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This page consists of detailed Horses Articles that point out how to take care of your Horse and how to raise them as pets from every prospect.

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Horse with Down Syndrome: Autosomal Trisomy, Abnormal genitalia, Overbite, Metabolic disorders

The exploration of autosomal trisomy in horses highlights the intricate interplay between genetics and animal health. While horses cannot directly inherit Down syndrome, they can exhibit a similar condition with its own unique set of characteristics.
Horse owner is caring horse under the law of protections

The Importance of Equine Law: Safeguarding Your Rights and Assets as a Horse Owner

Equine law holds significant importance as it encompasses the body of legal principles and regulations specifically designed to address matters related to horses and equestrian activities. 

Bald Face horses and other markings

Bald face horses are very uncommon. The horse's distinctive markings are among its most attractive characteristics. Horse markings usually describe the presence of a light marking on a coat that is generally dark in base color.
White Horse Hooves Black And Brown

Baby Horse Hooves: A Comprehensive Guide

Riding is the primary reason for keeping horses nowadays, and riding without the healthy hooves of a stallion is impossible. It is an often used idiom: "no hooves, no horse." These words are pretty enough to represent the significance of horse hooves. Horse hooves or their feet are called eponychium.
Full Black Horse

Black Mustang Horse: Looks, Traits, History, and Facts

The Mustang is one of the original wild horse breeds from the American West. These magnificent and sturdy horses were brought from Spain to North America and have since turned feral.
2 Beautiful Brown And Black Horse

Horse Mating: All You Want to Know About Horse Mating Facts, Seasons, Smell Before...

Mating is a natural process. It is a process in which a male and a female mammal come closer to each other to produce their babies. For all the animals that feed their children, it is necessary to mate for production. A horse is also one of them, and this reproduction process in horses is called horse mating.
A Brown Horse Is Swimming Into The Water

Can horse swim: A Comprehensive Guide about Swimming Horse

If someone asks you about the horse, whether it can swim or not, shake your head positively. Horses like to swim in the water, specifically in cold water during the summer. Although they like playing in rivers and streams, horses don't need to drink water.
a girl is sitting at the horse and horse is running

5 Ways to Make Your Horse Riding Lesson Interesting

Horse riding might not be an easy activity at first but with time, you will start to enjoy it. Do not get hard on yourself. Learning and practice make a man perfect. Try to stay safe by following all the horse riding safety rules.
Horseback Riding

Are People Still Horseback Riding?

By turning what once used to be a mode of transport into a sport for people to enjoy. People can appreciate the beauty of the animal and take better care of horses than their ancestors were able to.
Horse Riding Lessons girl sitting at the horse

Are Horse Riding Lessons Easy for Beginners? Getting On, During the Ride and After...

I remember the first time I got on the back of a horse, it was thrilling and terrifying. Kind of like waiting for a roller-coaster to come down that massive peak it just climbed. A big part of Horse Riding Lessons is the endless sessions of trotting that the instructor will make a learning rider slog through.