Albino Ball Python

When adopting snakes started becoming a trend, more people decided that they wanted a snake with bright colors.

then the standard, stealthy dark colors that snakes normally have to suit their living conditions in the wild. It happened when breeders decided to selectively breed snakes to achieve the pattern combinations according to their needs.

In the case of a ball python, albinism was the first recessive mutation that they were given.

and so albino ball pythons were the first morph of ball pythons to have surfaced. There are many different types of albino ball pythons out there.

For example, there is the albino lesser Mojave ball python that is completely white with pink/red eyes then there is the leucistic Albino Ball Python that is more pinkish with the same eye pattern. Moving on, we have the albino black pastel and albino black pastel spot nose ball pythons that are white and orangish-yellow.

Buying Albino Python

Albino Ball Python

Albino ball pythons are more expensive than standard ball pythons. It depends on the type of albinism and the rarity of that requested albinism. The price of Albino ball pythons can fluctuate significantly. They are generally hundreds of dollars more expensive than standard ball pythons. To give you an idea of their prices, female albino ball pythons were in the territory of $1000 to $3000. It depended on their age and the prices for males were $750. In 2010, however, a female albino ball python would have cost you $500 and a male would have cost $400. The price of regular ball pythons was $50 to $100 in those days.

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Caring for Albino Pythons

Reference: @SnakeDiscovery

As far as taking care of albino ball pythons is concerned, the snake is different from normal ball pythons in appearance. As far as caring for it is concerned, it should be treated like a normal ball python in all situations. However, ball python morphs were more aggressive than standard ball pythons. So, breeders advised caution while handling the snake. When any health issues arise, visit the vet before trying any home remedies. As they can hurt the snake if do not have a proper understanding of the problem.

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Breeding Ball Python

Albino Ball Python breeding

Breeding is not exactly a difficult venture. But due to the nature of certain snakes, many breeders fear breeding certain morphs of ball pythons with others. Ball pythons are not as difficult in this matter as snakes can be, they are generally quite cooperative. Keep in mind while breeding ball pythons that while the female is ovulating, otherwise the breeding will bear no results. Furthermore, the breeder should initially watch over the snakes for a while to ensure that they aren’t being aggressive. Otherwise, they will try to hurt each other. Experts recommend a larger tank so that the snakes have room to move around inside.


How to take care of an albino ball python?

The Albino ball python is a giant animal and requires at least 50 gallons of exposure at a specific temperature of 75–85 degrees Fahrenheit. And their food is mice and rats.

Do albino ball python snakes need special care?

The albino ball python has a reputation for being tough and rarely has health problems. It needs care according to its living space and food.

Are albino ball pythons friendly?

Albino ball pythons are typically relatively calm. They are not excessively agitated by handling. It is not to say that they will not strike. When removing them from their enclosure, most new caretakers get bitten.

Do ball pythons enjoy being pets?

Usually, all breeds of snakes do not like to live in captivity. But usually, they do not become weird in detention if they are not disturbed.

How much does an albino ball python cost?

A standard albino ball python is between $300-500 dollars. It depends on the markings, colors, and pattern.

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