Florida: Know about different snakes in a place with the largest...

Florida is home to the nation's most significant snake populations and most varied snake species. Countless scaly reptiles call Florida's swamps, beaches, woodlands, and marshes home. Wildlife encounters are inevitable if you live in Florida.

Dragon Snakes: Diet, appearance, habitat, lifespan, etc.

The dragon snake is a species that grows to a relatively small size, with a maximum length of around 3 feet, and is even smaller than python snakes. They often have white bellies and are gray, and have long tails and lean bodies.

Corn vs. Copperhead Snakes : Difference between two notable snake species.

Corn snakes and copperheads are different species of snakes with beautiful patterns. Their traits and living habits do not relate to each other. A few things are the same because they are the same animals, but most things differ significantly.
Yellow and Black Mangrove-Snakes

Mangrove snakes: Appearance, diet, traits, and all you want to know

Mangrove snake is on the list of snakes without venom. These snakes are lovely, and the yellow combination of their bodies makes them more attractive.

Scaleless Snakes: Traits, diet, habitat, types, etc.

Unfortunately, snakes do not have a good reputation around the world. It is because they are venomous, but most people are unaware that only 600 species out of 4,000 are venomous. While, the rest of the species do not have poison.
Yellow & Red Swamp Snake

5 Black Swamp Snake Facts

Black Swamp Snake, also known as Seminitrix Pygaea, is an endemic small aquatic snake found in the United States. These snakes belong to the subfamily of Natricinae of the family Colubridae.
Brown Hognose Snakes

Top 10 Cute Hognose Snakes

All cute hognose snakes have one thing in common: their pig-like noses. They have the same color as the environment in which they live. They’re thought to be nonvenomous, but that’s open to question. Numerous species of hognose snakes can be found in Madagascar and the Americas.
Silver & Black Snake Swinging In Water

5 Types of Water Snakes in Tennessee

Water snakes in Tennessee are a type of non-venomous snakes that are present near aquatic environments. These snakes are usually carnivores and ovoviviparous and are known for swiftly climbing up the trees.
3 Texas Garter Snakes

Five Types of Texas Garter Snakes

Many different species of snakes are present in the USA. Many Texas garter snakes are in Texas, USA. It is sometimes impossible to calculate the exact number of species out there because Texas Granter snakes have similar patterns. Some common Texas species are identified based on their physical characteristics.
Blue Snake Is Sitting On A Branch Of A Tree

Top 5 Pretty Snakes With Pictures

Snakes have always been depicted as dark and evil reptiles, especially in movies and cartoons, but they can be fascinating creatures. Although most snake species are venomous, some of their types are harmless and can be kept as pets. If you are a snake enthusiast or interested in knowing about different snake species, then this post is for you.
A Blue Snake And His Red Eyes

How Can You Tell the Snake is Old? – Your Pet Planet

Just like any other pet, snakes age too. So if you are considering getting a snake for yourself, you might be interested in knowing its age. If you don’t want to get an old snake, you need to ask the breeder before adopting one. However, you must also know the factors and characteristics by which you can tell how old a snake is.
Snake Eating The Mouse And Snake With Feet

Is there any Snake with Feet? Snakes have Toes!

Snakes and lizards are the members of order Squamata. Lizards have fully developed legs that they use to move, while snakes prefer to slither. There is a lot of scientific disagreement as to why and how these species evolved in distinct ways. It's safe to say that certain snakes still have the genetic code necessary to build legs and feet.



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