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dog licking her nose

Dog Noses Can Sense Heat – Who Knew

As anyone with even a little bit of sense knows, dogs are simply incredible! They aren’t called 'a man’s best friend’ for nothing. Their compassion, super abilities, and those puppy dog eyes - they...
4 black cats are eating something

A Man Who Feeds A 100 Cats Every Day

The world right now is full of horrible news and stories that take your faith away from humanity. But we have a treat for our Pet Planet readers in the form of a story...
one cat is sitting and 2nd is standing

All the Information You Need to Know: How do Cats Breed?

Cats Breed frequently as they are capable of breeding their whole life but the frequency decreases as they grow old. Within seven to ten months, a female cat becomes sexually mature, whereas a male...
green Lizard sitting at the branch

3 Best Pet Lizard Beginners Guide

Many people have a deep interest in keeping lizards as a pet. As we all know that lizards come from a family of reptiles. According to a recent survey, reptiles are kept as pets...
white American Bulldog and black Pitbull

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Comparison

You must have heard of these two breeds, the American Bulldog and the Pitbull dog which are very popular in the United States. To some people, these two breeds seem the same as they...
Teddy Bear Hamster looking at the camera

Teddy Bear Hamster Guide: Coat, Diet, & Caging

Among the most popular and commonly kept pets in the United States, Hamsters are known for their adorable looks, small size, and easy maintenance. There are several types of hamsters but Teddy Bear Hamster...
Girl training the dog

3 Tips to Choose the Best Dog Training Near Me

You must be trying to choose the best Dog Training Near Me for a recently adopted puppy or the existing one that you have. Training your dog is a wise idea to make them...
snake at the green grass

Ball Python For Sale

Ball python has become one of the most popular pets in the United States. If you are planning to get a snake pet, just search Ball Python For Sale online. Another term used for...
Pet Boarding

Choose The Best Pet Boarding Near Me

“How do I choose the best Pet Boarding Near Me?” This question much have roamed around in your mind, at least once. Before having a vacation trip or a business trip, you wonder where...
Two Rabbits

5 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in US

In the US, Rabbit Breeds are known to be one of the most popular pets because of their adorably distinct personality. If you are not a cat lover or a dog fan, you can...



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