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This page consists of detailed Fact and Myths Articles that point out what are Facts and Myths of Pets and animals.

mongoose looking front

Mongoose Magic: Journeying into the Realm of Extraordinary Facts

We set off on a magical voyage into the land of amazing facts as we enter the fascinating world of Mongoose Magic. So, prepare for an exciting examination of these fascinating creatures and the mysteries they conceal. Join us as we explore these nimble and clever beasts' intriguing talents and astounding habits to uncover their secrets.
Brown and white weasel

Weasel: Traits, Breeds, Facts, and all one You Should Know

Do you want to learn more about these fantastic creatures? This post will delve into the fascinating world of weasels and uncover the many extraordinary features that set them apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. So grab a cup of coffee, relax, and prepare to be surprised by the magical world of these mammals.

Plain Parakeet: Amazing facts about a beautiful breed

The plain parakeet is anything but boring, despite what its name usually implies. These South American parakeets are tiny and lovely, and can captivate humans by their friendly nature. 

Cockroach Nymphs: Facts you want to know

A nymph is the second phase of life. In simple words, we can call a young cockroach a nymph that has not touched adulthood. It passes through a molting process to become an adult and repeats this process three to eight times.
Yellow & Red Swamp Snake

5 Black Swamp Snake Facts

Black Swamp Snake, also known as Seminitrix Pygaea, is an endemic small aquatic snake found in the United States. These snakes belong to the subfamily of Natricinae of the family Colubridae.
Hawks Sitting In The Branch

Interesting Facts About Hawks

“Hawks” refer to the diurnal or active predatory birds during the day. The order Falconiformes — the scientific term for hawks – consists of around 270 species of carnivorous birds worldwide. All raptors, or birds of prey, are included in this order.
Brown Hamster Sitting On Grass

Interesting Facts About Brown Hamster

Around 20 different hamster species are found all over Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa, in habitats ranging from deserts and plains to dunes and agricultural areas. There is only one highly endangered species in the world: the European brown hamster.
Red Juvenile Northern Cardinals

Juvenile Northern Cardinals Facts

The cardinal is a stunning bird, but finding one around the human population could be difficult. Cardinals are well-known for their timidity and lack of aggression. It's a state bird, songbird, sports mascot, and symbol of the winter season.
Rabbit Is Sitting And See Around

Rabbit Tail Interesting Facts – Your Pet Planet

One of the most popular features of a rabbit is its tail. Growing up when we used to watch cartoons, we would always see a fluffy short tail on a rabbit character. So, is a rabbit tail fluffy like cotton in the reality too?
Beautiful Yellow & Black Turtle shell

Why is My Turtle’s Shell Soft: 5 Reasons to Know – Your Pet Planet

People who have experience in keeping turtles or are breeders know that some turtles may have soft shells. If a turtle’s shell is soft, it is a sign of weak physical health. If you want to know if your turtle is healthy, you can check it from its shell. If it’s soft, that means you need to take it to the vet.
Brown Schnoodle Dog

Schnoodle Dog Breed 10 Fascinating Facts You Should Read Now

Schnoodle puppies are a hybrid of Poodles and Schnauzers. They can be a first-generation mix between two purebred parents, such as a Schnauzer mom and a Poodle dad, or a second, third, or fourth-generation mix between two Schnoodle parents.
Black Pitbull looking at the camera

Black Pitbull: True Facts You Need to Know About Black Pitbull

Black Pitbull is one of the amazing dog breeds that you have ever seen. They have very high energy and have a powerful physique and can be your great companions. They are highly loyal and loving towards their owners but these dogs have been through huge criticism because of their some negative traits.
Black Turtle on the grass

5 Fascinating Reasons Why Turtles Without Shells Won’t Survive

So many of you have already heard that turtles without shells can not survive. And it is true that tortoises and turtles can not live without their shells. The shell of turtles and tortoises not only functions as a Testudines skin and body but also acts as a protector for physical protection from potential predators. The turtle shell also plays an essential part in the Testudines (turtles and tortoises) sunbathing habits.
White small dog is standing on top of the shoe

10 Surprising Teacup Dog Facts, You Never Knew Before

Have you heard that good things come in small packages? Yeah, this is right, you see these cute little teacup dogs. But sometimes these cute cups suffer from many health issues because they were brought by inhumane breeding methods. There are many interesting things about these cute little puppies, you will be surprised to know some interesting facts about teacup dogs.



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