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This page consists of detailed Cat Articles that point out how to take care of your Cat and how to raise them as pets from every prospect.

A brown Curly Haired Cat

Curly-haired cats: Breeds and Grooming

The cat may be missing at least one layer of its natural hair because curly-haired cats are pretty uncommon. Cats have an outer layer of stiff hair known as "guard hair" to ward off the rain.
Beautiful Green Eye Cat and Dragon Fruit

Can cats eat dragon fruits?

Dragon fruit is not poisonous to cats and won't damage them if they consume any. Large amounts of dragon fruit could cause gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, or even vomiting in cats because fruits can be a bit overwhelming for their digestive systems.
A Beautifil Brown Cat And Guava

Can cats eat guava? | All You Need to Know

The fact that guavas are high in vitamin C, which is generally beneficial for cats, is a benefit. If at all possible, feed them sparingly, and before feeding them very large amounts, talk to your veterinarian.
Small Brown Cat and Pomegranates

Can cats eat pomegranates? | Q & A

Pomegranates are delectable exotic fruits that are frequently added to smoothies, baked goods, and beverages. They are also renowned for their incredible human health advantages. But can cats eat pomegranates? Are cats safe to eat pomegranates?
American curl

The American Curl Cat breed – Complete Guide (2023)

The American Curl is a unique and beautiful breed of cat known for its distinctive curly ears. Originally from Lakewood, California, the American Curl breed was first developed in the early 1980s. The American Curl is a friendly and outgoing cat that enjoys spending time with people and is known for being an excellent companion.
Black & White Cat Purr

Why do cats Purr? And effects on Cats Health

There are several theories as to why cats purr, but the most likely explanation is that it’s a way of communicating. When a cat purrs, it’s usually a sign of happiness. It can also be a way of asking for attention or food.
Cat Looking At The Small Red Dot Laser Pointers

Are laser pointers bad for your cat

A laser pointer is a hand-held device that emits a beam of light from the tip of the device. The beam can be directed to any surface, making it an excellent toy for cats. However, because it can be directed at any surface, the laser pointer can also be used as a weapon to aim at unsuspecting humans.
Black British longhair Cat

British Longhair Cat – A fascinating cat

The British Longhair is a kind and cuddly companion and loves to be indoors. It is not a good choice for households with small children, as the British Longhair can be skittish around loud noises and boisterous behaviour. British longhairs are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world and are very affectionate cats that do well with children.
Nebelung Cat breed

The Nebelung Cat breed – Everything worth knowing.

The Nebelung is a new and relatively rare breed, and they are close relatives of the short-haired Russian Blue. The Nebelung is a very new breed of cat. :  The breed's name is derived from the Germanic words 'neb' (meaning mist) and 'lunga' (meaning creature) so their name means 'creature of the mist' as a result of their beautiful, shiny silver-blue coat.
sad-cat, cat is dull due to diarhea

My Cat Has Diarrhea and Vomiting: What should I do?

My cat has diarrhea, but it seems well, I'm worried about what should I do?In case you have the same question then this article is for you. If the cat has run but shows other symptoms, then it is not necessarily to be alarmed. If the diarrhea is transient and mild then don't worry your cat will be back to normal within a few days.
6 Cat funny movement

50 Funny Cat Of Names

Our cats' names reveal more about us than we think. They mirror our hobbies, interests, and things that matter most to us, as well as what's going on in the world around us, more often than not. We don't have to stick with the names for the real species given when it comes to Disney names for pets and looking at the most popular names, it's evident that princesses have inspired Disney lady cat names, while plenty of male cats has been given names from Disney villains.
Black Cute pussy cat

18 Cute Pussy Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Kitty-Crazed Mind

Pussy cats have been loved by humans for many years. It's not easy for us as humans to ignore the mystery and beauty of pussy cats. From their woolly ears to the swish of their tails, these are completely adorable. Even so many people love to watch cat videos for hours. If you are searching for some fantastic pussy cat tidbits, we have got you covered. 
Beautiful Cat eyes color is yellow

25 Best Calico Cat Facts That Are Purr-fect

The calico cat is a domestic cat famous to have three colours on its fur. If you are looking for the information and facts about this tri-coloured cat, look no further, read the article to get all the useful information about this beautiful creature.
white cat breeds

Top 10 mesmerizing white cat breeds you will love to pet

Hey cat lovers! Do you know what makes a true definition of White Cats Breeds? -- They lack Melanin Pigmentation; that's the correct answer. Yes, Melanin Pigmentation is the type of gene that brings eye colour and coat in the white cat. The cute white cat breeds exist for as little as 5% of the total cat population.



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