My Cat Has Diarrhea and Vomiting: What should I do?

sad-cat, cat is dull due to diarhea

In case you have the same question then this article is for you. If the cat has run but shows other symptoms, then it is not necessary to be alarmed.

If the diarrhea is transient and mild then don’t worry your cat will be back to normal within a few days.

But there are some red flags you need to consider, read on to know more about this. Let’s know what are the major causes of diarrhea.


There are numerous factors that are causing diarrhea in cats. Most of the time we are unable to discover why our cat is showing diarrhea symptoms, and often they return to normal quickly.

  • Parasites

Parasites may include protozoal infections and roundworms such as Giardia.

  • An inappropriate diet

Yes, an inappropriate diet is the other cause. Do not share roast or curry dinner with your cat. Fatty and rich foods have more chances to cause diarrhea in cats.

  • An abrupt diet change

This one is especially for the kittens. If you change the diet of your kitten too quickly, such as from wet food to dry food or from dry food to wet food. This is a recipe for disaster.

  • Stress

Here we do not mean a bill to be paid or a looming deadline. LOL. In cats, stress can be caused by a recent visit to a vet or loud noises such as construction work within the home or a firework. It is also noticed that some of the cats are more sensitive than other cats.

  • A bacterial or viral infection

There are a lot of viral infections and bacteria that are responsible for causing diarrhea in cats. These viruses may include Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Coronavirus, Salmonella, FIV, E.coli. and FIV.

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel is a syndrome that causes chronic diarrhea and doesn’t show any signs in the initial stages. In this case, Felix is treated with medication and a hydrolyzed diet.

  • A food intolerance

Symptoms of food intolerance may vary from mild to severe. Your Felix might react to any food such as chicken, dairy, grains, and peas. A hypoallergenic diet may be provided for eight weeks in this case.

In the case of chicken as a cat diet, people always ask:

Can our cat eat fried chicken?

The answer is sometimes but not as a proper diet because that might hurt your cat’s health if you overdose on fried chicken. For authentic advice contact a Cat Doctor in your area.

  • A more serious medical issue

Diarrhea may also be presented by hormone imbalances, cancers, and organ failure in the cat. However, cats may show more symptoms other than those that are obvious, such as a change in appetite, weight loss, and a bloated abdomen.

Normally, it can be jarring to out the stool of your cat that looks different from how normally it is. In the time of diarrhea, the stool will be slippy and wet, or even it can be bubbly or watery. The colors of the stool may vary from brown to orange, and it can smell pungent.

The cats with diarrhea pass stool three times a day or night. Sometimes there will be a slime-like substance called mucus or even blood that is clearly visible in the poo.

Here are another symptom cats with diarrhea are hungrier and thirstier than usual. The reason behind this is that they try to make up nutrients and fluid that are being lost through their gut.

  • Your kitty can have a mild stomach ache and gas

Yes, this is true and your Felix might be less eager to play and is more sleepy. When diarrhea improves, these symptoms should quickly recover. If your cat is not recovering within a day or two, it is time to act and see a vet.

Sometimes diarrhea is an indicator that your kitty is facing some other medical issues and is sick but it is less common. You know your lovely cat better if it is not feeling well or not happy then it is time to see a doctor.


If your cat is vomiting then it needs to be taken more seriously and it may be diarrhea. This might be a more serious issue and can lead to dehydration quickly, especially if your feline is not eating or drinking.

Sometimes in the early stages of diarrhea, a cat may seem okay with showing little symptoms but suddenly it may take a turn for the worse. Also, remember that cats are experts in hiding their unwell feelings. In this case, you just need to see a vet so they will help you to diagnose the issue of your cat. Moreover, if your cat is suffering from any other medical issues such as traditions or pancreatitis, they will examine it completely and suggest a treatment.


This is a great question. The first thing you have to do for your cat is to get them back in tip-top shape. There are many things you can do to help your cat to recover from diarrhea quickly. Once the poo of your kitty is solid again, we can all take a breath of relief.

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