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This page consists of detailed Fishes Articles that point out how to take care of your Fishes and how to raise them as pets from every prospect.


Ngara Flametail Peacock

The Ngara Flametail Peacock Fish falls on the list of smaller Aulonocara staurtgranti. These cichlids are very stunning, and they develop beautiful, eye-catching colors too.
Blue Sea-Butterfly

Sea Butterfly | A Comprehensive Guide

Sea butterflies are similar to snails. However, they swim in the water instead of creeping over surfaces with their powerful foot. Many species have delicate, calcium carbonate shells that are extremely sensitive to variations in ocean acidity.
Small Blue Fish

Electric Blue Cichlid: Traits, Types, and all you should know

The term "electric blue cichlid" is used to describe a variety of cichlid species in the aquarium trade. However, not all of them naturally possess these colors. Light blue may be highly harmful in nature, despite being a prevalent color in the aquarium hobby.
Goldfish Beautiful Bubble Eye

Bubble Eye Goldfish: Entire information

Introduction to the article A freshwater species known as the Bubble Eye Goldfish has an incredibly distinctive appearance. They resemble cartoons nearly precisely and are one of the most well-known goldfish breeds. Everyone wants to...
2 Blue Fish

All you want to know about Blue Eye Fish- Trevalla

The blue-eye trevalla is a large, thick-bodied finfish readily available throughout the year and has developed a significant following over the past twenty years. Excellent for eating, its flesh has a moderate flavor.
Beautiful Blue Fish With Yellow Eyes

Blue Parrotfish: All you want to know

The western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are home to the Blue Parrotfish, scientifically known as Scarus Coeruleus, a member of the parrotfish family. This ocean-dwelling fish prefers tropical and subtropical seas.

15 Interesting Axolotl Baby Facts

The Axolotl is a neotenic salamander and is also popular as one of the most unique and unusual species in the world. It is a Mexican walking fish but actually, it is not a fish. Yes, it is an amphibian. This unique is most commonly found in the freshwater lakes and ponds of Mexico.
Bumblebee Catfish

Amusing Facts about Bumblebee Catfish

Have you ever heard of this vibrant-colored marine species called Bumblebee Catfish? It is one of the most exotic species and is kept as a pet by many United States households. You will find...



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