Hamsters belong to the rodent family; people often keep them as house pets. They have short tails, small ears, and legs. Hamsters are in different colors, such as brown, grey, yellow, etc.

These little creatures hid a secret in their beady little eyes. Hamsters are less active during daylight. At night their behaviors become the opposite. This change raises the question: can hamsters see in the dark or night?

Can Hamsters See in The Dark?

People say hamsters are less active during the daytime and more active at night. They are nocturnal animals; one may think they can see at night, and their vision improves at night. However, the question remains can hamsters see in the dark?

No, the hamsters have poor vision and hamsters have poor eyesight. Their sense of hearing and smell is strong, allowing them to prey on and find foods. Hamsters rely less on their vision and more on their other purposes. Hamsters are born blind; as they grow, they develop a sense of sight, but their eyesight does not improve with time. A fully grown hamster can see for a few inches.

Their sense of smell helps them in the dark. Hamsters cannot recognize their owners from a distance. But they can hear their owner from a distance and remember their smell. Like other nocturnal animals such as snakes, owls, weasels, etc., hamsters are more active at night.

Hamsters Have The Best Sight During The Night:

Hamsters have poor vision, and sunlight hurts their eyes. They can see with low or less light but cannot see in the pitch-black darkness. This answer to the question can hamsters see in the dark is No; they cannot see in the dark. Hamster needs a light glow; a golden glow is ideal for the hamsters to see.

The nocturnal animals, such as hamsters, have rod-dominant retinas and few cone cells. They have photoreceptors cells in the retina that can absorb light glow. This absorption causes a chemical reaction in their brain and tells the animal’s brain about the image. This kind of vision is also known as night vision.

Because hamsters have few cones in their retinas, it is challenging to detect movements. Another disadvantage of this situation is that hamsters cannot distinguish between colors. They are color blind. However, hamsters can see things in shades of grey, enough to identify their animals.

Can Hamsters See in The Dark and Under Different Light Conditions?

Usually, the hamsters live in an underground tunnel where everything is dark. Hamsters stay underground and sleep to avoid rash sunlight. The pet hamsters have the same routine as the hamster living underground. Pet hamsters sleep during the daytime and are also sensitive to lamp lights and other sources of bright light. That is why placing a lamp near the hamster’s cage is not recommended. Bright light can hurt their eyes, and exposure to bright light can make them stunned.

Hamster Vision:

Hamsters have poor eyesight even at nighttime, and their other senses help them survive. Their other sight allows them to adapt to new conditions. They cannot see any colors, but they can see ultra-violet light. The nighttime, from dusk till dawn, is natural for a hamster. People who pet hamsters put them in a dimly lit room with no loud noises. Some people believe it is preferable to keep hamsters in the dark places. It keeps them safe from bright light such as a lamp after the sun goes down. It also helps them to see.

Other Senses of Hamsters:

Other senses, such as the sense of hearing and sense of smell, are exceptionally well and help the animals survive with low vision. Hamsters communicate with a series of squeaks and other sounds in case of danger. Their ability to hear well allows them to detect animals from a distance, such as owls, cats, etc., another important sense which helps a hamster is the sense of smell. Hamsters release pheromones, which help them pass and read information to other hamsters.

Wrapping Up:

This article can help one understand the mystery that can hamsters see in the dark? So, hamsters cannot see in the dark, but they can see in the light glow. Their sight at night with a golden glow becomes night vision. Additionally, their other senses, like the sense of smell and hearing, help them to survive in the darkness.

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