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This page consists of detailed Birds Articles that point out how to take care of your Birds and how to raise them as pets from every prospect.

White Fantail Pigeons

Fantail pigeons | Breed Guide Overview

No one can deny that the Fantail Pigeon is the most beautiful of all the breeds of this particular bird. Other than its attractive looks, it is also the oldest pigeon living in the world.
Black Eye German Owl Pigeon

Old German Owl Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Old German Owl Pigeon is a fascinating and distinctive pigeon with a calm and laid-back personality, which makes it a great pet and show pigeon with its intriguing and graceful style.
Pigeon Feathers on Legs

Ice Pigeon: A standard but Beautiful Pigeon Breed

Numerous fancy pigeons are available in Germany, and the ice pigeon is also one of them. It is renowned as being Polish: Lazurek and German: Eistaube. The German pigeon is one of the oldest species of pigeon.
Full White Beautiful Pigeon

Albino Pigeon: A rare and beautiful pigeon breed

The Albino pigeon is renowned for its practical and attentive looks. It is also scarce, with only 1% of pigeons living in the wild and on rocks being albino.
Beautiful 4 Pouter Pigeon

The pouter pigeon, A beautiful bird

The domesticated Columba livia rock dove, known as a pouter pigeon, has an enormous, inflated crop. Because of their distinctive looks, they are retained as decorative or fancy breeds. The only thing potatoes have in common, aside from how the crop is grown, is their wide variety.
2 Beautiful Owl

Owl Feet: A Detailed write-up

An owl's foot has a rough, barrel-shaped surface on the underside that aids in grabbing prey. The bottom of the middle toe of owls is serrated, which may help them grip prey.
Hawks Sitting In The Branch

Interesting Facts About Hawks

“Hawks” refer to the diurnal or active predatory birds during the day. The order Falconiformes — the scientific term for hawks – consists of around 270 species of carnivorous birds worldwide. All raptors, or birds of prey, are included in this order.
Red Juvenile Northern Cardinals

Juvenile Northern Cardinals Facts

The cardinal is a stunning bird, but finding one around the human population could be difficult. Cardinals are well-known for their timidity and lack of aggression. It's a state bird, songbird, sports mascot, and symbol of the winter season.
Owl Is Sitting On Wood

Why Owl Legs Are So Long? All You Need to Know

An owl, one of the most exotic birds is associated with wisdom and fortune. There are more than 200 owl species found all around the world. These owl species can vary in appearance, size, and body shape. Their stunning plumages and big eyes can be fascinating but have you ever thought about their legs?
2 Purple Birds

8 Amazing Purple Birds Breeds: You Ever Knew About:

If you have ever seen a purple bird, you already know how amazing that sight could be! Seeing a purple bird can be a rare chance but if you have seen one, you are lucky! There are around 50 species of purple bird in the world and most of them are found in the United States.



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