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This page contains pets life aspects and latest accessories like pet toys and pet belts etc.

a man cutting dog nails

Paw-some Grooming Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have

Thanks to the 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, dogs are curious, often leading them to explore. Every dog owner understands the struggle...
hand made dog picture

Why Custom Pet Portraits Are The Best Gift For Any Pet Lover

There are many ways to gift a pet portrait to a pet lover. You can print the picture with mugs, keychains, notebooks, t-shirts, or any other memorabilia you like. You can even send an item like that with a framed gift version. We can imprint even phone cases or blankets with the pet portrait print, to keep the pet memory as part of our daily routine.
many animals sitting together

The Biggest Expenses of Pet Ownership

Pet ownership is extremely rewarding and a lot of fun, but have you considered how much it costs?  Not only do you have the...

Dog Grooming: A must do activity

Like human beings, every living organism needs proper care and grooming. The first and primary reason is to maintain health. Secondly, the appearance of a groomed organism matters a lot.
A White Dog Drinking Water Portable Water Bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle | Things to note

A bottle cannot feed your dog. Carrying a bowl with your dog when you are out and about would be best. Your work has become more straightforward thanks to portable water bottles.
Many Husky Dogs Walking On Ice

Husky Harness: Best Harness for a Husky and its Pros and Cons

Your dog will feel more comfortable in a harness than in a belt. It aids in limiting your dog's ability to escape. Puppies who have not yet learned how to walk on a leash can benefit from these controllers. It also protects small dogs from harm.
A Small Brown Dachshund Dog

Dachshund harness: types and tips to buy

The dachshund is intelligent, energetic, brave, and entertaining. The name Dachshund combines the German words for a dog (hund) and a badger (dachas). In the 15th century, German breeders developed dachshunds specifically to hunt badgers.
A Man Is Holding A Dog Belt

Walking Dog Belt: Types and all you want to know

A dog belt is also a walking, hiking, or trekking belt. This particular dog walking belt contains almost everything necessary for dog training. It is padded and also very comfortable to wear for walking, running, and skiing. Industries use leather, nylon, chain, and cotton rope to make this belt.
White & Red Hermit Crab Walking

The Life of a Hermit Crab without Shell

A crab from the families Paguridae and Coenobitidae is a hermit crab. For partial containment and bodily protection, these crabs employ empty snail shells (like whelk or periwinkle) or other hollow items as a shelter.
Yellow Pomeranian dog long hairs

6 Pros and Cons of Pomeranian Dog Breed

Pomeranian dog breed is usually small in size and so popular because of looks. It is a dog of Spitz type and classed as a toy dog breed. This breed is descended from larger Spitz-type dogs. Sometimes they may create trouble but you could not be rude to them because of their cute face and lovely nature. Also popular as poms. If you want to own a pom, you must know all the benefits and drawbacks of petting this breed.
Girl training the dog

3 Tips to Choose the Best Dog Training Near Me

You must be trying to choose the best Dog Training Near Me for a recently adopted puppy or the existing one that you have....
Pet Boarding

Choose The Best Pet Boarding Near Me

“How do I choose the best Pet Boarding Near Me?” This question much have roamed around in your mind, at least once. Before having...
a girl is sitting at the horse and horse is running

5 Ways to Make Your Horse Riding Lesson Interesting

Horse riding might not be an easy activity at first but with time, you will start to enjoy it. Do not get hard on yourself. Learning and practice make a man perfect. Try to stay safe by following all the horse riding safety rules.
Two Stupid Facts, one is mother and another one is baby

These Stupid Facts About Animals Will Make You Cry from Laughter

Animals are magnificent creatures. They do such interesting things and oftentimes, they teach us lessons in areas of life like responsibility, bravery, and teamwork...



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