Albino Ball Python

When adopting snakes started becoming a trend, more people decided that they wanted a snake with bright colours than the standard, stealthy dark colours that snakes normally have to suit their living conditions in the wild. It was then that breeders decided to selectively breed snakes to achieve the pattern combinations that they wanted. In the case of ball pythons, albinism was the first recessive mutation that they were given and so albino ball pythons were the first morph of ball pythons to have surfaced. There are many different types of albino ball pythons out there. For example, there is the albino lesser Mojave ball python that is completely white with pink/red eyes, then there is the leucistic Albino Ball Python that is more pinkish with the same eye pattern. Moving on, we have the albino black pastel and albino black pastel spot nose ball pythons that are white and orangish-yellow.

Buying Albino Python

Albino Ball Python

Albino ball pythons are more expensive than standard ball pythons, depending on the type of albinism that is requested and the rarity of that requested albinism. The price of Albino ball pythons can fluctuate significantly but even so they are generally hundreds of dollars more expensive than standard ball pythons. To give you an idea of how they can be priced, in 2009, female albino ball pythons were being sold in the territory of $1000 to $3000 depending on their age and males were sold for close to $750. In 2010, however, a female albino ball python would have cost you $500 and a male would have cost $400. Regular ball pythons were being sold for $50 to $100 in those days.

Caring for Albino Pythons

As far as taking care of albino ball pythons is concerned, the snake is different from normal ball pythons only in appearance. As far as caring for it is concerned, it should be treated like a normal ball python in all situations. However, it has been noticed that ball python morphs tend to be more aggressive than standard ball pythons so caution is advised while handling the snake. Should any health issues arise, the vet should be consulted before trying any home remedies as they can hurt the snake if the problem is not properly dealt with or understood.

Breeding Ball Python

Albino Ball Python breeding

Breeding is not exactly a difficult venture but due to the nature of certain snakes, many breeders fear breeding certain morphs of ball pythons with others. Ball pythons are not as difficult in this matter as snakes can be, they are generally quite cooperative. The only thing to bear in mind while breeding ball pythons is that it should be done while the female is ovulating, otherwise the breeding will bear no results. Furthermore, the breeder should initially watch over the snakes for a while to ensure that they aren’t being aggressive with each other or trying to hurt each other. A larger tank is also recommended so that the snakes have room to move around inside.

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