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This page consists of detailed Monkey Articles that point out how to take care of your Horse and how to raise them as pets from every prospect.

The yellow monkey is walking on the tree.

Characteristics of Monkeys: Physical, Behavioral and Miscellaneous Traits

Monkeys use sophisticated vocalizations, facial expressions, and body language to communicate. From mating calls to predator alerts, different sounds have different meanings. Social bonding and dispute resolution depend heavily on facial expressions, gestures, and grooming practices.

Albino Monkey: Appearance, Facts, Habitat, Causes, Lifespan, Hairless, Skinny, etc (UK, US)

Rarely seen, albino monkeys are born with no color in their skin, hair, or eyes. As a result, they usually have ashen skin and red eyes. They may have a reputation for beauty but struggle to survive in the wild.

Weirdest Monkey Species

Monkeys are common animals, but watching the weirdest monkey species is a unique experience. They are freely available worldwide, in jungles and zoos. According to the research, a few of the weirdest monkey species are facing threats of vanishing from the world.
A Fat Monkey Sitting On Rock And Looking Something

Fat Monkeys: Reasons and Prevention

Fat monkeys are becoming visible in most areas. Overweighting is not a good sign for their health, and an ordinary human being cannot help the fat monkeys in the jungles and forests. He can prove himself a well-wisher of his apes. The best way to keep them slim is to provide them with controlled diet food with accurate protein and fat levels. Besides, he can give fat monkeys a particular room to wander freely and play games that he likes
Angry Monkey Sitting On Mountain

The Angry Monkey: Signs and Your Other Questions

Monkey attacks are sporadic in the wild because the animals are usually terrified of humans and frequently flee when someone approaches within 100 feet. However, as monkey habitats are lost throughout the world, they have begun to dwell closer to people, which leads to conflict.
Brown Monkeys Yellow Eyes

Weirdest Monkeys: Its Types and a Little Detail

The olive baboon, often referred to as the Papio Anubis, is an Old World monkey with the most extensive geographic range of the baboon family.
Black Monkey Open Our Mouth

Monkey with Down Syndrome: Indications, Number of Monkeys Behavior and More

The ape involved in the case had hypodontia, congenital heart disease, infantile cataracts, vision issues, and limited growth. These signs and symptoms are all frequent among people with Down syndrome.
Black Monkey Hand And A Man Hand

A Guide on Monkey Hands

Monkeys have a lot of species present on the earth now. According to reports, there are almost 233 species. They are different in size from one another. Most of these species have five fingers on their hands and feet, like humans, but a few have four fingers on their paws and hands.



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