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Blue Snake Is Sitting On A Branch Of A Tree

Top 5 Pretty Snakes With Pictures

Snakes have always been depicted as dark and evil reptiles, especially in movies and cartoons, but they can be fascinating creatures. Although most snake species are venomous, some of their types are harmless and can be kept as pets. If you are a snake enthusiast or interested in knowing about different snake species, then this post is for you.
A Blue Snake And His Red Eyes

How Can You Tell the Snake is Old?

Just like any other pet, snakes age too. So if you are considering getting a snake for yourself, you might be interested in knowing its age. If you don’t want to get an old snake, you need to ask the breeder before adopting one. However, you must also know the factors and characteristics by which you can tell how old a snake is.
Snake Eating The Mouse And Snake With Feet

Is there any Snake with Feet? Snakes have Toes!

Snakes and lizards are the members of order Squamata. Lizards have fully developed legs that they use to move, while snakes prefer to slither. There is a lot of scientific disagreement as to why and how these species evolved in distinct ways. It's safe to say that certain snakes still have the genetic code necessary to build legs and feet.
Green Tree Python Is Sitting On A Branch Of A Tree

9 Top Green Tree python Fun Facts You Must Know

The Green tree python is a non-venomous snake with bright green colour and has a diamond-shaped head. Some of the green pythons have green, yellow or blue spots on the body while some of them have yellow or white vertebral stripes. This green species was found in the tropical rain forests of the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, Eastern Indonesia, and New Guinea.
Spider Ball Python Tongue Is Outside

5 Amazing Facts About Spider Ball Python

Ball pythons have gained popularity over the United States since the 1990s for keeping a pet. One of the most popular ball python morphs is Spider Ball Python. Due to their unique coloration and...
snake at the green grass

Ball Python For Sale

Ball python has become one of the most popular pets in the United States. If you are planning to get a snake pet, just search Ball Python For Sale online. Another term used for...
Ball Python Morphsc white & brown

The Most Popular Ball Python Morphs

Do you know about Ball Python Morphs? Ball python is a species of snakes that do not look alike. This breed called “ball python” has different color patches on the scales and variation in...
Piebald Ball Phython

Maintenance Guide for Piebald Ball Python for Beginners

Breaking the conventions of household pets is putting it mildly, snakes are a very big deviation from what people want as “pets”. Because, psychologically, we prefer to have pets that are cute, provide companionship...
Ball Python Morphs

How to Pet Ball Python Morphs?

The term “breed” is a very common one that most people, if not everyone, knows the meaning of. If we talk about dogs, for example, we know that a Labrador Retriever is a breed...
Pastel Ball Python

Which Pastel Ball Python is Right for You to Pet?

Pastels are an interesting morph of snake that has highlighted or intensified yellow pigments on their body. The yellow is often seen fading into shades of green which are more identifiable on certain morphs...



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