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This page consists of articles which point out what pet like to eat and what they never want to.

A White Hamster Is Sitting

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?

Before moving to the ideal hamster diet, it is essential to answer the question “can hamsters eat cheese?” YES! Hamsters can eat cheese if and only fed in moderate form.
White Rabbit Sitting In The Garden And His Around Are Plants

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage? Full Guide

Feeding a pet rabbit is quite easy if you do a little homework before getting a bunny. A small quantity of timothy hay, a few vegetables, such as Alfalfa sprouts, Watercress, Endive, dark green lettuce, spinach, and unlimited access to clean water are all needed for rabbits six months of age and younger to grow.
Brown Rabbit And His Eyes Are Silver

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries? Full Guide

Rabbits are capable of eating blackberries. They thrive on blackberries as a rich source of nutrition. Vitamins and minerals vital for rabbit health can be found in these treats. Rabbits can benefit from the antioxidants in blackberries, which can help them fight off sickness.
4 black cats are eating something

A Man Who Feeds A 100 Cats Every Day

The world right now is full of horrible news and stories that take your faith away from humanity. But we have a treat for our Pet Planet readers in the form of a story...
The girl is feeding the brown dog

Why is it Important to Have a Trusted Dog Food Advisor?

If you are a dog owner, you must know the struggle to know what your dog’s food actually contains. Just like children need a healthy diet and proper nutrients, similarly, your dog requires a...
cat eating cat food

Important Things to Consider While Making Cat Food Homemade

If you are a cat owner then you must have scared yourself by overthinking whether the manufactured cat food is healthy for your pet or not. Because of this fear, some people prefer making Cat Food Homemade instead of feeding a cat with canned food.



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