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hand made dog picture

Why Custom Pet Portraits Are The Best Gift For Any Pet Lover

There are many ways to gift a pet portrait to a pet lover. You can print the picture with mugs, keychains, notebooks, t-shirts, or any other memorabilia you like. You can even send an item like that with a framed gift version. We can imprint even phone cases or blankets with the pet portrait print, to keep the pet memory as part of our daily routine.

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks – You Can Start With These...

It's always possible to teach an old dog new tricks. A combination of suitable tricks, patience, and reward can help you reinforce good dog behavior in your pet.
A White Dog Drinking Water Portable Water Bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle | Things to note

A bottle cannot feed your dog. Carrying a bowl with your dog when you are out and about would be best. Your work has become more straightforward thanks to portable water bottles.
Black Monkey Open Our Mouth

Monkey with Down Syndrome: Indications, Number of Monkeys Behavior and More

The ape involved in the case had hypodontia, congenital heart disease, infantile cataracts, vision issues, and limited growth. These signs and symptoms are all frequent among people with Down syndrome.
Black Monkey Hand And A Man Hand

A Guide on Monkey Hands

Monkeys have a lot of species present on the earth now. According to reports, there are almost 233 species. They are different in size from one another. Most of these species have five fingers on their hands and feet, like humans, but a few have four fingers on their paws and hands.
2 Pugs Fight Each Other

Reasons and Ways to Control an Aggressive Pug

A pug is usually renowned for his broad chest and flattened face. The pug has relatively short legs and is a tiny, robust, barrel-shaped dog. His eyes are big, round, and dark, and he has little, rose-or button-shaped ears covered in fine, thin hair.
chinchilla exercise

Importance of Exercise for Chinchillas

You have a chinchilla at home which you love the most. You take time for it, manage its cage, keep it clean and ensure that it always gets food on time just to keep it fit and healthy, just like any other happy animal. But have you ever wondered that while hygiene and food might be the primary needs but are not the only prerequisites needed by chinchillas?
chinchillas hypoallergenic pet

What You Should Know If You’re Allergic to Chinchillas

Chinchillas are a type of rodent that is well known for their soft fur and a shy temperament. They make great house pets, which makes them popular among older children and adults.
Black Dog Is Running

10 Helpful Ways to Remove the Dog’s Smell Out of the Couch

There are many ways to remove the dog smell from your couch. Read on for different methods for removing the smell. The first thing you can do is to treat the area with a commercial product. There are several available, including one called "Odor-Away" by Febreze. You can also use baking soda and vinegar to get rid of the dog's smell, or you can spray baking soda directly on the couch while it’s still dry and let it sit overnight.
Shiba Inu Dog Breed

7 Things Shiba Inu Owners Should Avoid

Shiba Inu is a beautiful dog breed that is intelligent, energetic, and sometimes stubborn. They have dominant personalities that's why proper training is a must to avoid all the drawbacks of this breed. They proved to be good family pets if treated right. Foxy face dog breed demands some extra care and training than any other dog breed. Some points which Shiba Inu owners should avoid.
dog licking her nose

Dog Noses Can Sense Heat – Who Knew

As anyone with even a little bit of sense knows, dogs are simply incredible! They aren’t called 'a man’s best friend’ for nothing. Their...
4 black cats are eating something

A Man Who Feeds A 100 Cats Every Day

The world right now is full of horrible news and stories that take your faith away from humanity. But we have a treat for...
green Lizard sitting at the branch

3 Best Pet Lizard Beginners Guide

Many people have a deep interest in keeping lizards as a pet. As we all know that lizards come from a family of reptiles....
white American Bulldog and black Pitbull

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Comparison

You must have heard of these two breeds, the American Bulldog and the Pitbull dog which are very popular in the United States. To...



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